Yazan 90 Day Fiance first interview + how feels about Brittany & where he stands with his parents!

27-Yan, 2021
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Yazan 90 Day Fiance first interview + how feels about Brittany & where he stands with his parents!

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  • Gotta give credit to Brittney bravely independently bringing her millennial American culture to an ancient run way of life on the other side of the world taking a chance at love..if the tables were turned and her beau was able to bring himself to her in America without such a stronghold of family influence, things might’ve worked out for the two of them

    JuukezeBarbieJuukezeBarbie7 kun oldin
  • The translator didn’t do a good job.

    Kawther AzizKawther Aziz10 kun oldin
  • yazan is too good for Brittany; we were all able to see that on the show also. Thank you for interviewing him. Glad he is doing well and moving on with his life

    Yolanda GomezYolanda Gomez11 kun oldin
  • I've never seen Yazan laugh like this before lol

    Olie MbelaOlie Mbela15 kun oldin
  • Lets face it the only time they got along is during sex! That was the only thing that he was attracted to... the flesh! Wasn't love, it was lust! Why would he do spin-off when they don't pay the non-American! Have the show pay $$$$ greedy bastards. Why is only one profiting and the other not, along with the show. I will watch on youtube so that he show doesn't get my stats! The more I watch him the more I am reminded of my sweetie out in the middle east. Damn COVID we cannot travel and see each other. Sure is a test of time! The show gave her money, so did she split that with him?? He owes her nothing!

    I am MeI am Me16 kun oldin
  • Yazan is a Hottie..... he deserves way more he deserves a woman that will respect his culture and love him for who he is. But damn he is hot. I'm married so I need to get off this interview LOL

    Andrea MillerAndrea Miller17 kun oldin
  • Great interview Sharrell, and thank you for showing Yazan in this light and giving him the opportunity to tell his side. Great translation Zain!

    Elle JeeElle Jee18 kun oldin
  • Sharrell, I really loved this show.

    Mzz CognacMzz Cognac23 kun oldin
  • Yazan is way to good of person to be hooked up with someone like messy Brittany.

    katden220katden22025 kun oldin
  • Excellent interview 👏

    lnzinorbit lnzinorbitlnzinorbit lnzinorbit25 kun oldin
  • F********!!!!

    Nicole CastilloNicole Castillo25 kun oldin
  • Great interview. The translator’s channel is really good too, if you have not seen it.

    Cat CatCat Cat26 kun oldin
  • I'm glad that he found some one of his country and i wise him all the best. Salaam Alekum

    Willy DWilly D26 kun oldin
  • Britney she was lair & fake.

    Francesca MartinelliFrancesca Martinelli27 kun oldin
  • Brittany was looking for her 5mins of fame. She used Yazin. The young lady had no intentions of marrying him. She knew what she was doing, he didn't.

    Marcelle ParrisMarcelle Parris27 kun oldin
  • Tell him come to America hell he fine asl

    BriaBria27 kun oldin
  • they brought a translator that doesn’t know both languages well HEKWBEI PLS I CAN TRANSLATE BETTER THAN THIS GUY

    Jwana marwanJwana marwan27 kun oldin
  • Great interview!!! Nicely done!! I could never handle the lifestyle /religion that he follows but he seems like a really nice guy and he's very cute.

    Helen RivieraHelen Riviera27 kun oldin
  • Brittany represent us black woman horrible . I’m happy for him but I’m not surprised he found love because he’s a handsome guy, good luck yazan

    cherie pynkcherie pynk27 kun oldin
  • I wish we knew if his new gf spoke English or Arabic?

