Is Tom Girardi RHOBH home burglary legit? Kelly Dodd RHOC NOT fired + Bravo interviewing for RHOM

4-Fev, 2021
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Is Tom Girardi RHOBH home burglary legit? Kelly Dodd RHOC NOT fired + Bravo interviewing for RHOM
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  • Utility companies need to be rip off Perry. They rip off millions of people every day. Exploiting people's need to be warm.

    sarah barksarah bark4 kun oldin
  • But this guy used to be a good lawyer but I guess : the apple 🍎 doesn’t fall far from the tree , to be a lawyer you have to be a little bit a con artist

    Ava JohnsonAva Johnson6 kun oldin
  • Yeah I think that was a very very true saying if it was only one else we wouldn't feel sorry so either we feel sorry for that old man he knew what he was doing taking money from people that are an aeroplane crashes people with cancer but people that burn dinner come on they don't get no sympathy from me I want to read about it see about it but they've been charged they've had everything taken away from them even seems that they've got other people to hold and I want to see other people come down with them because we all know once you know someone like that your hands as in the cookie part so let's see who else can't goes down with them can't wait I love all use on the team you're doing sexual brilliant job I love you

    Nancy SmithNancy Smith10 kun oldin
  • But I thought he had like dementia he won't be able to find his way to the shops for God's sake he wouldn't be able to find his way back but we know all this is palloni and do double but I really do not like Erica and our old I was some I just think you know commas come bit them bit them really really hard taking a big big big big big chunk out of the both of them and they deserve it

    Nancy SmithNancy Smith10 kun oldin
  • I hope you get well soon and be lovely to see you back on your feet but hey still love the gossip and I am still watching yeah I love it

    Nancy SmithNancy Smith10 kun oldin
  • Don’t feel sorry for them at all! They lived large through other people’s suffering and tears money. Payback is a bitch.

    Elena JaneczkoElena Janeczko12 kun oldin
  • @Sharrell have you gone and gotten a Covid test?

    Jelly BeanJelly Bean13 kun oldin
  • sherrell. Please see a doctor. Love you

    Dayle HudsonDayle Hudson19 kun oldin
  • He wouldn't be able to take the bus. That first step is pretty high

    Dayle HudsonDayle Hudson19 kun oldin
  • Erica was the secretary . Why wasn't she paying the bills.

    Dayle HudsonDayle Hudson19 kun oldin
  • Tom's burglary reminds me of Bree's divorce in desperate housewives wen she faked the burglary to hide and secure in a storage unit the things she really wanted

    Hyacinth BucketHyacinth Bucket19 kun oldin
  • Okay as a makeup lover, I always appreciate Sharells looks but she is STUNNNNNNNNGGGG without makeup as well

    Lerin YoungLerin Young21 kun oldin
  • Pray in that chapel one last time...ah ha ha h a ..ur killin me !!

    Lisa FeherLisa Feher22 kun oldin
  • She was talk in bout what a sharp brilliant attorney he was and she couldn't get over on him when she first he is demented overnight..bull

    Lisa FeherLisa Feher22 kun oldin
  • Love Sharrell, Freddie, and Perry -- keep it up!!

    Tamara JonesTamara Jones23 kun oldin
  • The comment that Mary made about a choir member being fat was shown on RHOSLC. The person was not even overweight.

    LAL LALLAL LAL24 kun oldin
  • Put these two in jail.

    Susan PacheSusan Pache24 kun oldin
  • Maybe Erika and Tom, individually, now can collect the stimulus check like us poor asses. LMAO

    Ann CrossAnn Cross24 kun oldin
  • They're never going to apologize or admit to wrongdoing bc they would be incriminating themselves.

    Leticia !Leticia !25 kun oldin
  • Wendy did date rappers, what do you mean you can't see her around or dating rappers?! On her radio show, that's all she was into! Wendy is in her 50's and still dipping it and doing it!!!

