Wendy William omits major events in biopic! RHOM to return with Larsa & Alexia & Wendy as friend t..

3-Fev, 2021
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Wendy William omits major events in biopic! RHOM to return with Larsa & Alexia & Wendy as friend t..
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  • Wendy can do whatever she wants in her biopic. Besides, wasn't it a 2 hour movie so how was everything about her supposed to fit into 2 hours. They really should have made it a series like BET did for New Edition for us to get most of it (keyword- MOST)

    U EU E10 kun oldin
  • I think she had 2 hours for a movie so she put in what she thought was relevant and not too embarrassing. Abused women spend years trying to hide what they really went through. Sometimes even from themselves. Can’t wait to see her on RHOM because the original cast was so boooooooring.

    LaceyLacey16 kun oldin
  • I had no idea Larsa had been on RHOM. I really hope RHOM comes back!

    NinaNina20 kun oldin
  • I have enjoyed your channel immensely

    Happy2Be HappyHappy2Be Happy20 kun oldin
  • It was cruel to put the fish in the car and then turned on the heat. Living beings are worthy of being protected.

    sharon davissharon davis24 kun oldin
  • Love you Sharrell you're so hilarious!🤣🤣👏👏

    Alysia VillasenorAlysia Villasenor25 kun oldin
  • Why people complaining soo much. The movie was only less than 2 hours, not enough time for 40+ years of life,(ahe is 56) plus this was also Lifetime and she still has to "appear" like her life was/is not That bad. This movie, doc was for a certain demographic. What most want to see will need to be on A&E, etc.

    Meme KendallMeme Kendall26 kun oldin
  • She wants sympathy but doesn't give any!

    cheryl janzencheryl janzen26 kun oldin
  • Key point *Do you REALLY believe Wendy NEVER had a conversation 😎 with Sarina?.... lmao 🤣 10 YEARS ??? Ok #ohvalcomedian

    Oh Val ComedianOh Val Comedian26 kun oldin
  • I cant hear the audio in this video at all

    metrinimetrini26 kun oldin
  • She said a lot of things were edited out tho. She does have children and she prolly didn’t want to implement anyone. But it’s in her book right? She should have put sardines in his vents and curtain rods too.

    Mimsey DeArtMimsey DeArt26 kun oldin
  • Kevin is a dog!!!! I do blame her no one can treat you bad unless you allow it. Self esteem is very low. Love the movie and the documentary.

    Pearl chiappinePearl chiappine26 kun oldin
  • I really do not like Wendy calling the baby out by name. I don’t why but that part bothers me the most out of everything she has started to talk publicly about.

    Jill WJill W27 kun oldin
  • Fake news. Larsa, Joanna and Leah were not invited back....

    pretend amnesiapretend amnesia27 kun oldin
  • Larsa said Tristian was her man first. That’s she introduced him to the Kardasians.

    Jacqueline AlstonJacqueline Alston27 kun oldin
  • She said she taped the documentary in 2019 so that’s why she was still emotional. Yes she’s still trying to protect her son. I can understand that.

    Jacqueline AlstonJacqueline Alston27 kun oldin

    Jaqua IngramJaqua Ingram27 kun oldin
  • Figured she did she didn't everything in there

    Jean PickettJean Pickett27 kun oldin
  • There are no rumors of Andy Cohen wanting Wendy on RHOM. Wendy is jockeying for a spot as a friend of Larsa Pippin on the show. She’s reached out to Andy twice during her show. Apparently Wendy isn’t over Kelvin. Her father resides in Florida, but so does Kelvin Jr., Sr., Sharina and baby. Looks like Wendy is looking for an excuse to fly in and out of their lives, on BRAVO’s coin.

    sandra robinsonsandra robinson27 kun oldin
  • omg the audi NEEDS to be fixed immediately. only works on the left side

    Mona LisaMona Lisa27 kun oldin
  • I’d say be careful Wendy friends & business don’t mix Andy is your friend look @ you & NiNi

    Betty VeracruzBetty Veracruz27 kun oldin
  • Why would Wendy Williams be on Miami? She’s a New Yorker and said she will love the rest of her life in New York

    Thomas BrunsThomas Bruns28 kun oldin
  • Wendy wants to be a cast member on RHOM or at least be cast as a friend to Larsa Pippen, but appearing on RHOA and being a friend to Nene was beneath her? The rumors of Ke(l)vin now living in Florida and him no longer being with Nicci must be true?

    GiggleGal215GiggleGal21528 kun oldin
  • Imo, the only reason Wendy's movie got such first-run high numbers because people were curious to see what she was going to tell and if it was going to be as horrible as Aaliyah's bio. The replays probably won't get great ratings, unlike Straight Outta Compton, Michelle's bio, and Surviving R. Kelley because she tippy-toed around a lot.

