Quad Married to Medicine DEMOTED! Contessa husband cheating? Meridith RHOSLC expose with other man!

27-Yan, 2021
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Quad Married to Medicine DEMOTED! Contessa husband cheating? Meridith RHOSLC expose with other man!

  • I was sick and tired of Mariah, her mom and sister antics with Quad and whomever she felt like harassing at the moment all because she held executive position. It started giving me the feeling of BBW so I stopped watching last season.

    Marria BeatheaMarria Beathea10 kun oldin
  • I think Merediths kids know or at least her son knows and that’s why she kisses his ass 🤣🤣🤣

    Rita HernandezRita Hernandez24 kun oldin
  • I like Quad..Mariah...dr Jackie

    charles schauercharles schauer24 kun oldin
  • Curtis and he did cheat.

    NorcalNorcal28 kun oldin
  • There is no Mariah to have drama with so Quad doesn't have a story line!!!!!!!

    Lola RoseLola Rose28 kun oldin
  • It’s about time Quad got demoted she’s isn’t “married to medicine” she’s lucky to be a friend period

    Maria Garcia-BarthMaria Garcia-Barth28 kun oldin
  • Girl don't nobody cares about Quard🙄 we wanna know about Mariah.

    Okuhle DlaminiOkuhle Dlamini29 kun oldin
  • Quad is sooooooo boring n tries to make everything about her.

    Jo Tolbert-WillisJo Tolbert-WillisOy oldin
  • Quad is not a housewife.

    Valerie BolesValerie BolesOy oldin
  • Quad should be off the show...period.. she is fake!

    Val GoshtonVal GoshtonOy oldin
  • I hope Contessa husband isn't cheating

    ReenieReenieOy oldin
  • I want Mariah!! Bravo is shit I hate the people they get except I love drew on Atlanta!

    Nicole TorresNicole TorresOy oldin
  • It makes sense. She’s not married to medicine.

    Sindiswa MoolmanSindiswa MoolmanOy oldin
  • Where is Mariah ?

    Victoria BibilouriVictoria BibilouriOy oldin
  • Quad should go. The show is called Married to Medicine. She is not a doctor nor married.

    Jodi CapilliJodi CapilliOy oldin
  • Jackie’s husband is Curtis

    Brenda HarrisonBrenda HarrisonOy oldin
  • Toya and Mirah

    Brenda HarrisonBrenda HarrisonOy oldin
  • Curtis

    Brenda HarrisonBrenda HarrisonOy oldin
  • Kari was there from beginning not Lisa

    Brenda HarrisonBrenda HarrisonOy oldin
  • Quad is no longer married too medicine,no storyline she can’t ride off Mariah forever

    Brenda HarrisonBrenda HarrisonOy oldin
  • Please watch the show cause it clear you don't. Coming from a fan.

    Cynquisa WilliamsCynquisa WilliamsOy oldin
  • Quad was fired. She doesn't have a reason to be tgere.

    Lisa PoeLisa PoeOy oldin

    Diana McFarlandDiana McFarlandOy oldin
  • Sharell you really need to do your homework. Dr. Jackie husband name is Curtis. Your claiming false accusations. Contessa went back to school to become the first female black surgeon general. Kari is dr. Simones friend. You really really need to do your homework.

    Ivy JacksonIvy JacksonOy oldin
  • Sharell you can clearly see she Indian Asian descent.

    Ivy JacksonIvy JacksonOy oldin
  • Of course she’s lying. Why would she give her husband ammunition for divorce and get nothing for Infidelity that would be Suicide!

    SOISOIOy oldin
  • Scott is Dr. Jackie Husband that Contessa Husband! I like Sharrell's but you never know people name and you are all over the place with people name and spouse name that information is miss lead!

    Lakisha EleyLakisha EleyOy oldin
  • She admitted going out

    breonnabreonnaOy oldin
  • Al Sharpton😂😂😂😭 lmao

    Blessings upon blessingsBlessings upon blessingsOy oldin
  • Last season when they did couples trips some of them didn’t want her to go because she’s not with someone and I’m sure they feel that they have to entertain her. She doesn’t really fit that show anymore.

