Lisa Vanderpump new talk show details! Kelly Dodd & step daughter hate each other + Ramona RHONY ...

7-Fev, 2021
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Lisa Vanderpump new talk show details! Kelly Dodd & step daughter hate each other + Ramona RHONY ...
00:40 Lisa Vanderpump
05:11 Tom & Erika Girardi
13:22 Kelly Dodd
17:49 Ramona Singer
23:27 Jen Shaw
27:21 Garcelle Beauvais
29:54 Kris Jenner

  • Did anyone catch to correct Freddie when he said the recording was in May? In the recording he said it was the Tuesday after Labor day, always on a Monday, and Labor day is in September. lol I keep up with it because my first date with my bf of 10 years was Labor day weekend. The holiday in May is a workers day.

    Kris RogersKris Rogers8 kun oldin
  • Question: Since Tom Girardi paid his ex-wife from the alleged stolen money will she have to repay funds? She should.

    Debra HendersonDebra Henderson15 kun oldin
  • Sharrell, get better soon! We miss u!

    Nneon KnighttNneon Knightt15 kun oldin
  • Why does it seem Freddie is just repeating himself and yet he saying nothing ?

    Helen SanchezHelen Sanchez17 kun oldin
  • Lisa is a very smart businesswoman!

    Terri MirandaTerri Miranda18 kun oldin
  • This Eryka and Tom shit, is so played.👎🏾

    DúMond HendersonDúMond Henderson18 kun oldin
  • Of course Tom is manipulating he is an Attorney

    Linda ScholtenLinda Scholten19 kun oldin
  • Celebrity and Iggy azalea in the same sentence ... lmao

    Surf RescueSurf Rescue19 kun oldin
  • Freddie looks so young! X

    Rosie DayRosie Day20 kun oldin

    nunnysangelsnunnysangels20 kun oldin
  • Id rather watch lisa v, then the housewives, is crap since rinna started.

    puddles picklespuddles pickles20 kun oldin
  • Lisa is the most NARCISSISTIC housewife--not the smartest!!!

    Dionne PilachowskiDionne Pilachowski20 kun oldin
  • Lisa V is the only one without major lawsuits and bankruptcies

    LisaLisa20 kun oldin
  • Love LVP can’t wait for the show ❤️🇬🇧

    Robert PritchardRobert Pritchard20 kun oldin
  • dumpster juiiiiceee lmao

    V BV B21 kun oldin
  • I miss LVP, I was very happy that she came out with a new show

    robert Frobert F21 kun oldin
    • I am very happy LVP is back too. I stopped watching all bravo shows when she left,I was very upset. I was not alone!!

      Malinda BrownMalinda Brown14 kun oldin
    • Hi i live in England 🇬🇧 how long will her show take to come to England

      Annette JarrettAnnette Jarrett19 kun oldin
  • Less than 2 yrs for that marriage

    Deborah CaprarolaDeborah Caprarola21 kun oldin
  • 1% mexican

    Deborah CaprarolaDeborah Caprarola21 kun oldin
  • Don’t discount Bethany franker.she developed Skinny Girl brand worth millions franker started at the bottom and has been very successful

    Deborah CaprarolaDeborah Caprarola21 kun oldin
  •'s "Cruel-ella" not Coretta.

    Rochelle SantosRochelle Santos22 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or is his mike way to loud? I'm literally getting a headache.

    Shay JShay J22 kun oldin
  • I worked for personal injury attorneys as a paralegal for 17 years. I believe most attorneys to be very narcissistic and master manipulators. It will be decades before they have the Tom G cases figured and sorted out! I feel so bad for the victims!💕

    Emma RichinsEmma Richins22 kun oldin
  • Love Queen Vanderpump ❤️ I will watch. She is a brilliant businesswoman and has a forgiving heart for her employees.

    Possum queen HolleyPossum queen Holley22 kun oldin

    Miss Katz LifeMiss Katz Life23 kun oldin

    Miss Katz LifeMiss Katz Life23 kun oldin
  • Oh no, family that has differing views. You have bigger issues if you can't handle your mother or father that thinks differently politically.

    a Bwina Bwin23 kun oldin
  • She should do a fixer upper show with restaurants or houses.