    GiggleGal215GiggleGal21528 kun oldin
  • The documentary was better than the movie.

    Diane JohnsonDiane Johnson28 kun oldin
  • Wendy don't have a life or friends. What is Bravo thinking! We know everything about her. What will she bring to the show? Her cats , her dating? Who cares!!!!

    Dangle LoverDangle Lover28 kun oldin
  • Love Miami - way better than the other new show....so exited for Miami.. was worried they jumped the shark with the other new show.... it is unwatchable .... thank Goodness Bravo bringing back the old school luck...Miami🍀🍀🍀🍀💕🌸🍀🍀🍀🍀

    k dk d28 kun oldin
  • She either lies or lies. by omission. Also, she probably wants to be in FLA more bc that's where Kevin is, even though her dad is there too, let's be honest.

    Tana D'AmicoTana D'Amico28 kun oldin
  • It’s going to tank

    ButlerButler28 kun oldin
  • Housewives Miami read not good , they are bringing it back as PC move? It was not good

    ButlerButler28 kun oldin
  • Can not hear you

    Mary TerryMary Terry28 kun oldin
  • Wendy was on watch what happens live and she almost seems like she's a producer. She actually said that she wanted Larsa Pippin on the show and don't want to be a full-time housewife because she has her own show.

    Sonia JacksonSonia Jackson28 kun oldin
  • The silence was booming when she said "Kevin didn't break my arm"! Free rides over Kev so get a job!

    Martha BerdielMartha Berdiel28 kun oldin
  • Didn't Mohammed Hadid say it to brandi about Joanna? Lol

    Jessica PazoJessica Pazo28 kun oldin
  • Your volume was super low while talking.

    Sanday SundaySanday Sunday28 kun oldin
  • Wendy said the documentary was filmed in 2019 and not now as pep was saying she said she over crying and she don’t won’t Kevin . On her show Wednesday

    Sandra ParkerSandra Parker28 kun oldin
  • I don't know why they didn't put the drug stuff in there because she has talked about it on the show, especially around the time when Whitney died

    Sherri GrantSherri Grant28 kun oldin
  • Hey next year Wendy can do a part 2.

    Dolsie MercadoDolsie Mercado28 kun oldin
  • Hello. Look, she has Kevin JR, to think about. Maybe their son didn’t want that part to air. A lot of people knew about her addiction situation and Whitney. Not mine nor your version but her story.

    Dolsie MercadoDolsie Mercado28 kun oldin
  • I think Wendy will not fare well on housewives. It’s brutal for all the housewives unless she desperately needs the money. I think Wendy is fragile.

    K TK T28 kun oldin
  • I can’t wait

    Mindy JeanMindy Jean28 kun oldin
  • Remember Wendy constantly said it was her truth doesn't mean it was the whole truth or even the real truth she left out major stuff it would have been a mini series if whole truth was told

    K WK W28 kun oldin
  • I thought the movie in a documentary it was great! But I do know with making movies and documentaries you have to be careful about telling someone else’s story , there are copyright laws.

    Uncle WeetieUncle Weetie28 kun oldin
  • I think there's just so much you can put in a documentary, if she put everything that happen, she would need 4 days more, so basically it was highlight/lowlight of her life. She did show herself using coke, and has talked about her coke addiction on her show many times. I like her strength, and vulnerability now. Many people famous and not famous mentally are not able to handle If their husbands hit them, that could be harder to talk about than her coke addiction. It's no secret that women who have been beaten, keep that type of thing a secret for years and some never will admit it ever, even when everyone knows it happen.

    Beeah RobinsonBeeah Robinson28 kun oldin
  • RHOM is THE BEST imo

    E Mc2E Mc228 kun oldin
  • I really enjoyed RHOM ,glad it coming back .

    tan tan cantan tan can28 kun oldin
  • In my opinion it’s not a half ass movie on purpose, Wendy is old school and knows how to make money, she going to keep the part two available for the highest bidder. I never graduated from college and I know what’s going on. It’s called “Keep the coins coming”!

    Veronica SamuelsVeronica Samuels28 kun oldin
  • The movie wasn't about Kevin and his behavior. She also said that she smoked a lot of crack when she was in DC. If Kevin wants to do a movie depicting his bad behavior let him make a deal with lifetime. He shouldn't profit from her anymore. Kevin is an opportunist and had she spoken about his abuse without any tangible evidence he would have sued her

    Shanell StottsShanell Stotts28 kun oldin
    • But Kevin was part of her life and it is Lifetime Network they do movies about women in abusive relationship like this all the time. People think Wendy was lying about Kevin never beating her,when it's been rumors about him hurting her Wendy probably didn't want to tell because of her son and also Kevin could have sued her and Lifetime if they showed Kevin beating her deflamtion of character.