    Faye GroceFaye GroceOy oldin
  • I don't think she's from the Middle East I think she's from Asia where most Indian people's come from I don't think it's the Middle East and she probably is a descendant of the Indian just like the vice president she's half Indian and she said Jamaica so let's put it this way she's probably half Indian if she's half black which means she's biracial

    Clayton SinclearClayton SinclearOy oldin
  • I thought the Contessa's husband was cheating on her when she decided to go to Louisiana to go to school so she could wanted to work for the United States I thought it was all a playing to cover up the fact that her marriage was messed up

    Clayton SinclearClayton SinclearOy oldin
  • Meanwhile Mariah is still is EP and has Concept By Credit. Mariah is truly still indeed the Queen Bee.

    Klion39Klion39Oy oldin
  • They arent “Housewives” they are Doctor Wives.

    chaziray30chaziray30Oy oldin
    • majority of the women are Drs💯only a couple of who's husbands are Drs and Heavenly & Damon are both Drs

      Renee ThomasRenee ThomasKun oldin
  • I like you Sharrell but all the giggling is annoying. Also you give out a lot of misinformation, seems like you have a lot going on in your life. You constantly can't remember people's names and you get story lines mixed up you sometimes remind me of Wendy Williams. Please study a bit more before you post. Love you though and Perry too.

    Pauletta WilliamsPauletta WilliamsOy oldin
  • If they were smart they would've brought back Buffie Purselle my opinion.

    Tanya LundyTanya LundyOy oldin
  • And you always say wendy has dementia? Girl 🤦🏼‍♀️ is curtis

    Love WinsLove WinsOy oldin
  • Mariah is home laughing 😆 😂 😭 finally quad the forehead fraud is gone

    Love WinsLove WinsOy oldin
  • Quad really didn’t let Bravo inside her life. She adopted a beautiful daughter and told them nothing. It wasn’t filmed . The same thing with Nene 😕

    miki5732miki5732Oy oldin
  • How are you reviewing this show when you dont even know the names of the characters

    fire ballfire ballOy oldin
  • I wished these ladies had showed more support to Mariah and just boycott this season until things settled for her. She made the show and they just gonna move on without her? Seems very ungrateful and classless to me.

    Mrs.Laborde oMrs.Laborde oOy oldin
  • That photo with Rev Al was an outreach group thing in DC over the summer. They did COVID testing. It was on Heavenly’s IG page.

    Gail FranceGail FranceOy oldin
  • There is something unsavory about Dr Damon. He's creepy as f. So happy that Quad Da Fraud's been demoted. She shouldn't be on the show at all. Dr. Heavy is trying to look like Mariah with her blonde hair. She wanted to take Mariah's place from day one.

    Japhya SenortaJaphya SenortaOy oldin
  • There is no such thing as a Native American Indian. We are nations of different tribes. We are not Indians. Indians are from India. My nation is Catawba. We are indigenous, not indians.

    Japhya SenortaJaphya SenortaOy oldin
  • Because she is NOT married to meds

    Suzanne HowellSuzanne HowellOy oldin
  • Quad couldnt find herself a cheater to be on the show with her. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the show should be called married to cheaters.

    Billye martinBillye martinOy oldin
  • Okay with Quad gone.

    Mrs Swapna BaumannMrs Swapna BaumannOy oldin
  • Quad is who made the show exciting, but then again...noone cares, since Andy's bs and gaslighting I refuse to watch Bravo at all.

    JJackJJackOy oldin
  • Contessa needs a story line and selling her soul to the devil she doesn’t care how it makes her look just for a check

    Mary Still standingMary Still standingOy oldin
  • If Quad is demoted I won’t watch as much. I’ve always enjoyed Quad, Heavenly, and Dr. Jackie on MTM. I really disliked Kari from the first season. Couldn’t stand Mariah so I’m glad she is gone. When it comes to RHOSLC, IGH! I just can’t get into it and I’ve quit trying. When is Freddie going to be back on so we can get Part II of Erika/Tom new info? Call Freddy!

