Life After Lockup Quaylon gets engaged to Shavel! John puts out Kristianna sister + recap review

7-Fev, 2021
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Life After Lockup Quaylon gets engaged to Shavel! John puts out Kristianna sister + recap review

  • This dumb ass Shawn keeps talking about the $50,000 bail money he is worried about. This fool can go to the court and revoke the bail that he put up for her and he will get his money back and they will issue a warrant for her because at that point she will have no bail. He knows that As you all have said at different times the show stages much of this mess. They probably guaranteed him that they would assure him that he would not lose his money if she failed to appear. And for the story line if she did , I am sure the show has many resources and would be the first to find her and report her whereabouts for the storyline of the show

    IDKIDK2 kun oldin
  • Geo, it's called a water moccasin . I seen one when I went fishing.

    Kim McKim Mc5 kun oldin
  • I agree with Perry, Tara is the biggest scammer of them all. Never in a million yrs wld I do that to my sister! That’s for Jerry Springer. and that proposal was definitely NOT a tear jerker! More like a train wreck. What was she thinking?

    LindsLinds6 kun oldin
  • He said he cheats can't help himself

    Aurora CornejoAurora Cornejo7 kun oldin
  • S & Q is a very unattractive couple uggggg

    Karen WilliamsKaren Williams14 kun oldin
  • If they don't like saying Daddy John, we can call him Papa John.

    Halima D.Halima D.19 kun oldin
  • Its a Water Moccasin

    Emily DeinleinEmily Deinlein19 kun oldin
  • John needs to get rid of all of them out his house lol the mom especially because she’s gonna get sicker 😙

    Queen FishQueen Fish21 kun oldin
  • Shavell looks like guagmire from family guy

    Michelle BushMichelle Bush22 kun oldin
  • No . Jail is share with 1 or 2 people. THEY CALL JOHN " vacation" John can get high, get fat,sleep and eat. Time

    Samantha SegarraSamantha Segarra22 kun oldin
  • YESSSS the whole family is scammers. Mom is a scammer.

    Freddie fitchFreddie fitch22 kun oldin
  • What got me is when the momma asked John would he play for Tara a hotel. These people will put any body on TV.

    Freddie fitchFreddie fitch22 kun oldin
  • Guess what Tara get your ass a job.

    Freddie fitchFreddie fitch22 kun oldin
  • I like both Chavel and Quaylon but Quaylon is just not mentally emotionally matured for marriage just coming from prison and it shouldn’t be forced cause the relationship will fail miserably. They should just date . Slow down and Chavel needs to keep her coins for her and her daughter. She trying to buy a man.

    MoniLisaSmile HowellMoniLisaSmile Howell22 kun oldin
  • "Quaylon proposing was a tear jerker" really Sharrel? Only a simple minded person like Sharrel would shed a tear over that mess. Just like wheb she acted like the world was ending when Dylan went back to jail. She is waaaaay too invested in these strangers and is weird to watch. Lady get a life away from WeTV. Sharrel is so goofy and simple that its difficult to follow her. Its like she was born in a bubble. Perry is an old girly man and if it wasn't for Vee and Geo it would be intolerable to watch these ol' heads. I didn't like Sharrel's World before the block party because she is so simple for a grown woman and Perry with that lop sided dentured smile just dont work on my phone screen. This block party is what has saved this channel. MVMO! My view My opinion!

    1Kandi_ K1Kandi_ K22 kun oldin
  • Can you please do a segment about the enormous growth/wart/boil on the left side of Moccasin John's skull ? @perrysanders

    Ruth SRuth S23 kun oldin
  • Brittany’s grandma will not remember if she’s done that many drugs those memories are fried. She just needs to accept accountability and apologize.

    Rae BaeRae Bae23 kun oldin
  • That proposal gave me Martin proposing to Gina vibes....will u marry me now...damnnnn 🤦🏽‍♀️ it wasn’t out of love but out being pressured and losing the relationship entirely

    All HailAll Hail23 kun oldin
  • And Quaylon &’s too soon. He doesn’t want to marry her, he needs a place to stay & food to eat. Everything Shavel provides is what he needs. We’ll see if they stand the test of time, but it doesn’t look like it...don’t trust his motives.

