Shannon RHOC says no one gave my daughter DRUGS! Tom Girardi has no attorney + Kelly Dodd updates

30-Yan, 2021
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Shannon RHOC says no one gave my daughter DRUGS! Tom Girardi has no attorney + Kelly Dodd updates

  • Love the variety of personalities on your show. Who is Freddie? Love his angle!

    eliz49eliz495 kun oldin
  • Well if nobody offered her daughter drugs then why was it brought up as drugs in the reunion

    Christina FriedrichChristina FriedrichOy oldin
  • FACT: I never liked Shannon but obviously she's doing something right because her daughter told her about it right away! Many kids wouldn't have. Brauwyn still should be gone stay gone! Kelly Dodd needs gone enough is enough nothing entertaining about either one of them or the new person idk what her name is but please OC sucks!!!

    lunworkslunworksOy oldin
  • I-am-paid-by-Shannon !!! Is that it ???

    Futhi JohnsonFuthi JohnsonOy oldin
  • Not sure why your so down on Kelly. Kelly has no filter and thats ok.

    Lorraine Rotundo SteeleLorraine Rotundo SteeleOy oldin
  • Your theory is plausible. Shannon has always been such a reactive person yet after the * I am so so sorry* FAKE apology Shannon was like *ok*. Would love to see what is on the edit floor.

    Lorraine Rotundo SteeleLorraine Rotundo SteeleOy oldin
  • I’d rather just hear you talk, Sharrel. I’m not a fan of these panel discussions.

    Darling2021Darling2021Oy oldin
  • You’re wrong. What she said basically did offer her daughter something!! “There’s a lot of drugs out there so if want the good stuff call me” is that?!? Y’all so damn worried about bs Kelly said and ignoring the real danger here!! What would you say if someone said that exact shit to your child?!?! Shannon can try to let it blow over all she wants. Probably because she’s worried that she won’t have a job any longer. Maybe it’s to keep Braunwyn on?? Don’t know and frankly it doesn’t matter. What she said was absolutely offering something!!!!

    Carpe DiemCarpe DiemOy oldin
  • So Sharrell do you not think telling someone’s daughter if you want the good stuff call me.. what the hell do you think that means is that not just as bad as putting the drugs in her hands. Giving a child that kind of info is irresponsible. It was not her job to 🤔😡

    Sammantha rose HarrisSammantha rose HarrisOy oldin
  • Veronica

    Denise ByersDenise ByersOy oldin
  • Please do more shows alone !! The guest are becoming overwhelmingly annoying

    Ty MoncereTy MoncereOy oldin
  • Who made these two the mask police ? Less of Freddie please . His voice Hurts my ears .

    A SA SOy oldin
  • Kelly is real and I like her .

    A SA SOy oldin
  • I mean. Stop it. Cancel culture is just going after Kelly Dodd because she’s married to Fox News 🗞. She’s been outrageous for years! Every single housewives, including the most outspoken against her, like Braunwyn, have all been traveling and hooking up with strangers and running amuck. But they are using COVID to go after her.

    Leah SessionsLeah SessionsOy oldin
  • I think Tom and Erika should own to their mistake and for Tom to stop delayed the court about his and Erika asset and just get it over and give the money back to the people that you robbed. I think been famous and having a lot of money can be good and can be bad I think money is not craic up to be it is there for us all to live in world but your health more important to help you survive. I think Erika and Tom should walk in another person shoes and have alot Empathy for them and greatful and blessed they could change that person live than taking that from that person. I don't think Erika shouldn't be on the real housewives of Beverly hills at the moment or doing things on her social media pages. She should be more empathy and give back to the people and try be more humble. So for Kelly Dodd I think she shouldn't have said that the reunion of the real housewives of orange county that she is black. I am so glad Rick's Daughter call her out on that by taking ownship for been black she should have showing her birth certificate saying her is black

    Elaine FallonElaine FallonOy oldin
  • OMG please get someone else on your show instead of Tom. I want to hurry him along he’s so slow and boring. The accent grates - and I’m British!