      MLynette PinkyMLynette Pinky28 kun oldin
  • At the end of the documentary, it indicated that it was filmed in 2019 (Wendy also stated the year on her show on Wednesday). The events were still fresh and raw(in 2019), so that would explain all of the crying.

    Sonya HudsonSonya Hudson28 kun oldin
  • I LOVED both the movie and the documentary on @Lifetime, no surprised at all at the high ratings. I have never watched the WW show and only heard rumors of the goings on on blogs etc so it was intriguing to me. RHOM, LORDY I sooo hope they discuss the Larsa mess on there. I liked that franchise ang am glad it is coming back @Sharrell, thanks for all the good tea 😉

    Just MeJust Me28 kun oldin
  • I loved the RHOM, but what about Elsa?! She was my favorite!!!

    Rosie WilliamsRosie Williams28 kun oldin
    • Unfortunately Mama Elsa (Marysol's mother) died a few years ago...it was all over the blogs & internet.

      REDST5REDST528 kun oldin
  • I fell asleep Wake up started over three times. I love the documentary documentary was real good but the movie I couldn’t stay up. I feel like most of the stuff she talked about that was gonna be on the movie was not a movie it was a documentary

    Carolyn PayneCarolyn Payne28 kun oldin
  • Hi Dkarrelle. 🧡

    Carolyn PayneCarolyn Payne28 kun oldin
  • *transgender person. Travestite is dated (ignorant) . Love ya girl, no shade just to let you know 💜 but don't forget to update that language lol

    Rated RachelRated Rachel28 kun oldin
  • Do you actually think a person would tell you everything lol he’ll no and I don’t blame her Wendy is still human and she does not want to hurt his businesses!! Their son would be affected because he still loves his father!! Shit you Sherelle didn’t want any one ☝️ to know you were married to your dam husband so miss me with this bs

    diane longdiane long28 kun oldin
  • 4:21 tashak interview I remember that.

    refilwe sorinyanerefilwe sorinyane28 kun oldin
  • Andy only hired Kyle and Kim to get kathy Cut to 10 yrs later

    Andrea leeAndrea lee28 kun oldin
  • She could have cut the 3 s3x scenes, but we all know why she put them in, and added some of this. They weren’t steamy or hot whatsoever. I just watched all 3 interviews of her and Howard Stern, in one of them, they bring in Kevin. If you are one to read people and subtly see things, you won’t regret watching them. Howard gets more out of her than in any of the dozens of interviews in which she overpowers the interviewer and takes over with her non-congruent stories!

    Nikki ShayeNikki Shaye28 kun oldin
  • Why are the women being blame who hook up with Tristian and not his no good behind? Chloe need to get some self esteem and find a better man, stop blaming the women he goes after. All the money and plastic surgery won't keep him faithful.

    Linda Willams DaGamaLinda Willams DaGama28 kun oldin
    • Exactly, and Khloe needs to stop using her daughter as an excuse for having Tristan living with her.She said she wants her daughter to have her father in her life but is totally unnecessary to live in the same house for that. Plus why do you want another kid with a man that is always cheating on you?

      Elena CamposElena Campos28 kun oldin
    • So true, women need to be stronger, and stop blaming the women that men use to cheat on them. after all it takes 2 to tango that's real

      Beeah RobinsonBeeah Robinson28 kun oldin
  • I believe a lot was left out about Kelvin. Wendy talk about emotional abuse but I think she was phycially abused also, but she still loves him. I can understand her still trying to heal but spending time with him?

    Linda Willams DaGamaLinda Willams DaGama28 kun oldin
  • It’s her biopic,she could do that everyone else dose.Salt and Pepper they left out a WHOLE GROUP MEMBER.🤦🏽‍♀️

    pinky lovepinky love28 kun oldin
    • Lol Spin was in the movie just not prominently

      Sherri GrantSherri Grant28 kun oldin
  • Her documentary was better

    Andrea leeAndrea lee28 kun oldin
  • I think that Larsa was doing the extra shit because she was trying to get on RHOM

    TRiLLeST KiNG Kai'CiTRiLLeST KiNG Kai'Ci28 kun oldin
    • Larsa is actually an OG Miami housewife. She was on Season 1 (the show was ran for 3 seasons before taking a LONNNGGG hiatus)

      REDST5REDST528 kun oldin
  • It’s funny how she called NeNe that girl over there for being a housewife, but now she wants to be a friend of the show. 😒 &&& Kevin’s sexual escapades is Kelvin’s story to tell.

