Teresa RHONJ exposes Jackie! Evelyn Lozada still hates OG + Maurcio RHOBH + Kenya & Kandi RHOA

18-Fev, 2021
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Teresa RHONJ exposes Jackie! Evelyn Lozada still hates OG + Maurcio RHOBH + Kenya & Kandi RHOA
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  • Jackie KNEW!!! That's why she was all over her hubby and threw the party!!! Usually she's nothing short of being an ice princess who hates to entertain ANY events! His girlfriend just EXPOSED the truth!!!

    Dionne PilachowskiDionne Pilachowski13 soat oldin
  • I don’t like Kenya, but Gabor is right about the other ladies having no problem leaving their kids home any other time. So why are they upset about not being able to bring them to South Carolina?

    Kandisse KisKandisse Kis7 kun oldin
  • In my opinion watching last night's episode besides Teresa just being horrible is no surprise to me for one. But I think she's afraid of losing her spot that's why she's behaving so badly. and there's no excuse for that behavior of last night was disgusting .. Teresa you're an idiot. That's why the girls are trying to tell you that you were wrong and you still didn't get it so that's why Jackie has a present it with your daughter so you can let it sink into your thick skull that you don't repeat a rumor it's like spreading a rumor you're grown ass woman you should know this I don't know how you got such a level-headed daughter but you need to take her advice.

    Joy Lynn PfeilJoy Lynn Pfeil7 kun oldin

    Diana McFarlandDiana McFarland8 kun oldin
  • Tell to drink ginger tumric and garlic tea. Beet onions put on her lungs in her socks

    Marva KeaneMarva Keane8 kun oldin
  • Love Freddie’s comments!

    Alicia JohnsonAlicia Johnson8 kun oldin
  • Nene was boring show needs new blood

    H FisherH Fisher9 kun oldin
  • Dorinda is a miserable person right now & I can’t stand it bc I really love her!

    Jessica Nicole FaustJessica Nicole Faust10 kun oldin

    Jaqua IngramJaqua Ingram10 kun oldin
  • Gabor please watch RHOSLC and listen to Mary yourself Perry and Freddie r not accurately reporting wh as t Mary said!!!!!!!!!!!

    julianna beaupairejulianna beaupaire10 kun oldin
  • I think 🤔 Kandi’s late fiancé was called A J

    Victoria AfiaVictoria Afia10 kun oldin
  • Fell better soon sherell

    Rosalie ZavalaRosalie Zavala10 kun oldin
  • Glad to hear sharell is doing better stay 💪 love your show perry is awesome.

    sally smithsally smith11 kun oldin
  • Get well Sherrill

    Liz GardinerLiz Gardiner11 kun oldin
  • It is so obvious was Teresa is doing- she made drama to more solidify her existence on the show, which is her life.

    Little Bunny Foo FooLittle Bunny Foo Foo11 kun oldin
  • Freddie, I’m so glad you said that about Joe Gorga, he is always angry.

    Lyn RedlesLyn Redles11 kun oldin
  • They need to leave OG alone

    Dr.J1913FunnyGirlDr.J1913FunnyGirl11 kun oldin
  • It’s a girls trip don’t host or go if you don’t want to leave. Your child

    ButlerButler11 kun oldin
  • I was listening to Freddie's commentary.

    Sonia AstacioSonia Astacio11 kun oldin
  • Why did they cut of Freddie?

    Sonia AstacioSonia Astacio11 kun oldin
  • Sharrell please take care and get well soon. 💜🙏🏾

    Gletra CooperGletra Cooper11 kun oldin
  • So glad to hear she's feeling better ☺️🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Gletra CooperGletra Cooper11 kun oldin
  • 💜

    Sonia AstacioSonia Astacio11 kun oldin
  • Perry you are do fantastic job😊🙏❤️to the family and a speedy recovery 🐨🇦🇺

    Keezy FoxKeezy Fox11 kun oldin
  • Oh God, I didn't realize Sharell was sick hope she gets well soon, it a truly wonderful of you to step in for your wife. Sending my prayers to your family.

    Serenity BonesSerenity Bones11 kun oldin
  • Please, Theresa did not think about Jackie’s children

    ButlerButler11 kun oldin
    • The Atlanta show was already starting to be lack luster even with Nene the behavior was getting old and tired and Nene was just too full of herself

      ButlerButler11 kun oldin
    • These people are on a reality show it’s about the drama , Theresa plays the game to the end and those around her are collateral damage. She is about herself. She spreads rumors to be relevant she’s Theresa Trump out there

      ButlerButler11 kun oldin
  • Again Jackie was using Gia as an example , Theresa blew up without really getting what she was saying , it came out wrong but she was not able to finish to explain how would you react if I dropped a rumor without corroboration

    ButlerButler11 kun oldin
  • Theresa has always Ben this vacuous person it got worse as her popularity grew her ego is out of control. She is rubbish

    ButlerButler11 kun oldin
  • Prayers for Sharell!! 🙏🏾

    Juani WJuani W11 kun oldin
  • Delighted to hear sharell is getting better.