    Jerry HuntJerry Hunt23 kun oldin
  • No excuses

    ButlerButler23 kun oldin
  • She puts on for the camera and she is capitalizing on what’s going on in the world

    ButlerButler23 kun oldin
  • It's CRUELLA not Coretta lol. Lawdamercy

    Sherri GrantSherri Grant23 kun oldin
  • I'm so happy for Lisa vanderpump I love her miss her so much on housewives wouldn't it be something if her show ran back to back on The housewives of Beverly hills and her ratings overrated theirs I would love to see that

    Mechele BoyceMechele Boyce23 kun oldin
    • So would I!

      Malinda BrownMalinda Brown14 kun oldin
  • Hi Sharrell, sorry I been missing out. I need to setup notifications on my computer. I been listening on mobile devices.

    Mzz CognacMzz Cognac23 kun oldin
  • I wish I had caught last nights live with John.

    ErinErin23 kun oldin
  • Oh n Freddie still love you sweetie

    Ann AndersonAnn Anderson24 kun oldin
  • I have a love hate relationship to Erika right now... not because of the sheeeeet she is involved with but because she has made me addicted to youtube bloggers! I never went on youtube before this and now I spend ALL day (15 min past midnight right now here) watching Sharrell's world, Up and Adam, Emily D Baker and Zack videos! I dont watch any other shows just youtube videos... I think I need intervention!!!

    EllieHellEllieHell24 kun oldin
  • So excited about Lisa Vanderpool new show!

    Sonia JacksonSonia Jackson24 kun oldin
  • Leventhal’s daughter don’t have to like Kelly because they’re not gonna be married that long Kelly’s like a community bike everybody gets a ride

    Kelli TeagueKelli Teague24 kun oldin
  • LVP has a good podcast/UZworld channel as well.

    Alexandra GierzynskiAlexandra Gierzynski24 kun oldin
  • Lisa Vanderpump is the epitome of how the cream rises to the top..Lisa Rinna must be turning green with envy lol..

    Michael ToddMichael Todd24 kun oldin
  • Loving Freddie soo much. He’s great.

    Bianca BeyerBianca Beyer24 kun oldin
  • I love LVP 💖👠👑 and will follow her anywhere.

    Bianca BeyerBianca Beyer24 kun oldin
  • First and foremost Lisa is an accomplished business woman. She does not need those Scrappy Housewives to make herself relevant.

    LAL LALLAL LAL24 kun oldin
  • Kim Zoliack has a show and business

    Dorinda NardelliDorinda Nardelli24 kun oldin
  • Romano does not know him her friend does .It is a country club but. He is being sued he is not suppose to live there. Trump a lunatic just like her.Ramona. is going fire her tail

    Toria WilliamsToria Williams24 kun oldin
  • Kelly marriage will not last a year .Romano is a drunken train wreck Which Bravo is really had it with her not following covid rules during filming

    Toria WilliamsToria Williams24 kun oldin
  • Tom and Erika are both cons. There is nothing wrong with him .He is a con and she should not be on tv .Living this fancy life style and these poor victims .Bravo needs to fire her.

    Toria WilliamsToria Williams24 kun oldin
  • You know you are a privileged child when you need a support group to deal with your parents having different politics beliefs than you. & Leah went on vacation too.

    David AnthonyDavid Anthony24 kun oldin
  • Can not wait for Lisa show Love her anf Ken and all her animals

    Toria WilliamsToria Williams24 kun oldin
  • LVP news great! I was hoping her puppy show would happen, but will watch anything she is in.

    Deborah TroopDeborah Troop24 kun oldin
  • Love Lisa

    Donna SmithDonna Smith24 kun oldin
  • We know how the Brits are about tea!

    suzycreamchez123suzycreamchez12324 kun oldin
  • I was 19 when my dad died and had to deal with his funeral arrangements by myself... I did not go psycho afterwards! YES Freddie!!! Jen needs to spend less on glam and more on a shrink.

    EllieHellEllieHell24 kun oldin
    • Bless You.

      Angel OrtizAngel Ortiz22 kun oldin
  • Where can I find Sharrells way, can’t find it on YT or IG. Can someone please help me find it or send the link?

    Greeneyes2XGreeneyes2X24 kun oldin
  • There's no mask mandate in Florida, and actually in multiple states across the US. And those states and people are doing just fine. I'm not a Ramona fan but not every area of the country has the same laws and beliefs - she's not doing anything wrong by being massless!

    Julie MorrisonJulie Morrison24 kun oldin
  • With the New Virulent Strain of Covid I may think there will be another shutdown!!!! Just thinking....