    Carol HarriesCarol HarriesOy oldin
  • Shannon was just lucky! You knew about it and never said a word. Your child was 14 yrs old. That is extremely dangerous to have someone like that around your children! Braunwyn just took photos!

    sheila vidrinesheila vidrineOy oldin
  • We know they didn't give her drugs, but she did say, "I have the Good stuff, or can get the good stuff," Shannon accused her on camera. Why was it brought up? Because Shannon was mad, but the conversation happened. The conversation wasn't made up by a blogger. Shannon said it on camera. Call it editing if you like, but Shannon said it twice.

  • So ridiculous that that lawyer Tom G. is playing the victim card. Shannon is the next Tamra Judge trading family for fame. And as for Kelly Dodd, if i'm not mistaken she is Mexican but seems to be ashamed of her heritage.

    Cay MannCay MannOy oldin
  • ANYONE still believing this virus is real needs a reality check. Don't believe me, look at the proof in my playlists. Things will NOT get better UNLESS you all wake up to the truth. The truth is we are being lied to in order to control us. How much more insane mandates are you all willing to endure?

    Bree View PlaylistsBree View PlaylistsOy oldin
    • They don't care. Unless if it's affecting them personally, they don't care. It's the selfish, cruel, self-centered world we live in.

      S. S.S. S.Oy oldin
  • Wow! You are delusional in THiS reality, AND regarding reality shows. Sell out.

    Bree View PlaylistsBree View PlaylistsOy oldin
  • Ugh....I stopped watching bc ur fake laugh irritated me, but I decided to give it another go......NOPE! sorry, but that guy is annoying.

    sunflower sunflowersunflower sunflowerOy oldin
  • Freddy sending love from FL. Tom Girardi, is using a technique it's called Malingering doesn’t have any specific symptoms. Instead, it’s usually suspected when someone suddenly starts having physical or psychological symptoms while: being involved with a civil or criminal legal action facing the possibility of military combat duty not cooperating with a doctor’s examination or recommendations describing symptoms as being much more intense than what a doctor’s exam reveals Hope this helps. Cheerio old boy 😎😁

    Jessica WalkerJessica WalkerOy oldin
    • Thank you for that Jessica 😊

      FreddieFreddieOy oldin
  • Freddie is boring speaker. Sharrell, why dont you host alone???

    Iggy Vlaho PopovićIggy Vlaho PopovićOy oldin
  • It’s no wonder Kelly doesn’t get along with her step daughter; Rick’s daughter is obviously an educated, rational woman which is a stark contrast to Kelly Dodd’s childish, irrational behavior.

    Diane CaplanDiane CaplanOy oldin
  • Sharrell do you hear yourself?? Did you watch both parts of reunion?? Shannon is doing damage control. When Stella was 14 Braunwyn either offered her drugs OR told her she good get good drugs for her. Doesn't matter what the drug was. To my knowledge 2 years ago Braunwyn wasn't going through sobriety so I call BS on Shannon's excuse for not saying anything directly to Braunwyn. Or am I to believe Stella didn't tell her mom until filming of this season? My point is something about drugs went down between Braunwyn and Stella or Shannon would not have brought it up. She had discussed it with John prior to the reunion and during the reunion. Critical thinking is necessary and needed in the world today. You're correct you should probably not vlog on this subject any more because your reporting is not putting you in the best light.

    Pat RicePat RiceOy oldin
  • Yes, Kelly needs to go, she just doesn't get it 😭

    Renee AnthonyRenee AnthonyOy oldin
    • @Allboyzmom1 ; was referring to Kelly saying she is 1% black, AND, (what was that supposed to mean Kelly), she speaks with ignorance, she doesn't understand black history, she made a comment about looting and didn't understand the reason behind that... what else..

      Renee AnthonyRenee AnthonyOy oldin
    • Not sure i understand. One offers a minor drugs and that ok. One says she is part black and she should be fired? What am i missing?