  • I can't stand Jen , whether she's a honest person or not she is a total pain in the butt. Lol🤷🏾‍♀️

    Elogy M. ShipmanElogy M. ShipmanOy oldin
  • The Quad news broke last summer...LOL.

    T SmithT SmithOy oldin
  • The Rev is on USA Network.

    Amy Sweet TeaAmy Sweet TeaOy oldin
  • She is not a housewife by her own choice

    Laquita BartleyLaquita BartleyOy oldin
  • I like Quad. I would like her stay stay on the show, and Iam going too miss crazy Mariah

    Valerie ProctorValerie ProctorOy oldin
  • Quad is no longer married to a dr, makes sense she's no longer a main cast member

    Beth ComptonBeth ComptonOy oldin
  • It’s not a shock to me because every since Quad separated from her husband she’s just haven’t really been fitting in

    Kimberly FacenKimberly FacenOy oldin
  • Quad is no longer married to medicine since her divorce, she need to be gone.

    Shelley HuprichShelley HuprichOy oldin
  • I won’t be watching this season because it’s too much. After what they did to Mariah

    Doris EgboDoris EgboOy oldin
  • Didn't care for Quad anyway. And don't believe she ever loved her X

    Idele DawsonIdele DawsonOy oldin
  • She's not Married to medicine and she really doesn't have a story line

    196842gw196842gwOy oldin
  • Where’s Mariah?! I’m not going to miss her but jw.

    Nneon KnighttNneon KnighttOy oldin
  • Is it crazy I went straight here after watching the M2M trailer...?! Sharrells gonna explain it all and give us the tea! ♥️ I’ll miss Quad! I like her!

    Nneon KnighttNneon KnighttOy oldin
  • It's called " married to medicine" quad didn't want to be married to medicine anymore. She thought SHE was the star. She married her husband so she can promote something and be famous. She did not ever want children like she told Greg. She was too busy inventing new unsuccessful business ventures. She married Greg to advertise. Now look at her.

    Anita ArtisAnita ArtisOy oldin
  • Why is Quad there again? Is she even married to medicine

    Vinette AlexanderVinette AlexanderOy oldin
  • I will be watching this season. Ah dee oss, Mariah!!🥂

    Tanya BrownTanya BrownOy oldin
  • DR. Jackie husband's name is NOT Scott.

    Felicia WakerFelicia WakerOy oldin
  • Umm she's no longer married to medicine!!!!

    Felicia WakerFelicia WakerOy oldin
  • Quad is not married to anymore

    Brenda SmithBrenda SmithOy oldin
  • You single is waayyyy better than the panel.

    S BS BOy oldin
  • New subbie here I absolutely love your channel and ur energy!❤

    TJTJOy oldin
    • @Cellie K oh damn 🥴😂

      TJTJOy oldin
    • I felt the same way at first.. It'll wear off when she see how sloppy she has become with facts.

      Cellie KCellie KOy oldin
  • Quad is not married to medicine nor is she medicine!

    Wanda BurnsWanda BurnsOy oldin
  • Lisa wasn't there season 1

    ChristopherChristopherOy oldin
  • She plays the part by her over acting. She thinks she it but she isn’t

    ButlerButlerOy oldin
  • When you act in it it’s cheating

    ButlerButlerOy oldin
  • Dr Jackie’s husbands name is Curtis! Scott is Contessa’s husband...and yes I can believe he may have cheated.

    Kelly KellKelly KellOy oldin
  • what about Mariah ?

    hardin54hardin54Oy oldin
  • Sharrelle, you have to do your homework on the cast. Dr. Jackie's husband is Curtis. Lisa Nicole wasn't on the 1st season. Scott is Contessa's husband.

