Tyrice Sanders Love After Lockup Sharrell's World interview. He sets the record straight

10-Fev, 2021
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Tyrice Sanders Love After Lockup Sharrell's World interview. He sets the record straight
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  • Who's LIARS now, not been near Amber. Perry u need stop threating females when you have allowed #JOHNHATES n #COCOCLOWN back in ur lives, you will deserve all that comes your way. So be it.

    Christine CChristine C5 kun oldin
  • Great 👍🏿 interview

    Chris WilsonChris Wilson7 kun oldin
  • Well Tyrice I loved your blue suit & you look very handsome wearing it no matter what anyone else says.

    Pamala SmithPamala Smith12 kun oldin
  • I didn't know that people throwing themselves in front of trains was so common. Tyrice must be numb to it after 26 years on the job.

    MaryMary13 kun oldin
  • I call 💨 BS

    Inquiz- AhteevInquiz- Ahteev14 kun oldin
  • Oh wow you had my guy Tyrice on??

    P CrispP Crisp14 kun oldin
  • I'm so sorry. We love ya and prayers to you!

    Summar RodriguezSummar Rodriguez16 kun oldin
  • Perry take her to the doctor. This is not good. She should be getting better.

    Diane JohnsonDiane Johnson16 kun oldin
  • Perry please give us an update on Sharrell. I'm concerned

    Mary HendersonMary Henderson16 kun oldin
  • Tyrice is cool people. He is really nice. He is way different than on TV.

    VALMYLUV __VALMYLUV __17 kun oldin
  • Wtf helping a 50 something old man make better decisions dumb as hell

    Carolyn ClarkeCarolyn Clarke17 kun oldin
  • So he basically said this show is scripted. Walking thru a door 50x the cashier is an Actress?? Wtf?🤔😂

    Shacaryl ChoatesShacaryl Choates17 kun oldin
  • I LOVE THE ROYAL BLUE SUIT🥰💖💔💝💗💋💋💋💋 and he to FINE FOR TRASH #ohvalcomedian

    Oh Val ComedianOh Val Comedian17 kun oldin
  • Jamie was very irritating 😑

    Empress WatsonEmpress Watson18 kun oldin
  • Nice to see adults who have an issue with each other actually hold a video tribe showing us how real adults handle conflicts. So many times a conflict ends in a break up because no one communicates. I’m glad you guys worked it out.a great example to set for immature you tubers.It’s another example how sometimes what they are like on TV is nothing like the good ppl behind the scenes.

    Nurse RobinNurse Robin18 kun oldin
  • Sharrell, Not being mean but its really be irresponsible not to get tested!! I've had Covid, ppl.been telling you to get tested for over a week. Not cool. Thats how it gets spread and frankly how ppl. die. Please get tested(its free, no excuses) then go to the doctor so you can feel better. Nobody wants you to feel bad. 🙏🏼

    lunworkslunworks18 kun oldin
  • Anytime Gen is involved with anybody, it can't be good. She will twist and instigate every story. Gen needs to clean up her own mess first.

    Not a fan of KJNot a fan of KJ18 kun oldin
  • Tyrice goes for young white women & then talks about about them like a pieces of meat. No wonder he can’t get a women his own age in a huge city like Chicago, lots of established women there

    Tiffany VTiffany V18 kun oldin
  • Wha!!! Sherrell has put out false information again?!?! Tyrice too forgiving......

    anita dooleyanita dooley18 kun oldin
  • Please shut up Jaime and let the GROWN MAN speak for himself!!

    Ayanna PowellAyanna Powell19 kun oldin
  • Go get tested.

    Mekaa ChristopherMekaa Christopher19 kun oldin
  • Tyrice has a certain type 🤷🏾‍♀🤦🏾‍♀

    Jessica AndersonJessica Anderson19 kun oldin
  • Hope you feel better.

    Nidia SmithNidia Smith19 kun oldin
  • You need a test for your health and to protect others. Be responsible be safe x

    Yvonne SheehanYvonne Sheehan19 kun oldin
  • Perry always keeps it real. 😀

    Chi NadyChi Nady19 kun oldin
  • Who the hell is amber damn..... I cant even enjoy/watch the rest of the interview all because that im bothered by that one freaking question!

    Lisa JulyBabyLisa JulyBaby20 kun oldin
  • I didn’t know Sharrell and Perry was married! Loveeeee it.