    Diane ZimmermanDiane Zimmerman28 kun oldin
  • Hi Handsome you are the dreamy man on tcl

    Rita LeeRita Lee28 kun oldin
  • Yazan will you marry me? I live in London

    Kobieta PracującaKobieta Pracująca28 kun oldin

      Asli AsliAsli Asli19 kun oldin
    • YES

      Asli AsliAsli Asli19 kun oldin
    • @Asli Asli it is not Jordan, it is Izrael country code

      Kobieta PracującaKobieta Pracująca19 kun oldin
    • @Asli Asli but who are you? What is your name, tell me your name I will call you

      Kobieta PracującaKobieta Pracująca19 kun oldin

      Asli AsliAsli Asli21 kun oldin
  • I really wished you would have asked the questions as if you were talking to Yazan (because you were) instead of the constant "ask him..."

    KK ChánelKK Chánel28 kun oldin
  • Girl when you laugh you make me laugh. 🤣🤣🤣

    Syreeta BurgessSyreeta Burgess28 kun oldin
  • Yazan was to nice for Brittany. She was just leading him on.

    Glynnis JacksonGlynnis Jackson29 kun oldin
  • This was a great interview! Your questions were spot on. He seems to be a nice guy! I was surprised to hear she wasn’t teaching him the correct meaning of English words. I’m glad he’s moved on and I wish him much happiness!

    Heather LaffertyHeather Lafferty29 kun oldin
  • Most middle eastern men by watching teaching... I understand him my xhusband was Persian he would do the same. He mother would correct it..

    Penny SalimiPenny Salimi29 kun oldin
    • Sorry tv

      Penny SalimiPenny Salimi29 kun oldin
  • People just hate Brittney why are you favoring Yazan you dont even know him that well..

    Thokozane MotsiThokozane Motsi29 kun oldin
  • Love Zain Daily

    Ashley WolfordAshley Wolford29 kun oldin
  • Aloha Sharrell ... good interview. Zain good job ( I subscribe to Zaindaily) Yazan starting to speak good English... Thank you Sharrell... We love you and GOD BLESS

    Jaylene HAWAIIJaylene HAWAII29 kun oldin
  • He looks so healthy and handsome, plus his English had really improved!

    Jessica ClaireJessica Claire29 kun oldin
  • This is good. hi Sharelle

    Tabitha PatinoTabitha PatinoOy oldin
  • I agree with you and you did a excellent interview!!

    Terri VecchioTerri VecchioOy oldin
  • The truth is so where in between

    pinktulippinktulipOy oldin
  • Mississippi is not the place you go to find a girl.. I wish him luck !!!

    Amanda KoloheAmanda KoloheOy oldin
  • I am an older woman who watched the show because of boredom. I can't give my REAL feelings for or my opinions about Brittney. Except that this is BLACK HISTORY MONTH, AND AS A WOMAN I AM ASHAMED. GO AND LIVE YOUR LIFE YAZAN. .I WISH I COULD EXPRESS OPINION. OPENLY..

    Lillian StrLillian StrOy oldin
  • I wached it for Zain... great job! Next time you should show the face!

    Buburuza LenesaBuburuza LenesaOy oldin
  • Great! Yazan always seemed to me to be sincere. I never thought that relationship with Brittany would work they were simply way too different. I'm glad he's in a better place with a partner who is more aware of his culture because she comes from that culture.

    Allyson FAllyson FOy oldin
  • He looks like he’s in a much better place. But c’mon Brittany was everything their culture goes against 😂 I think he thought he could control her but American women are very strong minded and leaders in their own right so that rude awakening was probably too much.

    Sapphire HealerSapphire HealerOy oldin
  • Aww i am so pleased he has found happiness god bless him. Fantastic interview sharrell and nice to hear zain on translation duties🙂

    Karen RheiterKaren RheiterOy oldin
  • Sharrell, you did a great job with the Interview. I do wish you were able to use Adam as the translator, however. Your question which took you ten seconds to ask, took this man 2 minutes to translate. He had no personality. Everybody loves Adam :)

    Ruth SRuth SOy oldin
  • Excellent interview!!!I'm happy Yazan is in a happier place 😍

    Dara K. FultonDara K. FultonOy oldin
  • This couple among their other issues had to great of a cultural , and religious divide. Obstacles like that, alone are insurmountable. It's as if an outsider, here in the states was romantically involved with someone who lived in a Amish community, and adhered to the religion and lifestyle. Before you add in any other negative problems, it's already mission impossible, unless you are willing to totally give up your modern lifestyle, and convert to their religion. Talk about mission impossible. Know when to hold them and know when to fold them !