    Katrina O BrienKatrina O Brien11 kun oldin
  • Porsha is devious she stirs the pot and then whines about Kenya. Kandi is a liar.. if she missed her babies she would have stayed home or took her babies along with her. They are jealous of Kenya who really takes her baby everywhere. They always seem to find some fault with Kenya! As for BOLO no one has to say a thing about what went down, I'm sure anyone who watched that episode knows what went down. If this were Kenya doing that you can bet Porsha would been talking about it. Kandi says keep things private but I think she set those women up, why did she have it go down in the house where BRAVO was filming.

    TL NabTL Nab11 kun oldin
  • I love Freddie❤

    Jannifer HowellJannifer Howell11 kun oldin
  • Oh yes i can't wait for house wives of Miami!!!

    Pam EdwardsPam Edwards12 kun oldin
  • This how exciting this is we can't even remember thier names!!!

    Pam EdwardsPam Edwards12 kun oldin
  • Is Perry and Sherrel married!? Whats going on

    Maureen ReynoldsMaureen Reynolds12 kun oldin
  • Not sure why Teresa thinks rhat is ok to talk behind Jackies back at the bday party! Such classless bit.. why would you do that! So bad no ones friend just a shit disturber

    Maureen ReynoldsMaureen Reynolds12 kun oldin
  • And at his party she did this!!!

    Pam EdwardsPam Edwards12 kun oldin
  • Teresa's a snake!!! If someone did that to her she would have gone off!!! But...Jackie went way over bringing poor Gia into this crap!!!

    Pam EdwardsPam Edwards12 kun oldin
  • Really her son is living with the boyfriend!!!

    Pam EdwardsPam Edwards12 kun oldin
  • She's in our prayers!!! Yes across country bad stuff!!!

    Pam EdwardsPam Edwards12 kun oldin
  • 💕Happy to hear Sharrell is doing better, continue to pray for a full recovery God Bless the entire family, stay strong 💜

    Renee AnthonyRenee Anthony12 kun oldin
  • Hope you feel better Sharrell. Job well done Perry. OG is right on, I love her.

    TL NabTL Nab12 kun oldin
  • You guys are so right about RHOA

    Tina GeeTina Gee12 kun oldin
  • prayers for a quick recovery #sharellworld.

    Lucy LakerLucy Laker12 kun oldin
  • Gia is Teresa's child, but she is not a child. Let's not pretend that she is

    Devils AdvocateDevils Advocate12 kun oldin
  • Well wishes Sharrell RHONJ: is Teresa insane?????

    Devils AdvocateDevils Advocate12 kun oldin
  • Perry, I'm so happy Sharrell is doing much better. I kept checking in to here that she's doing better. God is good. I'm so proud of you Perry. You're stronger than you think. Everybody was praying for her. See how powerful prayers are. Love y'all and God Bless and take care.

    Pamela ValteauPamela Valteau12 kun oldin
  • Mary is a child in a grown woman body!

    Maria PittsMaria Pitts12 kun oldin
  • AJ

    Karen Hayes GreenKaren Hayes Green12 kun oldin
  • It’s more to colorism than skin tone. It’s also features.

    Karen Hayes GreenKaren Hayes Green12 kun oldin
  • Wow, it can hapoen to anybody. Stay strong, Sharrell. Follow your husbands direction.He has COVID right, so stay protected and do check ur temp and also your o2 . That will tell you how ur lungs are doing. Your whole show is great, your the only one I watch. The rest do not know how to talk. Prayers for you and ur family. Stay strong Perry.

    Susan CelsorSusan Celsor12 kun oldin
  • Never knew that they were married!! I love them even more! Prayers go out to Sharell & Perry. 🙏🏾

    Chrystal LChrystal L12 kun oldin
  • 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Karen Hayes GreenKaren Hayes Green12 kun oldin
  • Because she is from Africa, all Africans faces what Og is going on

    Grace MillingaGrace Millinga12 kun oldin
  • 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Ashley Knows allAshley Knows all12 kun oldin
  • I love that Perry said " Filling in for my wife" . Health and healing for the Sanders household.