      Allboyzmom1Allboyzmom1Oy oldin
  • Do you two know what "early stages of dementia," means?? Apparently not

    Savhanna DesellesSavhanna DesellesOy oldin
  • Love Freddy

    Frances CurranFrances CurranOy oldin
  • This just blows my mind, ITS ALL FUCKED UP ,HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter how you fucking look at it, it's wrong. Branwyn and Ericka need to be fired before Kelly. This is so fucked up. Do you ppl really think Kelly wearing a freaking hat is worse than erika stealing millions and branwyn giving a child a number to drug dealer. Wake the hell guys this is not ok. Sharrel stop the bullshit.

    Savhanna DesellesSavhanna DesellesOy oldin
    • PREACH!!! 💯💯💯💯💯

      S. S.S. S.Oy oldin
  • I was told bravo paid blogger to sY it was a lie. Hope you are not one of them . They said she offered Molly. Not gave. Phaedra was fired for a lie about Kandi. Racist tendency

    Jessica DonovanJessica DonovanOy oldin
  • Tom is a lawyer he knows how to work the system.Theirs nothing wrong in his brain

    Frances CurranFrances CurranOy oldin
  • Don't matter they didn't give Shannon's daughter drugs how do you forgive someone that even suggest that to a minor child my opinion

    Donna JohnsonDonna JohnsonOy oldin
  • OMG Sharrell, i loved your videos before you had this guy with you, he is too annoying and i just cant make myself to watch ur videos anymore

    edinaldo souzaedinaldo souzaOy oldin
  • Kelly Dodd lives in a white privileged bubble!!!!!!!

    Yvonne Susan KellyYvonne Susan KellyOy oldin
  • Kelly Dodd is a liar!!!!!

    Yvonne Susan KellyYvonne Susan KellyOy oldin
  • Her daughter is old enough to talk about it !!!!

    Yvonne Susan KellyYvonne Susan KellyOy oldin
  • Oc needs a face lift!!!!!

    Yvonne Susan KellyYvonne Susan KellyOy oldin
  • Shannon and Kelly Dodd need to go!!!!

    Yvonne Susan KellyYvonne Susan KellyOy oldin
  • Shannon you out right accused Brawnwyn on the Reunion!!!!!!!

    Yvonne Susan KellyYvonne Susan KellyOy oldin
  • Don't assume that we all watched Wendy Williams. I didn't 👍

    Shay JShay JOy oldin

    Juanita BadilloJuanita BadilloOy oldin
  • Kelly only has 1% black blood. Hitler had 25% Jewish blood, yet look what he did. Kelly is a racist.

    Cheryl ThompsonCheryl ThompsonOy oldin
  • Rick's daughter has had too much CRT brainwashing. Poor Kelly.

    Krissy 1687Krissy 1687Oy oldin
  • Well just Mayb Kelly being on the inside of the fake news knows this covid “Epidemic “is bull💩And idiots r sucking it right up!Just bc they tell u that u have covid doesn’t mean u do!I know hundreds &hundreds of ppl and not one has had it.We live in a big city and it’s odd bc I don’t know one person who has it.If the Dems told these puppets sitting on a toilet will cause them to have Covid we would c 1000’s 💩on sidewalks!Ppl r gullible and if there was a virus released u would think The evil Dems would take it seriously!Hmmm and their not!

    Dee K.Dee K.Oy oldin
  • If Rick was married to his Ex for only A year that means it was lust not love!And marring after dating for 2 years is not rushing!Really,that was a dumb thing to say kid!

    Dee K.Dee K.Oy oldin
    • In my opinion for a second marriage it is. Especially if you’d previous marriage ended up in filling for divorce after 9 months

      FreddieFreddieOy oldin
  • The minute Kelly said she was dating a correspondent from Fox our silly girl Andy turned on Kelly!Im not even physic & I knew it was going to happen.Mayb Ricks daughter is A Dem and Daddy isn’t,That’s a good enough reason to have kids turn on parents!remember Nancy P.Told family members to turn on each other!And No Drunkwyn didn’t give Shannon’s daughter drugs but we know what was said &Drunkwtn does drugs!