    ____________________________________________________________________________Oy oldin
  • Mishallah! Yazan makes Dawah for is who watches in the USA! May Allah(SWT) bless him richly in this life and the hereafter!

    FayyahFayyahOy oldin
  • You should have let him speak without the translator until he had a problem.

    Lizzie CavaliereLizzie CavaliereOy oldin
  • Did she let Yazan hit it? Is that why he was so in love with her and ignoring all of the signs that she wasn't a right fit. They weren't good for each other at all.

    Miss MochaMiss MochaOy oldin
  • I’m happy for him! She’s not a nice person

    Diane WilliamsDiane WilliamsOy oldin
  • He looks really handsome

    Diane WilliamsDiane WilliamsOy oldin
  • I've always liked Yazan. It was Brittany who I thought was the toxic one. I loved this interview, great job! It broke my heart when he said he always felt like he was wrong when they would argue. No one should have to feel that way. So glad he is happy now.

    Judy CooperJudy CooperOy oldin
  • Heres hopeing all the best for Yazan..he is really handsome n sweet...brittany was sooooo not for him

    MARIA dambrosioMARIA dambrosioOy oldin
  • Good interview. Poor Yazan...

    Chance St.ThomasChance St.ThomasOy oldin
  • He is a very good man, honest ,funny and respectful. Congratulations on his new relationship. He deserves happiness. Great interview.

    Zofia FredroZofia FredroOy oldin
  • His great guy wow

    Nana heNana heOy oldin
  • Yazan seems like a genuine guy ..Britney just wanted a bit adventure, didn't have a clue /cared about another culture...

    Ellie AntarEllie AntarOy oldin
  • 🌹♥️

    kasim Horikasim HoriOy oldin
  • I've been following their episode, and bump up to this interview. Good job Sharrell. Am glad Yazan's headache in the past is totally gone now. Congratulations to Yazan and his new found love. Best of luck to both of you. Looking forward to any update soon. Greetings from Taiwan.

    Marilyn RoseMarilyn RoseOy oldin
  • Very handsome🥰

    Anna OtarolaAnna OtarolaOy oldin
  • Beautiful eyes

    YellyYellyOy oldin
  • He seems really nice but he chose the worse women to give his 💖 I'm glad he's happy and doing well He's got humor 🤣😂😅

    Chantal LambChantal LambOy oldin
  • Britney only did to get famous clearly

    Manuela CastilloManuela CastilloOy oldin
  • Your behavior was like a real gentleman, you treated Britanny nicely, honestly you act like a real man toward her. We love you.!

    mc cerrimc cerriOy oldin
  • Yazan, eres un caballero, papasito muy educado, y gran hombre lo demostraste siempre. Saludos a tu hermano.

    mc cerrimc cerriOy oldin
  • You do great interviews you should be on TV forget Wendy Williams

    Tammey L Jones JonesTammey L Jones JonesOy oldin
  • It's nice to see Yazan smile and laugh

    Pat JayPat JayOy oldin
  • As salamu alaikum yazan and Zain

    crest castlecrest castleOy oldin
  • Brit was awful and a liar

    Sa ESa EOy oldin
  • Good interview. Not having a ‘fake’ show to get the updates is nice. Bravo 👏🏻 Yazan, deserves a good life!