    TRiLLeST KiNG Kai'CiTRiLLeST KiNG Kai'Ci28 kun oldin
  • If she was to put everything about her WHOLE life she’d need a SERIES!!

    G1Love A.G1Love A.28 kun oldin
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    lidiaanadotcomlidiaanadotcom28 kun oldin
  • I agree ☝🏿 💯 with you Sharrell regarding her son concerned!

    Gabrielle DesouterGabrielle Desouter28 kun oldin
  • Hey, I just watched her bio. I thought the most important thing it did was explain the depth of her struggles over the last 12 plus months,. I prayed for her and wish her and her son and family healing and happiness

    Tracy SorensenTracy Sorensen28 kun oldin
  • The biopic was not about Kelvin it was about Wendy. Duh.

    Andrea WhiteAndrea White29 kun oldin
  • Ur videos always come thru one ear of my head phones. I think that’s an adjustment in the settings.

    BabyNicosMommyBabyNicosMommy29 kun oldin
  • I think Wendy will be good on the show they will ask her lots of questions about things

    Edith HudginsEdith Hudgins29 kun oldin
  • Wendy will never be on any housewives franchise maybe a cameo and even that is a stretch. I think what we have to realize is that Wendy is very cognizant of her son and respect him. So I never expected us to get her entire life story. Also why would she make the show about Kelvin... it’s her story. He would need his own biopic with all the things you mentioned Sharrell 😁

    KrystelKrystel29 kun oldin
  • Your arithmetic about how many people watched it is wrong....about 2mil watched the movie...about 1.9 mil watched the documentary...that does NOT make ..about 5 mil Remember some people watched both....

    Futhi JohnsonFuthi Johnson29 kun oldin
  • If she had put out all the dirt she'd really look a fool and what would it have done to the son

    Fred Al WatkinsFred Al Watkins29 kun oldin
  • It was her show. She can damn well put in whatever she wants or not. Share your lifes mistakes out there. No, I thought so.

    Catherine MurrayCatherine Murray29 kun oldin
  • Recalling Wendy stating negatively about her being represented on RHOA Actually putting it down . Wendy stated her position was much greater level than being involved with the housewives franchises. Wendy made these statements while taking a jab at NeNe Leaks, I quote: (that woman over there ) I truly wonder what the urgency is for her becoming a Miami housewife! If Wendy wanted to truly join the franchise there’s RHONY. Curious to know if it has anything to do with Kevin making the move to Miami Although Wendy’s family is there & she claimed to have been extremely close to her mother she never made it an issue to want to be in Miami. Even with her son living there. Wendy never made an issue to be in Miami why is it so much talk now about her exploring a new life in Miami now!!

    Carolyn CatesCarolyn Cates29 kun oldin
  • Movie was only 2 hours.

    joyanblessingsjoyanblessings29 kun oldin
  • sharell you should interview wendy since she wants to answer questions. I believe she was abused by Kevin also. she just lies too much. she uses her son as a crutch, excuse. her show will be over next year.

    L BL B29 kun oldin
  • You are HILARIOUS, totally agree, We need to get KATHY! EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT!! YES@!!!! love ya sherell ❤

    Holly ObrienHolly Obrien29 kun oldin
  • I think people are picking apart this movie a little too much we are forgetting that it is a lifetime movie everything gets water down on Lifetime they're not HBO, and the documentary originally started filming right as she was going through all of that this movie has been in the works for a couple of years so she was still hurt if you notice the outtakes interviews she was fine oh, I don't think she was hiding stuff there's only so much you can show she told a lot in her book

    nekii cannadynekii cannady29 kun oldin
  • NOT LARSA!!!!! Omg 🤢

    ReenieReenie29 kun oldin
  • 4:16 A transgender, I believe you wanted to say. A transvestite is a drag queen

    Miss MeredithMiss Meredith29 kun oldin
  • I'm over the housewives shows. As for Wendy I wanted to see the Judge Mathis incident, Puffy whipping her azz, her and Biggie hooking up in the car and the lawsuit against Kelvin and her by the employee of the radio station. Also the three somes with Shirina.

    Z.Z. W.Z.Z. W.29 kun oldin
  • I don't know what's going on with your mic but lately, I can't only hear you on one earphone

    Miss MeredithMiss Meredith29 kun oldin
    • @Theresa Brice They aren't. It happens on some of her videos

      Miss MeredithMiss Meredith28 kun oldin
    • I was thinking, my earphones were broken, so happy they are not.