    Dee K.Dee K.Oy oldin
  • Sherrell my granddaughter did her heritage back ground and in it she have Latin white black and African in her profile so it is possible that she may have said black my granddaughter is mixed Kelly can be right I am black but mixed through slavery ancestors

    Joyce BurtonJoyce BurtonOy oldin
  • I'm loosing faith in you Sharrell. Putting her number in kids cell for "the good stuff" is absolutely unacceptable. I soooo don't appreciate how you're sharing this. You went from my top to fourth fav.

    caliwebbcaliwebbOy oldin
  • Shannon said it out of her own mouth or no one would have known, she is backtracking, period.

    Kristi TassoneKristi TassoneOy oldin
  • I think Tom has no lawyer is bc no one wants to defend and loose their reputation or death treats from social media. I don't blame them. Think of it, if a lawyer were to defend him and has a great defence racket, and gets Tom off. You know-how many people would go after him or her and family. That's probably why he don't have one yet.

    Dorothy TorreggianiDorothy TorreggianiOy oldin
  • I saw Kelly on People TV last week acting like a classy lady!!!!!?????

    Lynn Smithers HubbardLynn Smithers HubbardOy oldin
  • is Tom his own legal representation?

    Lynn Smithers HubbardLynn Smithers HubbardOy oldin
  • See, that's a thing I haven't been getting about other reports of this. People keep saying that Braunwyn tried to literally give Shannon's daughter drugs, and I think that's a dramatic retelling of what was an inappropriate drunk joke, from all the accounts I've read. I'm not saying this to excuse Braunwyn because it was still a very inappropriate thing to even joke about; I'm just saying there is a difference between an excuse and an explanation. The explanation for her doing something is that she might well have been blackout drunk, but I don't think anyone, not even Braunwyn in this singular case, is trying to excuse the fact that it happened. I'm still fairly upset at Braunwyn for this because I do think, regardless, it's very inappropriate in the best possible case, and this situation coupled with what she admitted happened with her husband make grounds for her being let go. I'm taking Shannon's word on this, after taking a moment to really think about everything I've watched and read from various sources, but I'm also not feeling great about her part in all this. While the incident may not have been staged, I still think mentioning it was. Look at all the views they got on that reunion because of a single clip of Shannon's accusation heavily edited with Braunwyn crying and saying sorry? The whole exchange scarcely lasted a few minutes, for as allegedly upset as Shannon was. At the end of the day, I think there are grounds for Braunwyn to be let go, but I still probably think there are more grounds for Kelly to get booted. She latched onto the Braunwyn thing cause she's trying to take the heat off of herself and doesn't want to actually have to think about the horrible things SHE'S said. If Kelly was the only one who "really cared" about Shannon's daughter, she wouldn't have sat on it either.

    Tess TifyTess TifyOy oldin
  • That's right. She said "if you ever need anything good stuff let me know" I totally get it if thr dsughter was 21! ( & a known pot smoker)

    SuperDeborah01SuperDeborah01Oy oldin
    • P.S I watched this live but forgot to hit send. Love your blogs!

      SuperDeborah01SuperDeborah01Oy oldin
  • When you a parent , you going to find an issue with what brawynn did to Shannon only ignorant people defending brawynn behavior

    Simone GreenSimone GreenOy oldin
  • Seriously Shanon, it doesn't Matter if it was face to face or sent to her phone its Equally WRONG. If it wasnt such a chain of hearsay I think the Law would have been called already.

    Dionne McInnesDionne McInnesOy oldin
  • Why is sherelle defending a woman offering a child a number to get drugs it is wrong it is wrong

    Simone GreenSimone GreenOy oldin
  • Um kelly actually said it first makin a non chalant comment like oh i will prob get fired for all this. The vicki stuff came after. I mean i cant believe kelly lasted this long she has always been awful

    Kati BKati BOy oldin
  • I REALLY LOVE LOVE LOVE Kelly!! She does what she wants and says what she thinks. She makes for good TV bc she BEAUTIFUL AND RICH!! ID LIKE TO HOPE that everyone at that party got tested prior to the party. I have a group of friends that i visit with that has a pack to stay safe, wear masks, and stay quarantined. That way we can be together wo a mask.