    Misty HMisty H20 kun oldin
    • I didn’t either. So cool

      Rayne DropRayne Drop18 kun oldin
  • I think this is one of my fav interviews

    Misty HMisty H20 kun oldin
  • Why everyone on Jamie, she clearly said im managing Tyrice. Jamie has not said much. Leave that girl alone. Hating on her cause shes beautiful. I dont get that negative shiiitttt!

    terry maxterry max20 kun oldin
    • "Beautiful" Not to be mean and I honestly agree that she has done nothing wrong but she is about as far from beautiful as the Sun is from Hell 😂 Kinda look like a man tbh. The girl from the snow was actually cute though.

      Pretty Lil humble girlPretty Lil humble girl17 kun oldin
    • Noone hating. Shes irritating. She could have watch on the sideline or been in the comments

      Empress WatsonEmpress Watson18 kun oldin
    • His “manager” doesn’t even have zoom or a laptop

      Tiffany VTiffany V18 kun oldin
  • Tyrice is the shit ! Good Dad, just what you see is what you get. I love the blue suit Tyrice.

    terry maxterry max20 kun oldin
  • Jamie you talk to much, Let Tyrice talk for his self!!!!

    kathleen fullwoodkathleen fullwood20 kun oldin
  • I like Tyrice.... He's completely different than I thought he was. Good interview!! 😋

    Ginny RiceGinny Rice20 kun oldin
  • 1) I liked this interview because I did like Tyrice on the show and I like him even more now. God bless him and his family! 2) I'm glad Sharrell and Perry never let on that they were married to one another because. I fell in love with both of them individually and adore them both as a couple. I think you two are an awesome team and balance each other well and give us wonderful entertainment/information. Take good care always!

    Mama K.Mama K.20 kun oldin
  • The "misinformation" that's being put out there can ruin peoples lives. I hope that you fact check better in the future.

    Sherri WattsSherri Watts20 kun oldin
  • Why is Jamie continuing to interrupt and speak for this grown man..? She acts like he’s a child and she’s annoying!He is cool but don’t trust her. How did you meet Jamie..? Whoops forgot to get to prefabricate that one! 😂 😬🤭🤫❤️

    Katie KorteKatie Korte20 kun oldin
  • Get tested in be safe 😇😇😇

    Talk FactsTalk Facts20 kun oldin
  • Jamie reminds me of the ABA teacher who holds the hands of children

    tella24tella2420 kun oldin
  • Wow this show is soooo scripted... can't believe they do all that on the show. 50x to walk into a door and even the cashier clerk is fake..

    tella24tella2420 kun oldin

      Shacaryl ChoatesShacaryl Choates17 kun oldin
  • Who is amber? And he seems a bit off. How old is sharrell? How did people find out sharrell and perry were a couple?

    tella24tella2420 kun oldin
  • Hope not coronovirus🙏go 2 the hospital

    tella24tella2421 kun oldin
  • Tyrice seem like a hard working citizen who is productive and don't need prison babes

    shanna whartonshanna wharton21 kun oldin
  • Tyrice is a handsome man

    shanna whartonshanna wharton21 kun oldin
  • Tyrice was gross, happy she played him.

  • I hope you get well soon.

    Kelli All DayKelli All Day21 kun oldin
  • OH MY❗❗SharHELL it turns out IS NOT a nice person 🔵 Turns out cursing IS YOUR first language 😬

    Inquiz- AhteevInquiz- Ahteev21 kun oldin
  • We love Perry's shows hahahahahaha

    Michelle GMMichelle GM21 kun oldin
  • Jaime is giving me Dee Dee Moore vibes 😂🤭

    tosha smithtosha smith21 kun oldin
    • 🤷🏾‍♀🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Jessica AndersonJessica Anderson19 kun oldin
  • This was a good interview glad yall had him on the show to clear up this mess.

    Michelle GMMichelle GM21 kun oldin
  • All this stress is making you sick. Please take care of yourself. Those troubling you are not worth it. Don't let them take your health too. In your corner. Be encouraged thanks for all the laughs.

    Sonya SuttonSonya Sutton21 kun oldin
  • Great interview Sharell and Perry I really thought Tyrese looked real nice in his blue suit plus he's not a bad looking older man

    Lady BLady B21 kun oldin
  • Feel better soon

    Cartier WhiteCartier White21 kun oldin
  • What an enjoyable interview. It’s nice to see people handle their differences in a mature manner and I enjoyed learning more about Tyrice. You look beautiful Sharrell, but get some rest and feel better!