    Moi. CKMoi. CK25 kun oldin
  • Kelly Dodd is not coming back.. Both Kelly and Lisa are both hated and controversial The difference btw Kelly Dodd and Lisa Rina are 1 political views 2 Kelly confronted Andy and told him he was unamerican and that's a no no.... You accuse Daddy and you're out Nene leakes Vicky Gunvalson Kathy Griffin.... Tamra never the math

    JuneJune25 kun oldin
  • Ppl are in denial there were too many lawsuits for her not to know the game n I am sorry she is cold hearted. Bravo morally is making a mockery out of these victims keeping her on tv n I will NVR trust Erika's word ever, she is fake n a liar! She is too vain not know wats up in her own home?!

    Heather C.Heather C.25 kun oldin
  • Every single thing that happens seems "convenient" What is also sad beyond the obviousness of it all with Tom and Erika is the fact that these Housewife "friends" of hers, are probably just super excited her life is falling apart because it gives them better ratings. These women are beyond horrible. Anything to get attention, anything to take the attention off of their own lives.

    Wendy EskelinWendy Eskelin25 kun oldin
  • Nooooooooo Perry, no Lisa Riannah!!!!

    Mary GarciaMary Garcia25 kun oldin
  • I just started watching but you are great! And you great under the weather but I do hope you feel better 🙏🌸

    FinFin SmithFinFin Smith25 kun oldin
  • I'm with Perry I would love to see her pay spousal support!

    Mary GarciaMary Garcia25 kun oldin
  • I don't know why you don't want to think badly of Tom. Tom has the money over seas and he and Erika got a convenient divorce. The money is probably in Switzerland. All this was planned.

    Diane JohnsonDiane Johnson25 kun oldin
  • It took me a minute to get used to Perry's pearl's!

    Mary GarciaMary Garcia25 kun oldin
  • Wonder if his Exspensive " Armonti"?? Suits can be considered Equity's

    Dionne McInnesDionne McInnes25 kun oldin
  • RRR Matey!! LOL burying the goods!! Helarious!! He better have his brother help him make the map!! So he remembers where the goods are! X Mark's the spot!

    Dionne McInnesDionne McInnes25 kun oldin
  • Burglary! Gee wasn't that convenient! I would imagine there was some very expensive jewelry and Gucci items that were taken. Hmmm

    Kerry AdamsKerry Adams25 kun oldin
  • He probably hid money under the carpet of his Time Share Plane, and flew it into some bunker somewhere.

    Im FlyingIm Flying25 kun oldin
  • But wait.... don't they have surveillance cameras on the property ?? come on !!

    Lainie612Lainie61225 kun oldin
  • Well if Dodd and Erica not fired then this fan will not be watching rhobh

    Caroline Mc CarneyCaroline Mc Carney25 kun oldin
  • Bravo has no morals. Teresa Guidice and her husband from RHNJ went to PRISON and Bravo brought Teresa back to the show, plus gave her a sympathetic edit before she left. They don't care about anything but ratings and money.

    Cryptic17Cryptic1725 kun oldin
  • All they do is fraud . They could take and spend people’s money if even they were sick ! But now they are sick , they can’t remember, they been rubbed and so on ?! Low never works and it is too slow and rubbish cheaters always get their way . Always good people are the losers

    Zh NikZh Nik25 kun oldin
  • Sharell hello, hope you are feeling better soon...stay safe!!

    Hope FunchesHope Funches25 kun oldin
  • I can’t help but feel sorry for them both. I know he’s done wrong but it’s sad :(

    Gayle MullenGayle Mullen25 kun oldin
  • How many of these "housewives" really know what their husband's do ?? He's a LAWYER ! Whats he going to do ?? Bounce court case's off her?

    Joanna ColeJoanna Cole26 kun oldin
  • His home could have been burglarized...prove different. Poor old Tom. Leave him alone!!