    Spacely Sprockets Cogswell CogsSpacely Sprockets Cogswell Cogs23 kun oldin
  • Sharrell - I loved this review so much more with just the four of you rather than the ones that include your regular callers (missed Deedee though!) It was very funny😂! I mean no disrespect to the other callers but you are the ones we want to hear! Thank you and stay safe.

    Susan EdwardsSusan Edwards23 kun oldin
  • I think it was a joke that Geo been to jail.

    GaynellGaynell24 kun oldin
  • Y’all telling the truth

    GaynellGaynell24 kun oldin
  • Geo is funny

    GaynellGaynell24 kun oldin
  • Sometimes people can’t afford a better place to stay stop hating and for her to tell her sister what happen with John how she gonna spend that because she was the one who came on to him he said he can’t do that to his wife so we will see what happens I hope Quinele and Shevile make it for the little girl sake but we will see what happens

    Deborah PruittDeborah Pruitt24 kun oldin
  • Y'all need to read Brittany's book. It's a must read especially if you're following her story.

    AML MLAML ML24 kun oldin
  • Perry you are absolutely 💯! Correct! She will bring drugs into the house n make her relapse

    Idele DawsonIdele Dawson24 kun oldin
  • lacey is shady.

    Donna HarrisDonna Harris24 kun oldin
  • vee hysterical keep his number in your wallet. shawn will bail you out of a jail and have a car waiting for you.

    Donna HarrisDonna Harris24 kun oldin
  • You cheer me up,here in south west France,love

    Maria AlardsMaria Alards24 kun oldin
  • Please be careful Sharrell,those plug in and spray air fresheners are known to cause cancer!If possible use the natural oil. Ones :}

    Maria AlardsMaria Alards24 kun oldin
  • I missed the live but I enjoyed the replay SHARRELL, VEE, PERRY, GEO. PLENTY OF LAUGHS😂

    Dot WilliDot Willi24 kun oldin
  • Is Kristiana pregnant?

    Kimberly GreenKimberly Green24 kun oldin
  • That’s right Geo, hide at the word “pretty Lindsay!”

    SheSheSheShe24 kun oldin
  • You all are going way to far with the word pretty to describe Lindsay.

    SheSheSheShe24 kun oldin
  • Quaylon only got engaged cause he is a boll weevil looking for a home.. just like Micheal wanting to claim Sarah as his wife now.....both dudes need a place to stay.....and shavel should be flat out ashamed of herself having her daughter call this man daddy.... not right just not right at all....??? where is her daughters father?....and as for the hillbillies...they just disgust me... the sister really expected John to choose her over his wife for a place to if he didn't tell her that she would have to leave should would not have ever thought about telling her sister what was going on and watch how she is going to twist it and say it was all John and not her... he did all the flirting, tried to kiss me. and i told him it wasn't right etc ..betcha she wont mention the part on how she was walking around in front of him with just a towel on........but something tells me that this isn't the first time this has happened between these sisters....

    sukashisukashi24 kun oldin
  • I agree with you Vee about Quaylon. He talked about Shavel constantly in Texas and he loves Shavel for having his back while he was locked up. He just isn’t ready for marriage and Shavel pressures him to the point where he intends to give it a chance.

    SheSheSheShe24 kun oldin
  • Brittany was "pimped out at 12 years old- for drug money" by her grandmother, Jacky"

    SuperDeborah01SuperDeborah0124 kun oldin
  • John ant spit

    Miss.BeautifullyFlawedMiss.BeautifullyFlawed24 kun oldin
  • Geo there is a market for jail stories on UZworld! I love watching Christina Randall’s jail stories.

    KrystelKrystel24 kun oldin
  • Nobody’s expect you’ll to say nice things but y’all be dry

    Sandra ParkerSandra Parker24 kun oldin
  • You’ll need to stop talking about John mother in law that lady finding what her daughter n him dong disgusting .