    Jenny FriedmanJenny Friedman24 kun oldin

    Jenny FriedmanJenny Friedman24 kun oldin

    Jenny FriedmanJenny Friedman24 kun oldin
  • O M G,I thought she was gone !!I think she is a stuffy conceded o g... expectualy her wife that og she's married to.. 👎😪

    Terry MaldonadoTerry Maldonado24 kun oldin
  • This is very serious, Kelly Dodd, is going to Ruin Rick Leventhal's career it's not funny!!!!! Rick leventhal is not realizing that!!!!

    Mary GarciaMary Garcia24 kun oldin
  • I think Jen Shaw is bi-polar

    Christine BriosoChristine Brioso24 kun oldin
  • Dont forget Andy's favorite kim Zolziak she seems to get her show back season after season even though her ratings are soooo sooo low

    Maria CMaria C24 kun oldin
    • Unbelievable she still has that show.

      Sherri GrantSherri Grant23 kun oldin
  • Great info 🫖☕️

    Janice FrillmannJanice Frillmann24 kun oldin
  • Rina doesn't have anything better to do but to come for people, stay in your lane Rina & leave Garcell along go after Erika why don't cha....

    Renee AnthonyRenee Anthony24 kun oldin
  • Dr.kurk Honda will be on it soon, jenshaw she's full of poopoo

    NewFiegirl HollyNewFiegirl Holly24 kun oldin
  • We don’t like you Erica. Keep roasting.

    ErinErin24 kun oldin
  • Good for Lisa Vanderpump, I'm happy for her, and Bethany also was great in how she handled herself with certain contract with Bravo these two are doing well for themselves👍👍 best wishes

    Renee AnthonyRenee Anthony24 kun oldin
  • My ears bleed when Luann sings, it resembles someone ironing the cat, sorry had to be said

    victoria pattersonvictoria patterson24 kun oldin
  • 12:51 Credit Devil wow 😂

    refilwe sorinyanerefilwe sorinyane24 kun oldin
  • GREAT REVIEW! Thanks for sharing.

    Victor Dakota ChannelVictor Dakota Channel24 kun oldin
  • No more Lisa keep her racist #!$ at home she sucks just like her old crew

    Gloria HinesGloria Hines24 kun oldin
  • freddie is cute asf

    Marshall DesmondMarshall Desmond24 kun oldin
  • Kudos to Beverly Hills Freddy..... Lol🤗🤗

    Mercy BlessingsMercy Blessings24 kun oldin
  • Love Freddie

    Audrey DempseyAudrey Dempsey24 kun oldin
  • Sharrell. Where's Perry? This guy Freddie sounds like he's faking his accent.

    Lou ThorntonLou Thornton24 kun oldin
    • @Freddie does not sound fake at all!!!!! It’s sexy 😊

      sarka kantorovasarka kantorova24 kun oldin
    • Nope. This is my actual voice and I am actually British

      FreddieFreddie24 kun oldin
  • Mayb Kelly does have some Black heritage. Ppl can yak but they don’t know until they dig into it and find out.Sooo Freddie is good at finding things out,U go Freddie.Let’s find out if she does have some black blood flowing through her veins..

    Dee K.Dee K.25 kun oldin
  • Jen's issue is her husband. She was upset he didn't attend her father's funeral and I would be too. Your spouse should defintely have been at your parent's services. However, Jen's main issue is she misses her husband and wants him around. It doesn't seem like Jen sees her husband much and she doesn't like it. More than likely, she is living like a single woman. That would cause many women to go through depression. Some may be okay with it but if you are like me, if I am married, I want my husband home with me. Jen stated he is gone months at a time. Her husband coaches high school or college football. You have to stay away that long to coach? Also, if he coaches in another state, then he needs to relocate his family so they can all be together.

    Angela WilsonAngela Wilson25 kun oldin
    • I agree 100%. I think Jen is unhappy in her marriage and that anger spills out into other parts of her life. My fiancé travels often for work and my mood is completely different when he’s away.

      Jasmine GreeneJasmine Greene23 kun oldin
  • Tom is a white man that’s why...WHITE PRIVILEGED‼️‼️‼️

  • Lisa Vanderpump is the smartest‼️‼️‼️

  • Mr. Trump has a Golf Club Resort in Florida.

    Dolsie MercadoDolsie Mercado25 kun oldin
  • Hello. Six months NOoooooo, it should not take that long to figure out Giraldi’s worth. I don’t know what happen, Tom did so much good things for people.