    Isabella CIsabella COy oldin
  • So he doesn’t speak English 🧐😂

    Queen FishQueen FishOy oldin
  • I hope that his new girl is Muslim so that they won’t have the same cultural and religious problems

    Flordeliza NesmithFlordeliza NesmithOy oldin
  • I guess Adam (the greatest translator of them all) wasn’t available 🥴

    Tasha LallemandTasha LallemandOy oldin
  • This is awesome! He's so adorable 😍

    Uncovering HypocrisyUncovering HypocrisyOy oldin
  • Great interview... Everytime I watched them I felt as if Brittany was doing to much and didn't care for him but I always felt like his feelings for her was sincere. I'm glad he found happiness. He's a very handsome and had a peaceful spirit.

    Latoya LxLatoya LxOy oldin
    • I knew the ladies would be interested in him! He probably had many offers!

      Diane ZimmermanDiane Zimmerman28 kun oldin
  • Great interview Sharrell 👌 It was good to hear Yazan's side of things. Well done interpreter Zain👌 Thanks to both of you xx

    Marjorie C83Marjorie C83Oy oldin
  • Is this Zain translating ?

    Vicki BakVicki BakOy oldin
  • Loved the interview. You asked all of the questions we wanted to know. I always like him, he sounds sincere and like a great human being. I’m glad he has found love.

    juliette saajuliette saaOy oldin
  • Was he HIGH???

    Eunice StoneEunice StoneOy oldin
  • Great surprise guest, well-prepared and organized interview. Really interesting. I was more annoyed than usual at commercials interrupting. lol Zain was a terrific translator, too. Thanks for this exclusive. Thanks, Yazan.

    Sans SerifSans SerifOy oldin
  • What does bananas mean in Arabic? I thought I heard it in every other question

    Teresa CorrellTeresa CorrellOy oldin
  • Yazan is fine

    Mimi BenjaminMimi BenjaminOy oldin
  • Look at the difference in him when he is with a good woman..he looks happy n healthy n he seems very respectful of her by never saying a bad word about her

    Arlene HurstArlene HurstOy oldin
  • Everyone knew she was on this show to further her career. You don’t do what she likes to do and move over there and have to be clothed.

    Faye GroceFaye GroceOy oldin
  • Great interview Sharrell, Yazan really does seem like a nice person, probably Brittany is too. People have to realise that these shows are shows, Yazan told the truth , he told his new fiancee that its, " ACTING " !! ACTING Sharrell. The TV can show anyone in a good or bad light, whatever drama sells the show , normally sex, distrust, lies, money, arguments and beef with the future inlaws, and extreme cultural differences to name but a few ha ha . The biggest hurdle Is the language barrier, why does the show portray that the Americans don't try and learn their future spouses native tongue, ( language) ? 90 days is an awesome concept, but personally I think a lot of people will l agree thats its totally scripted, directed and the actors are paid a small pittance, its then upto the person to make the most of their season of fame, to boost up their coffers. Love the show though. Love to everyone Janice from England x x x x

    Janice MurrayJanice MurrayOy oldin
  • The translator isn’t all that great 😕

    Islam MostafaIslam MostafaOy oldin
  • Thats was a load????????? Iam happy for you 😊☺🙂🤗❤😀😊☺🙂🤗❤😀😊☺🙂🤗❤😀😊☺🙂🤗❤😀😊☺🙂🤗❤😀😊☺🙂🤗❤😀😊☺🙂🤗❤😀😊☺🙂🤗❤😀 now..T.Y..for YOU...

    Barbara LewandowskiBarbara LewandowskiOy oldin
  • Yazan was in love Brittney was playing. Really he should be glad they didn’t marry. He really dodged a bullet there.

    Desi MooreDesi MooreOy oldin
    • @Tammey L Jones Jones that’s true

      Desi MooreDesi MooreOy oldin
    • But on the other side of the coin was him trying to change her completely and that shouldn't be anywhere different than what she was trying to do. I'm surprised he picked her to be his life mate.

      Tammey L Jones JonesTammey L Jones JonesOy oldin
  • He is so handsome. Great Interview!

    Kathy ThompsonKathy ThompsonOy oldin
  • Glad he moved on.