    Sandra ParkerSandra Parker24 kun oldin
  • Geo don’t be glamorizing jail to the kids. 😂😂😂

    KrystelKrystel24 kun oldin
  • She is not pretty at all! Yuck 😕... Can't get passed her shtty attitude and those ugly axx faces she makes 🤢

    Yelle YelleYelle Yelle24 kun oldin
  • My mom was a drug addict prostitute while I was growing up. Many bad things happened and when I tried to talk to her about it years later, she denied it all too. I think she just didn't remember. I still love and miss her a lot, she passed away 3 years ago. RIP momma.

    Mrs. Prayer BearMrs. Prayer Bear24 kun oldin
  • Omg I luv how Geo explained what a real beautiful women is in reference to Brittany 🥰‼️

    tosha smithtosha smith24 kun oldin
  • Mom is off oxygen long enough to smoke!! Can’t smoke while on oxygen or you can blow your ass up! 😆

    brandi hillbrnatbrandi hillbrnat24 kun oldin
  • Quaylon got locked up at 17 year's old spent 12 year's in prison he's not ready to get married he need time to live his life

    Teresa PippensTeresa Pippens24 kun oldin
  • Quaylon was in jail 12 years! He was 17 years old when he went in. He is living his life. This life is short and uncertain. Anyone wanting him to come out be in a monogamous relationship is not very empathic. Relationships are hard work and time consuming. And a lot of pressure on someone who has never had that let alone a child. Love is letting him live his dream and be a friend to him. I believe that's what they are now friends. Putting that cheating label on him is unfair. Just because he talked to someone else doesn't mean he didn't love Shavel. We are all human.

    Chef CCChef CC24 kun oldin
  • CHRISTIANA'S sister is a snake.. And wth is up with that mother and sister.. "can WE put her up in an efficiency " first.. Who is WE? sure go ahead.. put her up in one MOM!! Seriously.. how can they expect him to finance all if themm.. and her saying.. I don't want you to go back on drugs.. sister.. "ME EITHER.." But its not going to be good.. Shit!! It will be what you decide.. Dang.. im just not feeling sorry for them!! Im not saying John's is of good character.. but expecting him to carry them all.. he choose Christiana.. and to marry her after 10 minutes.. the rest are albatross's!! Lmao...Ive been addicted.. and its still a struggle.. But I have to make a choice every day.. The mom did NOT have her own place.. They were living with others..

    Angela CAngela C24 kun oldin
  • Yall need to start covering Married at First Sight. That show has so much juice!

    Alefunzo UzzleAlefunzo Uzzle24 kun oldin
  • Damn Perry. Set her up for relapse 😂

    Blessings upon blessingsBlessings upon blessings24 kun oldin
  • Shawn aka Tyrone... 😆lol

    Oh Val ComedianOh Val Comedian24 kun oldin
  • Quaylen been on lock 🔐down now he free and want to travel from woman to woman😎😅🤣😂 #ohvalcomedian

    Oh Val ComedianOh Val Comedian24 kun oldin
  • SharreIl is right they are scammers Christina Tara the mom. They thought that they could free load off of John. John was dumb for letting those to move in. He didn't consider his kids at all. You don't move in drug addicts strangers when you have kids.

    Latoya HurstLatoya Hurst24 kun oldin
  • Christina needs to seek employment

    denise bledsoedenise bledsoe24 kun oldin
  • The mom asked John to get the sister a small apt.i agree with sherrill the mom is a scammer.

    denise bledsoedenise bledsoe24 kun oldin
  • Damn Sharrell!!! You blew it up, saying Quaylon and Shavel aren’t together. SPOILER ALERT 🚨 😂🤣

    robin devinerobin devine24 kun oldin
  • And come on Sharell don’t say you can’t share a room with mom, sharing a room is better than living in a crack house or in a card board box 📦 . Lol 😂. I agree these people are all scammers, even the mom was trying to make John feel bad so Tara could stay. Tara is grimy as hell!! Stealing her sisters man on national TV. Come on girl.

    robin devinerobin devine24 kun oldin
  • Geo said a cotton mouth moccasin!! I’m dead!! I think he’s thinking of the snake water moccasin, and isn’t realizing the Native American shoe. That’s cute! I fell out.

    robin devinerobin devine24 kun oldin
  • Perry, please get a different background when you’re on look like you framed

    M Diane SignoreM Diane Signore24 kun oldin
    • Lmao

      Electric GirlElectric Girl23 kun oldin
    • 😂

      Tryphose AugusteTryphose Auguste24 kun oldin
    • I didn’t notice until you said something. Now I can’t stop looking. You ruined it! 😂😂😂😂

      Alysha NicoleAlysha Nicole24 kun oldin
  • John is pretending to be Indian and lives their way. He is obligated to take care of her family.