    Cynthia CornwellCynthia CornwellOy oldin
  • Um that statement is basically the same thing.if u want the good stuff text me. I mean cmon sharrell. I don't hear anyone in all the vids i watch or comments saying shannon allowed her daughter to use. They r stating the convo was inappropriate & it is. If someone said it to my son i would be pissed. And in all honesty shannon brought it up to dig at brauwnyn not considering people would find the exchange bad and her reactions as a mom bad.

    Kati BKati BOy oldin
  • Shannon totally has a drinking problem ...💯%

    Lindsay MacneillLindsay MacneillOy oldin
  • That is not what was said on the reunion. She said she was offered drugs and that she had the best dealers. No one said she let her take drugs. It is true even what you just said she offfered her a number to call to get drugs.

    Deborah SilverDeborah SilverOy oldin
  • Kelly's sitting at a restaurant, you don't have to wear a mask at the table while drinking and eating...she's not the only one who has doubts about the covid narrative based on the CDC's very own survival rate percentages...we have to stop "hanging" people because they have an opinion, it's f'ing ridiculous.

    Christina HernandezChristina HernandezOy oldin
    • @Robyn Clews Agree'd but hundred of thousands of people die every day from cancer and diabetes too... if every news outlet, youtuber, social media person were going on live everyday to tell you every time someone tested positive for cancer, diabetes or heart disease you'd be scared shitless of that too... I'm just saying hundreds of thousands of people die everyday from numerous diseases... CDC's very own website says this thing has a 99% recovery rate. For instance on's website it references in 2020 1,806,590 new cases would be diagnosed in 2020, with 606, 520 dying from the 2016 1.6 million deaths were directly caused by diabetes, did you know in 2019 10 million people contracted tuberculosis & 1.6 million people died from tuberculosis, why weren't they cranking out mask mandates for that... I'm not saying there is no such thing as Covid19, nor am I saying that for some people it's deadly. Just saying most of us are intelligent enough to educate ourselves and come up with our own conclusions. We don't need media, networks, youtubers or government telling us when and what to be afraid of. I guess that was just a really long winded way for me to say that people have the right to their own opinion and they shouldn't have to lose their job because their opinion doesn't fall in line with someone else's opinion. Not trying to attack you for your fear of it either, nothing but love here, just stating my opinion. I hope you and your family are safe and well

      Christina HernandezChristina HernandezOy oldin
    • But it’s dangerous... hundreds of thousands of people have died already!

      Robyn ClewsRobyn ClewsOy oldin
  • Freddie: Erica was selling luggage online. I thought she was prohibited from selling anything. Do you know how this works?

    Montana MarciaMontana MarciaOy oldin
    • @Freddie Got it. Thank you.

      Montana MarciaMontana MarciaOy oldin
    • She is prohibited from selling her assets. She was promoting the luggage from Lily and Bean, a paid advert!

      FreddieFreddieOy oldin
  • I'm not saying she offered her drugs but this was inappropriate I'm sorry the both should be removed. Why did Shannon bring it up? I've believe d for Yeats Kelly should be removed. If she's Black I'm. Indian. Why not put it on social media they put everything on social media.

    Diane JohnsonDiane JohnsonOy oldin
  • But shannon already said it happened

    Jennifer KjelgrenJennifer KjelgrenOy oldin
  • I don't remember ever hearing, at the reunion, that Branwyn gave Shannon's daughter drugs. I remember the phone thing. I was surprised how many were reporting it otherwise. I will have to try to rewatch it.