    Gina ImpavidoGina Impavido21 kun oldin
  • Go get tested!!!!

    Gina GalvanGina Galvan21 kun oldin
  • Omg Jamie needs to be quiet this isn’t HER interview. Why is she even up there? Is she going to hold his hand everywhere?

    M MM M21 kun oldin
    • Omg yes Jamie irritated me

      Empress WatsonEmpress Watson18 kun oldin
    • Exactly! I wish Jamie would HUSH!

      Janice SmithJanice Smith20 kun oldin
    • Seems like PR

      tella24tella2420 kun oldin
  • Ok so you straighten it out with tyrice that is good all become friends

    Donna JohnsonDonna Johnson21 kun oldin
  • Tyrice like Caucasians and that's on Mary had a little lamb cause 100,000 is where the money reside 💪🏾💯✌🏽

    Queen MarshaaQueen Marshaa21 kun oldin
    • Yes he has a type 🤷🏾‍♀🤦🏾‍♀

      Jessica AndersonJessica Anderson19 kun oldin
  • Sharrell go to the doctors and get tested

    Donna JohnsonDonna Johnson21 kun oldin
  • 👌👌👌👌 great interview Tyrice is so cool x

    kingsley whitlockkingsley whitlock21 kun oldin
  • Is it CoVId Sharell? Take it easy...get some rest...

    Mary LeeMary Lee21 kun oldin
  • What's the other channel?

    Lady LLady L21 kun oldin
  • Take covid-19 test!!!

    Kerry ClancyKerry Clancy21 kun oldin
  • Shouldn't you and Perry have the true facts before you do your raving, ranting, name calling and threatening?

    jdmh721jdmh72121 kun oldin
    • YES! If it was other way towards them they'd be threatening to sue.

      lunworkslunworks18 kun oldin
  • zinc and d3 they help a lot they build up your immunity. check with your doctor first. but if you have covid they lower the symptoms and keeps it from spreading. check with your doctor.

    Donna HarrisDonna Harris21 kun oldin
  • He has a great job.

    Kathryn WallaceKathryn Wallace21 kun oldin
  • Damn y'all see how Perry admitted he said shit just because he was mad. If we all did that life would be a bit easier.

    StardustxxStardustxx21 kun oldin
  • Is Jamie Tyice's new woman?

    StardustxxStardustxx21 kun oldin
  • This was a good interview! I did not like Tyrice on the show so I'm glad he did this interview so we could see who he really is. He's a good guy, positive and loves to have fun! Please have him back!

    Aisha RhinehartAisha Rhinehart21 kun oldin
  • Sharrell hope you feel much better soon, get that aloe vera leaf and spoon the jell out and liquefy to make aloe water with it and or cut out a small piece of the jell and chew it, it not going to taste good but it will clean your system God Bless you 💙

    Renee AnthonyRenee Anthony21 kun oldin
    • 1.tumeric 2.aloe 3. garlic fresh or pill 4.honey raw comes bottled 5.eucaliptus 6.camomile tea ..the tumeric,aloe garlic,are essential u don't have to have it all put ingredients in the tea honey to sweeten feel better oops cod liver oil comes in different flavor a I love the cherry..Combats covid19 flu etc. Feel better

      Consuelo JorgensenConsuelo Jorgensen21 kun oldin
  • You are sick but look absolutely beautiful get better

    Tina MillerTina Miller21 kun oldin
  • Hope you feel better soon Sharrel. You need to get a Covid19 test and for Perry too. Stay safe we need you two. 😍

    Veronica BVeronica B21 kun oldin
  • Tyrice must have a lot of money because it took him forever to count 20 dollars for that jail chick .... STINGY STINGY !!!

    M JM J21 kun oldin
  • Feel better God bless U!!🤗💌 🙏

    Consuelo JorgensenConsuelo Jorgensen21 kun oldin
  • He is very handsome not for sure why he’s looking for love🤔

    Blondie Queen55Blondie Queen5521 kun oldin
  • I love Mr. T

    Angela HarrisAngela Harris21 kun oldin
  • When Perry said next show I called him a genius!!!! I am dying! LOL

    Sparkles to SprinklesSparkles to Sprinkles21 kun oldin

    Jaqua IngramJaqua Ingram21 kun oldin
  • Go get tested , it sounds like covid

    M JM J21 kun oldin
  • I wish you a quick recovery.