    Sandra LoganSandra Logan25 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know if Nala is pregnant????? On another page I follow that is the rumor!! Please tell me Andrea didn’t drag her kids to the hood in LA and this girl is pregnant already!!!!!

    Rose SadlerRose Sadler25 kun oldin
    • 😱

      Chef CCChef CC24 kun oldin
  • Good nite guys

    Willie. hair HaleWillie. hair Hale25 kun oldin
  • Oh and I been in jail and they put me on probation for a yr. I got off in 2020 I beat this woman up for calling me out of my name. Jail was scary lol 1 hr 16 min is all I will ever be in anybody jail. I don't like fighting but if I call me out of my name...and you know my name I'll get with you point blank period. I'm too old to be catching a case. Lol

    Willie. hair HaleWillie. hair Hale25 kun oldin
  • All of you all are,..softeess

    Willie. hair HaleWillie. hair Hale25 kun oldin
  • Oh my name is MARTi Hale. I want to know how to send a donation to your place, E mail me love you all.

    Willie. hair HaleWillie. hair Hale25 kun oldin
  • Now ..I was sexually abused. I'm 89 yrs and I'm still killing that man. I was 2yrs until I was 13 yr then I was sooooo mad that I began to fight him back when I was 16 yrs he got his head blown off. And I'm still killing him. So I admire Brittney she helped me facel some things in my life. You see I got a good husband he here when I got through p t s d / bipolar episode. Rape gives you mental sickness. My mom didn't protect me from her rapist husband. So I love Brittany and I will watch you guys as long as you talk about this. Now Perry n Geo you all help me laugh again. Yes love after lochup. Yeah 90 days took a slid........... Sharrell ve I just love you all. You guys are the best ever.

    Willie. hair HaleWillie. hair Hale25 kun oldin
  • Shane looks like he was hurt because lacy don't call him. Linsey is pretty crazy.. qualen is not serious. I wish one of my brothers would have met Linsey. He would have shook her in those boots and her dirty shorts. Perry what did you say? Trailer park dress code I'm screaming . U all keep me laughing. Liner lovers is in jail huh laughing my head off. I Lord.

    Willie. hair HaleWillie. hair Hale25 kun oldin
  • Tenniyeon needs to see a Dermatologist.

    NorcalNorcal25 kun oldin
  • Priscilla pretended like she accidentally told about meeting her sister.

    NorcalNorcal25 kun oldin
  • Geo! Hilarious

    Aurora VelardeAurora Velarde25 kun oldin
  • Nobody cares about Brittany Mother storyline. It’s not the Cindy show.

    NorcalNorcal25 kun oldin
  • That is not a good story line not interested in Brittany Mother or that storyline.

    NorcalNorcal25 kun oldin
  • Please Brittany us a big gigantic White woman and of course that Black Puerto Eican will do anything for a White woman.

    NorcalNorcal25 kun oldin
  • No Marcelleno let her know he wasn’t going to keep chasing her Mother.

    NorcalNorcal25 kun oldin
  • Marcelleno is not feeding it.

    NorcalNorcal25 kun oldin
  • Brittany story about her Mother is boring I fast forward past it.

    NorcalNorcal25 kun oldin
  • Lindsey is not really pretty done skinny brain damaged dope grin. You think she’s pretty bcuz she young and has the hair that u envy.

    NorcalNorcal25 kun oldin
  • Lacy and John story line is week.

    NorcalNorcal25 kun oldin
  • Sharell you’re not special most decent women would not do well in jail.

    NorcalNorcal25 kun oldin
  • Why would you like John? He’s a dope addict.