    Nunya BiznesNunya BiznesOy oldin
  • Who cares we all go restaurants and we take mask off when you sit down. People don’t like her just because she isn’t some big liberal. I hope they don’t fire her. She makes the show interesting

    Marilyn MitchellMarilyn MitchellOy oldin
  • This could be an attorneys trick.

    Bart TannerBart TannerOy oldin
  • I like Freddie.

    Bart TannerBart TannerOy oldin
    • Thanks 😊

      FreddieFreddieOy oldin
  • Her husband is working for fox hence why Kelly talks such sh..?

    Journey BJourney BOy oldin
    • 👏👏👏

      Just MeJust MeOy oldin
  • Shannon is always lying the same thing she said about David he is not this and that they are good, then the Divorce?

    Journey BJourney BOy oldin
  • Wake up Kelly has always made inappropriate comments.

    Bart TannerBart TannerOy oldin
  • The explanation sounds sketchy, but if the police didn't get involved then everything must be ok for now.

    Bart TannerBart TannerOy oldin
  • There not wearing masks because there in a restaurant eating and drinking

    Lisa RumlerLisa RumlerOy oldin
  • You have to remember, and I am not sticking up for Tom but for others, that memory loss as in dementia is a slow growing thing. You don't wake up one day and forget everything. It is a slow progress. There are signs you can look for as well. Please keep that in mind. Maybe he wasn't on the show more since he was having problems.

    Lisa RumlerLisa RumlerOy oldin
    • That is what Tom appears to have done.

      Pat GlenholmesPat GlenholmesOy oldin
  • The blogger NEVER said Braunwyn GAVE her drugs??? That's the 3rd or 4th time YOU said "GAVE." Why do you keep saying that? What Shannon said was what the blogger said: She gave her a number...OFFERED her where she could get drugs..but said the "good stuff! Like we don 't realize that's drugs But, stupid Kelly is the one that she claims told a good friend they have in common that it was the "white powder"...then Kelly said in public it was "molly water." They should have never trusted something KD said. Shannon is down playing it now b/c the fans are mad..but especially she could have her ex down her throat b/c of what was said IN the reunion..which I'm sure was re edited to cut most of it out for damage control. Plus, Bravo is the one who originally made it a teaser on the reunion. Now it's backfired on them, and they are scrambling to do damage control. Whatever exactly happened... Why is not a big deal that she texted her daughter (technically a child) something like that? Honestly, Idk why you are trying to discredit that it's not important and someone shouldn't be held accountable (as an adult) for putting a child in a compromising position? As you say: "Don't pee on my leg and tell me that it's raining." I have not seen one channel where it was said: Braunywn GAVE anything to Shannon's daughter. You must really hate the vlogger who broke that story to down play something like that involving an adult and a minor. Imo opinion, I think it's clouding your rational judgement. Wow.. Btw..I watched it..but I don't even sub to that channel. I watched the channel b/c I I was just interested in the story Bravo was already hyping up for the reunion Part 2. This is just MY opinion.

    Anna GueraAnna GueraOy oldin
  • Not only people, you said it as well

    Denise MillsDenise MillsOy oldin
  • I just don't feel like when you laugh that it's genuine. It sounds so fake to me.

    ssunny717 *ssunny717 *Oy oldin
  • Shannon was the one who told the world that story, she should've kept her mouth shut.

    Andrea MurrayAndrea MurrayOy oldin
  • My mother had Alzheimer’s and could hide quite well in the beginning of her disease. The one place we did notice a lot of her issues was her checkbook keeping and filing. I’m sure Tom is under going a neuropsych evaluation, and I hope he gets proper diagnosis and help if he does dementia in some form. I’m glad his brother has stepped into conservatorship.

    Karen VollerKaren VollerOy oldin
  • Your ‘favorite’ housewife is a creep. Why would a good mother put her daughter in that mess on television? I guess storyline is everything. What happens when her daughter wants to go to college etc.

    MeMi BMeMi BOy oldin
  • Don’t care about the drug thing. Bravo clearly doesn’t care about the fact that Braunwyn is regularly violently abusing her husband. That’s disgusting. If it were a husband getting stressed and beating on his wife all hell would’ve broken loose. Wives that beat their husbands are just as vile and disgusting as husbands that beat their wives.