    Ms. ParkerMs. ParkerOy oldin
    • She always mixing and messing things up. I thought it was part of her brand🥴

      Cali MisFitCali MisFitOy oldin
  • Bye Quad, maybe she can get on RHOA

    Angela DavisAngela DavisOy oldin
  • Scott is not Dr Jackie's husband. Please make that correction. Dr Scott is a very nice person and loves his wife.

    LakeishaLakeishaOy oldin
  • Quad should have been discharged completely. She is not married to medicine any longer!

    Tom LisantiTom LisantiOy oldin
  • Dr Jackie’s husband is not name Scott? He is Contessa husbands name....check facts

    Janine MoodyJanine MoodyOy oldin
  • Email me. I gotta tell you something.. 1snazzyjazzy @ Gmail.com

    Debbie BiancoDebbie BiancoOy oldin
  • Please get rid of Quad and bring back Keri and Mariah

    LakeishaLakeishaOy oldin
  • This entire franchise needs to go. I won’t watch without Mariah and I don’t know why they have a DC cast now because the LA cast was soooooo corny it was painful to watch. Just throw the whole show away.

    Jasmine GreeneJasmine GreeneOy oldin
  • Isn't Dr Jackie's husband name Curtis?

    BrownEyedGyrlBrownEyedGyrlOy oldin
  • Mariah and Quad WERE the show! this is nuts..bravo just wants to fall off lol ..im convinced.

    Opal RhueOpal RhueOy oldin
  • Quad should have been cast out period for lying on Mariah about her being on drugs. If Mariah was white Quad would have been fired. When Phaedra parks lied on Kandi they fired her maybe Andy was in on the lie just to take Mariah show from her

    Joyce BurtonJoyce BurtonOy oldin
  • Byeeeee Quad

    Kenisha WillKenisha WillOy oldin
  • I googled who Dr. Jackie’s husband is and his name is Curtis. Cecil is Dr. Simone’s husband

    Ann BlackwellAnn BlackwellOy oldin
  • Cecil

    Ann BlackwellAnn BlackwellOy oldin
  • I heard that quiet was going to be making appearances on the show

    Ann BlackwellAnn BlackwellOy oldin
  • The rev show is horrible 😢 rev is tacky dressing loud not funny 😐 not watching 😑

    Fannie MortonFannie MortonOy oldin
    • Very off putting. They continue to make a mockery of GOD. Like the Tankards and their show.

      Cali MisFitCali MisFitOy oldin
  • Sharrell didn’t Carrie get with her husband while he was married ?

    Elizabeth MadridElizabeth MadridOy oldin
  • Middle Eastern Indian? South Asian India? It’s Bangladesh or Indian that’s the question as it relates to those people attempting to compare that marriage to Mariah’s marriage to an Indian not Bangladesh man.

    Gregory BaggettGregory BaggettOy oldin
  • I miss Morahia. She is the one who got this whole show cast going. Bravo was unfair to her.

    Wanda SantilloWanda SantilloOy oldin
    • As the old folks say, " When you dig a ditch, Dig two ". Mariah had been trying to get Quad off the show for many seasons not thinking that it was her show, her idea, her concept she would never fall and what happens she and Quad are out

      Marria BeatheaMarria Beathea10 kun oldin
  • Dr. Jackie's husband's name is Curtis, not Scott.

    Ms. KatherineMs. KatherineOy oldin
  • Good riddance! Quad should have been gone back when she divorced her husband that let her get away with being a gold digger. She is the most arrogant non-housewife.

    Wanda SantilloWanda SantilloOy oldin
  • Not surprised about quad.

    delta beautidelta beautiOy oldin
  • I'm glad Quad will not be back. Heavenly is always messy. I don't want to see everybody cheating . I'm so tired of 'll he shows being the same. I have stop watching all except Potomac. And if they are not careful I'll stop watching that. I listen to the recaps and confirm why I don't watch anymore.

    Diane JohnsonDiane JohnsonOy oldin