    NorcalNorcal25 kun oldin
  • ❤❤Geo

    Samantha QSamantha Q25 kun oldin
  • At least Brittany and Marcelo were able to bring their kids to see part of their family history.

    Dolsie MercadoDolsie Mercado25 kun oldin
  • You are speak like Quaylon is normal, he has had such a dysfunctional life. If he was smart he should try to stay with Big/Face Shavel and try to have a normal life.

    NorcalNorcal25 kun oldin
    • 😂😂😂 big face

      cc22 kun oldin
    • Your right that’s what wrong with her it’s the face

      GaynellGaynell24 kun oldin
  • Quaylon had been in prison since he was a teenager he knows nothing about how to have a mature relationship.

    NorcalNorcal25 kun oldin
    • I agree he doesn’t know what he wants he just know she supports him and she isn’t sympathizing with the fact he’s still growing and adjusting.

      Rae BaeRae Bae23 kun oldin
  • Perry isn’t right😝if Sharrell bail bond is to high she staying in jail. You are wrong. I hope it isn’t more than $5.00 because he is still trying to collect $5.00 from Drea that was during the time when milk was 50 cents.

    Dolsie MercadoDolsie Mercado25 kun oldin
  • Why don’t do you think Terra likes John? Have u looked at Terrra she has sores all over her face and doesn’t have a pot to puss in. John is a catch.

    NorcalNorcal25 kun oldin
    • Crack ??? She got a meth face 😂😂😂

  • Waylon still has the mind of a 17-year-old

    Carolyn PayneCarolyn Payne25 kun oldin
  • Hi Sharrelle,Geo V and Perry 💛🤗

    Carolyn PayneCarolyn Payne25 kun oldin
  • Fake Native America John, needs to stand up straight and not wobble when he walks!

    Loretta WaltonLoretta Walton25 kun oldin
  • John moves these people in to help them out. Now they think they rule the home.

    Loretta WaltonLoretta Walton25 kun oldin
    • 🤣😂🤣😂

      Nicole DellNicole Dell25 kun oldin
  • Sister also said kinda. “Sister is my rock, well kinda”!

    Loretta WaltonLoretta Walton25 kun oldin
  • Crazy luvs Youuuuu all luvs

    Michelle SchlichtingMichelle Schlichting25 kun oldin
  • Mama look healthier than terra.

    Xaviers MomXaviers Mom25 kun oldin
  • When christiana’s mom said “johnn💀” .... 🥴🤢🤮🤮🤮

    Niomi SinghNiomi Singh25 kun oldin
    • @Catherine it was sooooooooo gross!!!!

      Niomi SinghNiomi Singh24 kun oldin
    • That was real 🤢 gross. Begging like a baby! Wtf!

      CatherineCatherine24 kun oldin
  • They make hooch with the orange peels

    ErikaErika25 kun oldin
  • Naw that wasnt cute. He was da damn ring sthu basically. The whole time I was like...o so him cheatin, u crying, trynna make him jealous like a 13yr old in middle school, draggin this baby into it....but the ring magically makes errthang just go away. Alright Shavel. Is. Dumb/Desperate. That is sooo sad

    Lynn TLynn T25 kun oldin
    • @vibhamit1 sometimes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree though

      Lynn TLynn T24 kun oldin
    • They deserve each other

      Tatalicious DeliciousTatalicious Delicious24 kun oldin
    • And where is the baby’s real daddy????? Shavel’s folks need to step in here cause she is tripping

      vibhamit1vibhamit124 kun oldin
  • Before that episode I didnt realize john and kristianna had kids in the house With a user😒🙄

    Lynn TLynn T25 kun oldin
  • John tries to act like the perfect gentleman yet he’s cheated in everyone of his relationships. He’s flirting with his current wife’s sister and he stole money off the go fund me page that he initiated for his brother who has passed away. Disgusting.

    Michelle StewartMichelle Stewart25 kun oldin
    • HMM!! He sure is a special human being: very special indeed.

      Pinkar IPinkar I24 kun oldin
    • Gross.

      Krissi FlatonKrissi Flaton25 kun oldin
  • Quaylon is looking for a hot meal and a place to stay 😂 He doesn't want to work.

    AllyAlly25 kun oldin