      Theresa BriceTheresa Brice28 kun oldin
  • So W Wms still going to spread trashy ratchet messy commentaries & rumors, instead of getting some REAL therapy & help with her addictiions⁉️ Not a fan or a follower. . Enough of her already.

    TJ ReyTJ Rey29 kun oldin
  • She was not addicted to Crack! It was cocaine and then alcohol get it right

    Tonnette GraysonTonnette Grayson29 kun oldin
  • Wendy said the other day that he never put his hands on her🤪

    mj Brownleemj Brownlee29 kun oldin
  • I agree that it was right for Wendy to leave out details that would effect her son. We all knew that Kevin Hunter was a sleaze and of course he was the one that fractured her shoulder! I have never seen RHOM but if she's on it, I'll be there!

    SunLovingLadySunLovingLady29 kun oldin
  • She not going to say to much about Kevin because I think she still see’s him he still controls her

    Evelyn REvelyn R29 kun oldin
  • Alright enough talking about Wendy let it go .Lil Kevin does not want to be on tv or her to show alot of pics .She never really did show pics of him

    Toria WilliamsToria Williams29 kun oldin
  • Well it was her story to tell I think it will be a part 2 to the movie.They could not show everything in one movie.In the movie she told it was a friend of Kevins that took her there

    Toria WilliamsToria Williams29 kun oldin
  • Wendy will never be on any reality housewives show period!!

    Angela WilliamsAngela Williams29 kun oldin
    • @REDST5 Ohh! As much as she downs the housewives and says she would never do reality. I don think she would. She is definitely not as good looking as the other ladies. 😁

      Angela WilliamsAngela Williams28 kun oldin
    • Wendy herself said on her talk show she was SERIOUSLY INTERESTED in joining Miami housewives as an official friend.

      REDST5REDST528 kun oldin
    • @Marissa Stryker 😂😂😂😂😂 Spot on!!😆😆

      Angela WilliamsAngela Williams29 kun oldin
    • I think she doesn’t get along with other women well enough to be a real housewife.

      Marissa StrykerMarissa Stryker29 kun oldin
  • Ok if she was scared of her ex husband why would she make him a stalker and may be kill her

    Farhia added AdeedFarhia added Adeed29 kun oldin
  • Dont forget stone head they are very drama and exaggerate everything B.C. there paranoid

    Natalie LefebvreNatalie Lefebvre29 kun oldin
  • Love Sharrell . Larsa is a high price escort if you’re athlete with lots of money you can have her . Drag her like she dragged that little girl Jordyn (Kylie best friend ) for kissing Tristan before Exiting the party. She had a lot to say. What time did she leave the party. How do we know she didn’t sleep with him that night and got jealous when she saw him flirting with someone younger and prettier than her.

    Crystal AlessandraCrystal Alessandra29 kun oldin
  • All the life story it never accurate anyway . They always exagererate to entertaining us .

    Natalie LefebvreNatalie Lefebvre29 kun oldin
  • I am proud of Wendy for sharing her story. No one is perfect, but she has overcome her past, to where she is now in her life. I wonder, wtf are wrong with you and your channel. To me, it is all about disrespekting people, their's looks, famely and home. You have been laying about so many people and made their's life to a living hell. I don't trust you at all. When you are alone, like on this video, you seem's nice . But, what you have become in real, when you are on with your panel, you are the ringleader of evil. You like to have the panel to say things,(never positive) you dont want to say. Alledg your fake laught and your words "Be nice gays", all in the name of followers. Shame on you. Remember karma sucks

    nita Fuglonita Fuglo29 kun oldin
  • Would be nice to see Miami on our Screens again 🙂

    Kenzie JeanKenzie Jean29 kun oldin
  • You was so good to nite!! You don't needs No side Kick with u!! I thank Wendy sure have kept,All of her money,from him... He Played Wendy to the end !!!!! I Look u better by ur self....

    Shelly SmithShelly Smith29 kun oldin
    • Totally agree. I prefer short videos.

      Leeza LizLeeza Liz29 kun oldin
    • I agree I like her w/out sidekicks

      Kristen AustinKristen Austin29 kun oldin
  • I just wanna tell you something. I’m sorry for judging you before knowing the scoop. Monica at All About the Tea is WHACK AF! I’ve been watching loyally for a while now. She puts me in “time out” anytime she doesn’t like what I say. For instance I said “damn Monica, SOMETIMES your tea is irresponsible” because while she delivers some insider tea or content she does it so irresponsibly with so much ASSUMPTION on people’s character. But over there they talk mad shit about you and I’m about done with them’

    Lisa WorkLisa Work29 kun oldin