    Just MeJust Me12 kun oldin
  • I Remember When Kandi Was With That Guy But I Can't Recall His Name Either

    Paula BeechamPaula Beecham12 kun oldin
  • Kandi Could Care Less About Bringing A Baby Anywhere. Kenya Just Don't Want Marc To Get Hold To Brooklyn Because She Don't Want To Share Custody

    Paula BeechamPaula Beecham12 kun oldin
  • There's No Colorism Concerning OG. OG Came In Rude and Obnoxious. She's Not The Only Dark Complexion Woman On The Show. If This Is What The Season Is About I'm Done. Just Like With RHOA. Same Ole Nothing!

    Paula BeechamPaula Beecham12 kun oldin
    • @real_abiola OG Came In Aggressive. I've Never Heard Any Of The Women Mention Anything About Another Women's Complexion During An Argument or Any Other Time. I Do Think That They're All Too Old To Be Going Through Petty Arguments To See Who's Gonna Be Top Dog. It's All Together Different Now Compared To The Early Years But They Were Messy Then As Well I Guess. I'm Basically Just Tired Of It All

      Paula BeechamPaula Beecham12 kun oldin
    • So you didn’t see anything wrong at all with the way they treated OG. Also, there is a slight difference between being confident and expressing it and being rude/obnoxious.

      real_abiolareal_abiola12 kun oldin
  • Praying for your wife and make sure she sit up in bed and sleep. If she can boil some lemon skin in sea salt water and inhale the steam will help her breathing and will open up her lungs

    Eunice MitchellEunice Mitchell12 kun oldin
  • TEAM JACKIE ! ! ! ! !

    rscmrcmdrscmrcmd12 kun oldin
  • I haven’t been able to watch bc I see the pain in Perry’s eyes and all of this makes me sad. I hope you sharrell and your son will be better soon. Xoxo

    Judie LaraqueJudie Laraque12 kun oldin

    Sandra BakerSandra Baker12 kun oldin
    • I’ll be doing a Mauricio video soon with sharrell as more will be coming out

      FreddieFreddie11 kun oldin
  • Are Perry and sharell married ? If so they film usually from different rooms or houses?

    Enorr ErhueroEnorr Erhuero12 kun oldin
  • I raised what is now described as colourism 25 years ago with my best friend when we were working as a nurses. She was intellectually far above the other 3 people who were using it against her. When I confronted them she asked me to stop because black peoples stuck together. I was raging but said ok as long as nothing is said in front of me. That brings us to 2020 when for the first time in 25 years we talked about how it made her feel but she felt helpless to address it. It has taken far to long for this to be brought to the front. She is and was my mentor, advisor and friend. Footnote she now doesn’t take any shit of anyone.

    Pat GlenholmesPat Glenholmes12 kun oldin
  • Prayers for Sharrell and family

    Denise MontijoDenise Montijo13 kun oldin
  • Gabor speaking nothing but facts on the ATL girls.. 💯

    jjrojas1812jjrojas181213 kun oldin
  • I hope Sherrel feels better soon.

    david lewisdavid lewis13 kun oldin
  • @perry did she ever get a Covid test?

    Jelly BeanJelly Bean13 kun oldin
  • Sorry Sharrell (Get Well SOON) Worst show ever😏👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    Radarzz77Radarzz7713 kun oldin
  • Feel better Ms Sharrell ❤

    Vanessa AndrewsVanessa Andrews13 kun oldin
  • Theresa is apot sturrer and always causing trouble. She got what she deseved!!!! Jackie did nothing wrong except to give an analogy to try and explaint to that moron how it feels!!!!! Gia is not a child she is a woman!.

    Sandie KlempnerSandie Klempner13 kun oldin
  • OG is a confident NUBIAN 👑 QUEEN the cast is jealous of her

    teresa washingtonteresa washington13 kun oldin
  • Mary clarified herself

    Joan SimpsonJoan Simpson13 kun oldin
  • Sorry to hear that Sharrell is unwell. Great to see you guys holding the fort. Enjoyable show!