    TierawTieraw21 kun oldin
  • Coulda done without the “Handler”

    Crystal HTXCrystal HTX21 kun oldin
    • If you’re referring to me say it! First of all I was the one who reached out and settled this beef. So if I’m a handled so be it❣️

      Jamie RileyJamie Riley16 kun oldin
    • Agreed!

      Tania AlfordTania Alford16 kun oldin
  • Which Amber are they talking about? Im so lost 😅😅

    Maveline DominguezMaveline Dominguez21 kun oldin
    • I’m lost too? Who the hell is Amber? 😳

      vibhamit1vibhamit120 kun oldin
  • And Tyrice dont need no women from prison!!!!

    A GentA Gent21 kun oldin
  • We have other things besides Covid. Immune boost everyone!!!!

    A GentA Gent21 kun oldin
  • How do u not know if you have COVID. GET TESTED

    Karen JaynesKaren Jaynes21 kun oldin
  • Great show and Tyrice was a interesting interview. I liked this one very much.

    Susan MarraffaSusan Marraffa21 kun oldin
  • Go to bed get some rest ❤️hi perry

    Amanda GoughAmanda Gough21 kun oldin
  • Is that the same ember that claims every 90 day guy wants her???

    Dory KorosDory Koros21 kun oldin
  • OMG! I didn't know they Where married. I always saw how they were on the screen and would here the same stuff in the house...THATS A BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIP. God bless yall

    NaPpY NiKki'SNaPpY NiKki'S21 kun oldin
  • Great interview. Like Tyrice and Jamie!

    Jazz LeeJazz Lee21 kun oldin
  • Great interview Sharrel! Glad you had him on, gave him a better look. He is not just an overly confident bad dresser. 🖤

    CatherineCatherine21 kun oldin
  • Feel better ❤️❤️❤️

    N MN M21 kun oldin
  • I'm glad Tyrice finally put the record straight...

    Jess SmikleJess Smikle21 kun oldin
  • You need to rest hunni, take your vitamins and stay hydrated..hope you feel better soon

    Dawnie PotDawnie Pot21 kun oldin
  • Cut out negative ties in your life that try to steal your light/ mood/ health/ joy. Take care of yourself! Feel better soon! Prayers

    Kristopher TarotKristopher Tarot21 kun oldin
  • Sharell. I'm not surprised your sick. You've been dealing with a lot lately. Your stressed.

    Jess SmikleJess Smikle21 kun oldin
  • Amber who?!? I missed something

    Bhreagh MaclennanBhreagh Maclennan21 kun oldin
  • Sharrell and perry have lost their credibility

    Kay EllisKay Ellis21 kun oldin
    • @Not a fan of KJ if just jeulz hadn't of said it 1st then it wouldn't be out there #fact

      kingsley whitlockkingsley whitlock21 kun oldin
    • No they haven't. If Gen wouldn't have put it out there it wouldn't have gotten started to begin with.

      Not a fan of KJNot a fan of KJ21 kun oldin
  • Sharelle... you need to rest you need to take a couple of days off and also get tested you never know but you need to rest because even though you're not leaving the house and actually going to work work is very stressful and you need to take a couple of days off... I hope and pray you feel better soon take care and be safe

    Miss VeeMiss Vee21 kun oldin
    • @Yolanda McEvoy IDK

      Miss VeeMiss Vee21 kun oldin
    • Why isn’t Sharelle getting test ?? I do not understand.

      Yolanda McEvoyYolanda McEvoy21 kun oldin
  • I thought Tyrice was cool with Amber...now he has beef with her???

    DBP sonsDBP sons21 kun oldin
    • @kingsley whitlock They talk tooooo much on that channel for me. I can only watch like 20 minutes

      DBP sonsDBP sons21 kun oldin
    • @kingsley whitlock eh.... don't worry. I came across them by accident.

      DBP sonsDBP sons21 kun oldin
    • @DBP sons never heard of them

      kingsley whitlockkingsley whitlock21 kun oldin
    • @kingsley whitlock amber from another channel - amber and Heidi

      DBP sonsDBP sons21 kun oldin
    • Who's amber?? 🤣😂🤣

      kingsley whitlockkingsley whitlock21 kun oldin
  • You looked sharped in that blue suit ‼️ 💙

    Vanessa AndrewsVanessa Andrews21 kun oldin
  • Nice guy!Hope you feel better Sharrell

    Jess SanJess San21 kun oldin