    Michelle flavourMichelle flavourOy oldin
  • Kelly Dodd is an awful human. She needs to be fired.

    Brenda DahlBrenda DahlOy oldin
  • I use to love your channel so much but for a while now I’m about disappointed as a mum you are I don’t know how what you are saying makes sense.. I won’t be be watching anymore

    Mary LawalMary LawalOy oldin
    • I agree! As mothers to children, this is a disgrace! I don't want anybody giving my children phone numbers to drug dealers!

      S. S.S. S.Oy oldin
  • That’s not what she said on reunion.did you watch the reunion??? But that’s offering period. How can she put her first before her daughter... she did offer it to her.

    Mary LawalMary LawalOy oldin
  • I'm sorry but I really wish you wouldn't have Freddy on so much..he tries to hard..

    violet muleroviolet muleroOy oldin
  • It goes to show the hypocrisy and privilege that Bravo is demonstrating between the RHOP and RHOC. If this was going on either RHOP or RHOA, it was be a huge deal and we know it 🤦🏽‍♀️ The people/platforms that are saying that Bronwyn giving Stella the number of a dealer is not troubling- you’re lying. Let it happen to YOUR child and see if you would keep the same energy- probably not. If Stella took Bronwyn up on her offer and then became an addict-Child endangerment at its finest. The mindset of these people in 2021, I dare to ask what 2022 will bring....

    R.N. TTR.N. TTOy oldin
  • Shannon still said that to Braunwyn out of spite. Counseling shouldn't be out of the question for this family

    Val PorterVal PorterOy oldin
  • If it’s not true ... then what was “the good stuff”?!! Please, stop playing the viewers for fools, Just tell us what she was referring to already!

    Anna PaternoAnna PaternoOy oldin
  • Did you see Wendy Williams calling Braunwyn's family a freakshow?? 😂

    Anne LappalainenAnne LappalainenOy oldin
  • Offering a number is even worse! In my opinion..🤦🏽‍♀️

    Maryanne NgangaMaryanne NgangaOy oldin
    • That’s the same thing I said.. how is this behavior excused??

      Aye GalAye GalOy oldin
  • So you spend 3 minutes on Braunwyn offering a 14 year old her drug dealers number but mock Kelly because her white step daughter is schooling the only minority on the it because she is a conservative 🤔

    beba8250 Badbeba8250 BadOy oldin
    • @Leslie Hudson its coming across like Bravo is paying all these bloggers to make is seem like what Braunwyn did is not so bad and to make Kelly look bad

      beba8250 Badbeba8250 BadOy oldin
    • Oh yes, you know if you don't agree with every narrative "they" try to shove down everyone's throat. Then they will cancel you if you are conservative and actually care about children! Hollywood has used up children and youth for over 100 years . Chew up their youth and spit them out! Sharrell is on that band wagon. Kelly can be "black" if Sharrell can have white people hair

      Leslie HudsonLeslie HudsonOy oldin
  • Shannon has a BIG drinking problem... She's a drunk and that needs to be addressed.

    BillBillOy oldin
  • Please stop!!! It with erica and tom, it's so boring 🙁

    folake oladinifolake oladiniOy oldin
  • If he has dementia he would not know how he is being betrayed .No lawyer he is a lawyer .Guess he is just playing games .

    Toria WilliamsToria WilliamsOy oldin
  • That explains it Romana Lord one drunk to another drunk Everyone knows she goes on 5dates a day So she gave Kelly her left over. This marriage will not last at all

    Toria WilliamsToria WilliamsOy oldin
  • Fox fake news and he sure did jump into that marriage fast with Kelly I see it not lasting at all

    Toria WilliamsToria WilliamsOy oldin
  • I just want to see erika and tom go down!!! Then I want to see rina outed for her lies.

    Nunya BizzzNunya BizzzOy oldin