    A.M.B.A.M.B.13 kun oldin
  • 🙏🏽🙏🏽For Sharrell🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Jacques, wherever God wants me to beJacques, wherever God wants me to be13 kun oldin
  • I did not know you and sharrell were married, hope she feels better soon 💗

    Kim ClarkKim Clark13 kun oldin
  • I was so happy Jackie did that! So much glamorized narcissistic behavior from Teresa. Her whole family is going to learn from her toxic behavior

    Jamie KeedyJamie Keedy13 kun oldin
    • I was afraid of that too but I was surprised and impressed in the way Gia handled her mom. Like it or not , she understood why Jackie made that analogy. She was calm and tried to push Teresa toward a peaceful resolution. This girl is showing more maturity than most of the Real Housewives ANYWHERE. Something tells me she is sick of the drama and would like a normal life. I wish her and her sisters well-this was never their choice to begin with. Perhaps they will be able to step away and have a productive life in the real world. Anyone who dragged her on social media should be ashamed. I am not a fan of Teresa and her antics but she can be proud of her daughter. Now, if Teresa would just listen to her.

      Kathleen EMKathleen EM6 kun oldin
  • Perry so glad she’s doing a little better and hold in there you doing a great job with the vlogs and taking care of your family and thank you for the prayers I’m in Trophy Club Texas I’m praying for you and your beautiful family 🙏🏽💞💗

    Robin H.BaileyRobin H.Bailey13 kun oldin
  • Cherrelle I miss your laughter get well and come back soon honey I'm praying for you all to get well soon

    Kate RusselKate Russel13 kun oldin
  • The way Teresa hinted married men hit on her,& she thinks Evan is hot,maybe she tried fooling w him,to get back at Jackie.Get healthy guys🙏

    Sweet* CinSweet* Cin13 kun oldin
  • Prayers to @Sharrell and her son as well as@Perry Sanders. I love that you are holding it down for your lovely wife. Thanks for that tea @Freddie P…… knew @Sharrell would find a way to keep all of her followers in that loop. Much love to all of those affected by this horrible weather and virus 🙏😇

    Just MeJust Me13 kun oldin
  • Glad to hear Sharrell is doing better🙏, Teresa was wrong for telling everybody at the party, she's just jealous of Jackie and Jackie is not afraid of Ms. T 🤐

    k wk w13 kun oldin
  • Prayers for Sherrell.

    Dayle HudsonDayle Hudson13 kun oldin
  • Teresa has always been a trouble maker and is ruining the show. She needs to go and it will help

    Dayle HudsonDayle Hudson13 kun oldin
    • but it's also fun to hate-watch what a train wreck she is 😁

      Devils AdvocateDevils Advocate12 kun oldin
  • all of their outfits oh my God those dresses were brutal!! I don’t know what the hell they were thinking but every dress was so over the top ugly just not a good at all!!!!!

    Francine PullicinoFrancine Pullicino13 kun oldin
  • She's a friend of Robin

    Helen Simpson-DavisHelen Simpson-Davis13 kun oldin
  • The new housewife is from Upper Marlboro, Maryland

    Helen Simpson-DavisHelen Simpson-Davis13 kun oldin
  • I don’t like Jen never did from the first episode to the last!!! I just can’t stand that lady!! I think she’s just too much you can tell she’s acting and putting on a show! She’s just over the top I hope we don’t see her next season!!!!!

    Francine PullicinoFrancine Pullicino13 kun oldin
  • Hi Perry, Freddie and Gabor, nice to see you again. Thanks for the updates guys 👌

    Marjorie C83Marjorie C8313 kun oldin
  • Perry prays for all of you love 💘 you all so much 💗....and Perry you pare doing really good in the home front

    Robbin FahnRobbin Fahn13 kun oldin
  • Theresa is a Felon and she obviously is back being her ol self. This is just more proof she will do anything at everyone's else's expense

    lydia gutierrezlydia gutierrez13 kun oldin
    • Perry and Freddie are great

      Dayle HudsonDayle Hudson13 kun oldin
  • That's why Railey went to school in NY she was tire of raising her mom kids

    Marnita RossMarnita Ross13 kun oldin
  • i agree with Gabor Kandi and Porsha never have there kids ,Kenya always have Brooklyn with her

    Marnita RossMarnita Ross13 kun oldin
  • Carnt do with teresa love jacki love malisa and Joe and if the kids on coke it wants sorting out before it takes hold teresa is a crook and shouldn't be on the show for me

    Teresa HumphreyTeresa Humphrey13 kun oldin
  • Get well soon, and your son too Sharrell!!

    Rhonda SchneiderRhonda Schneider13 kun oldin
  • Glad to hear Sharrell is doing better. We continue to pray for full recovery 🙏

    Marjorie C83Marjorie C8313 kun oldin
  • Two wrongs don't make a right!

    Jennifer HarveyJennifer Harvey13 kun oldin
  • Thanks Perry from Texas

    ECar BECar B13 kun oldin
  • Sending love. Hope she feels better soon x

    The Jay Today ShowThe Jay Today Show13 kun oldin