    Dolsie MercadoDolsie Mercado25 kun oldin
  • As far Ramona goes its really nobody business where's she's at. Bravo doesn't own her in off time! Andy may think he owns them but its a free World. Some of this "gossip" is rediculous.

    lunworkslunworks25 kun oldin
  • Am I the Only one that can't stand Frankle? Guess so. smh.....

    kimberly cluckkimberly cluck25 kun oldin
  • With all due respect how old is Freddy?

    Pattie SalyardsPattie Salyards25 kun oldin
    • 22

      FreddieFreddie25 kun oldin
  • Freddie has nice curly locks.

    Rufus WhiteRufus White25 kun oldin
  • Sharell, I love your channel. I've been a faithful subscriber for the past year. I enjoy the fun you have with Perry and Geo and they add a lot to your vlogs. Could I just ask one question, please? I love that you have fun but your constant loud laughter drowns out what the other people are saying and I have to rewind several times to make out what they're saying but I can rarely make it out over your laughter. So I have no idea what's so funny because I can't hear and you laugh right into the microphone and very loudly. You're a delight and you have a fun laugh but it just difficult to hear over it. Please keep up the fun, interesting stories

    Cyndi BoswellCyndi Boswell25 kun oldin
    • Ditto. Look forward to her shows ...☘☘☘

      Joan Mc NultyJoan Mc Nulty24 kun oldin
  • Yes in deed Lisa did say to Garcelle, wait till your 2nd season it's alot more intense. Meaning that where coming for you!!!!! Watch your back!!!! I pray, hope Garcelle puts Lisa on watch!!!! Also like I mentioned before Jen does need Therapy!!! Anger Management!!!! Maybe something to help with her depression. Kelly with her stepdaughter reminds me of Danielle's issues when she was married . Point meaning only out for daddy's $$$$$ only!!!!!!! LuAnn Can Not Sing. !!!!!!

    Michelle AuneMichelle Aune25 kun oldin
  • Jen’s husband tho! 🤔

    Brittney K01Brittney K0125 kun oldin
  • This is a sexual harassment case, I've read about it.

    Andrea LucasAndrea Lucas25 kun oldin
  • FYI -MOST magistrates are corrupt and so are police and obviously lawyers - i wouldnt put it past Tom to have paid off magistrates,trustees etc as he also probably has dirt on them so i belive he will in the end get away with this!

    Dean JacobsDean Jacobs25 kun oldin
  • I would never to accept a check from Tom.

    Andrea LucasAndrea Lucas25 kun oldin
  • You two❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Love My dogLove My dog25 kun oldin
  • Special place in hell for Tommy and Erica...creepy voice with lies lies...idiot...

    Love My dogLove My dog25 kun oldin
  • Vanderpump, Mastiff, & Dubrow had careers BEFORE being housewives or house-husbands. Too many housewives are trying to reignite careers rather than being on the top of their game to begin with!

    Betty MalarBetty Malar25 kun oldin
  • Love Freddie, he gets all the tea! Freddie you are so funny!

    Julie TravinskyJulie Travinsky25 kun oldin
    • I love Freddie too. But Sharrell is thee best. All the way from armagh in Northern Ireland ☘☘☘

      Joan Mc NultyJoan Mc Nulty24 kun oldin
  • Love it you two are so funny!

    Julie TravinskyJulie Travinsky25 kun oldin
  • My guess as to why Tom Girardi still has an active law license, is probably bc he has heavy donated to the democratic party. So I'm sure he has plenty of powerful friends who "owe" him favors. After all that's why people, especially rich people & especially those who deal w/the judicial system, donate & donate big in the first place.... Favors or "Pat-to-play" is big w/the uber elite & politicians & how they roll. No real secret there though.

    Grn PeepersGrn Peepers25 kun oldin
  • Love you Freddie

    Pam EdwardsPam Edwards25 kun oldin
  • Enjoyed you 2 together!!!❤😘🙏

    Pam EdwardsPam Edwards25 kun oldin
  • Freddie is a doll!!!

    Pam EdwardsPam Edwards25 kun oldin
    • @Freddie your so very welcome!!!❤😘🙏

      Pam EdwardsPam Edwards25 kun oldin
    • Thank you Pam!

      FreddieFreddie25 kun oldin
  • Erica better not go after anyone!!!

    Pam EdwardsPam Edwards25 kun oldin