    Iris DavisIris DavisOy oldin
  • People just hated Brittany from her first episode. Everyone thought she was using the show to further her career. Her rap career was only mentioned once the entire season. However, Stephanie business was showed multiple times and not 1 peep out of anyone of what she’s doing. Double standards much !!!

    Bliss BlissfulBliss BlissfulOy oldin
    • Bc Brittany sucked as a rapper!!!!

      Diane ZimmermanDiane Zimmerman28 kun oldin
    • No double standards. Nobody liked Stephanie, period. Still, she wasn't loud and rude, promoting and using drugs on camera and being totally classless in another country and culture. Girl is vulgar, disrespectful, spoiled and arrogant.

      GetMeOutta TennesseeGetMeOutta TennesseeOy oldin
  • He so phyne! With that big nose....I bet he's got something else big!🤭😂🤦🏽‍♂️🍌🍆🍆🍆🍆

    Roy Brandon HarrellRoy Brandon HarrellOy oldin
  • I’m just beginning this interview. However, I noticed on the show there seem to be huge communication issues. While Brittany was in Florida, she made it clear that she did not want to convert to Islam. Yazan agreed but once she arrived in Jordan that all changed.

    Bliss BlissfulBliss BlissfulOy oldin
    • Everyone is on Tarzan side but he was not completely honest.. And ur spot on as to what I said 😍💌 🙏

      Consuelo JorgensenConsuelo Jorgensen22 kun oldin
  • Yazan seems like a really nice guy and he has a great personality. I like him more than Brittany.

    Lori BrooksLori BrooksOy oldin
  • Love the interview Sharrell, you did a great job with the questions, and the way you made the technical challenges work. Nicely done ❤️❤️

    Isabel ValdezIsabel ValdezOy oldin
  • Yazan looks so much better now and less stressed out. It’s good to see him laughing and having a good sense of humor about his experience. It’s a big lesson learned and now he could move on. Yazan needs not to be on the show again. If he met someone he’s happy with he needs to protect it. TLC will ruin it. This was one of the best interviews I’ve seen so far. Maybe you can get Jihoon to share his side too...he has a lot going on right now.

    Mrs. RockKitty (VixxVoodooKitty)Mrs. RockKitty (VixxVoodooKitty)Oy oldin
  • Nice to hear about what his doing life does move on,thanks sherrells world 🌎

    Aurora CornejoAurora CornejoOy oldin
  • He speaks some English why didn't he speak to us in English without a translator

    cla Shecla SheOy oldin
    • @Sa E that's what he explained. Can't express himself in English.

      Diane ZimmermanDiane Zimmerman28 kun oldin
    • Maybe he can express himself better in Arabic

      Sa ESa EOy oldin
  • Is that Zain translating?

    AcuereusAcuereusOy oldin

    Is ATA LahaiIs ATA LahaiOy oldin
  • Hello. Congratulations on getting this interview. No I don’t believe him he knew what was up ( he was into the money ). Brittany will never see the money he promised to pay her. How can you fall madly deeply in love with another woman and ready to marry her that quickly.

    Dolsie MercadoDolsie MercadoOy oldin
    • @Elizângela Jensen Regardless of his religion, people do what they want to do.

      Bliss BlissfulBliss Blissful19 kun oldin
    • The foreigners don't get paid. Plus he's muslim and they can't sleep with someone without getting married. He's also at the age of getting married. You need to understand the culture.

      Elizângela JensenElizângela Jensen20 kun oldin
    • @Bliss Blissful His eyes enlarge 2x it’s size when he talks about money. He never had any intentions to pay her back. He knows there is nothing she nor her father can do in getting her money back. How can anyone fall madly in love twice in a row and propose to them and talk about marriage twice in a row. He is looking for easy money in my opinion. I wonder if the new lady in his life comes from money. Where did they meet considering USA was in lockdown.

      Dolsie MercadoDolsie MercadoOy oldin
    • Right !!!

      Bliss BlissfulBliss BlissfulOy oldin

    Is ATA LahaiIs ATA LahaiOy oldin