    Joanna ColeJoanna Cole26 kun oldin
    • Joanna Cole his victims could have gotten surgeries and help if he hadn’t stolen their money

      John WaldrumJohn Waldrum15 kun oldin
  • I love Perry ♥️ he is so funny

    Jam5bamJam5bam26 kun oldin
  • Feel better soon Sharrell 🙏🏼💕💕💕💕

    Mspoor70Mspoor7026 kun oldin
  • Get some rest Sharell praying that you'll feel better soon 🙏❤

    Gina GalvanGina Galvan26 kun oldin
  • Sharrell you look absolutely gorgeous.

    Tina SmithTina Smith26 kun oldin
  • Take them both down!!!!!

    Auria RamosAuria Ramos26 kun oldin
  • I remember in one of the seasons Erica answer the door with a big dog , I'd like to think she took him with her but she doesn't seem to have that big of a heart. How did the burglar get by the dog? This burglary story is so fake it insults our intelligence

    Laura MLaura M26 kun oldin
    • Did the dog become part of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy? It is worth 100,000 it is a specially trained dog.

      Tricia GrantTricia Grant26 kun oldin
  • I love Freddie. He's a great addition. Feel better soon Sharrell

    Nids BNids B26 kun oldin
  • This whole thing is like a movie plot for real

    Eileen MEileen M26 kun oldin
  • Sharrell you have beautiful skin. #MakeupFree

    Glenn MoyerGlenn Moyer26 kun oldin
  • I’d like to hear about Erica’s son, wasn’t he living in the house?

    RoxAnn DuranRoxAnn Duran26 kun oldin
    • No her son is a cop

      Doreen BurkeDoreen Burke25 kun oldin
  • When ppl lose all they're money they're always a target for robbers. lol

    Patria RyderPatria Ryder26 kun oldin
  • Tom chased her for over a year before she would go out with him. She's been in the dark when ya come from nothing & have a small child. Y'all need to watch & read some before you make such blistering accusations against her..... IMO y'all are doing what others do. What happened to innocent until proven guilty????

    LesaLesa26 kun oldin
  • Can you follow up on Nicole and Azun. On her insta gram she is no longer Engaged

    Tena HouserTena Houser26 kun oldin
  • So hold on Erika is still going on trips with the housewives acting like all this court stuff it's happening?But it was ok to put poor Denise through pure crap.....Can we say Karma....🤷🏾‍♀️🇬🇧

    Jennifer MappJennifer Mapp26 kun oldin
  • why isnt this on mainstream media?

    Marshall DesmondMarshall Desmond26 kun oldin
  • Get that Cartier ring and the other jewelry and the bags and clothes. Erika has said she learned enough from tom to be able to pass the bar exam. She may not have known everything but she knew something.

    dgarza artdgarza art26 kun oldin
  • Erika is also a con artist

    Karen FreytagKaren Freytag26 kun oldin
  • Commenters thought I was lying when I said she was going to get it too.

    carson lynnettecarson lynnette26 kun oldin
  • Poor Erika, I suspect that she figured she would be a rich widow by now.🤣🤣🤣 Unfortunately Tom only seems to have become 'ill' since his legal and money problems?🤔 But I reckon he's as sharp as ever and as healthy as a horse. He's squirrelled away millions and is playing the system for all its worth! I know it sounds harsh but these legal cases can be spun out for years. In which case he might be deceased. So then what happens to the victims? He's playing a wicked game. Hope he likes it hot, cos its eternal fire and damnation where he's going!

    Jane FreemanJane Freeman26 kun oldin
  • No more phoney housewives bling empire instead if you have to watch rich people this is the show

    irene reynoldsirene reynolds26 kun oldin
  • Well you actually look pretty great for not feeling well... I love natural faces! You look good without makeup

    Carla SnyderCarla Snyder26 kun oldin
  • Perry is got it right

    tyria smithtyria smith26 kun oldin
  • Just think you folks might be a bit harsh. Erica being blamed just

    Susan WilliamsSusan Williams26 kun oldin
  • because she was married to him. I personally like her, but do wonder a bit about him. I am however willing to wait and see.

    Susan WilliamsSusan Williams26 kun oldin
  • 🤔Was it Felix the cat, Ghostbusters, Casper, hamburglar, the homie, or the emojis from the iPhone/android phones? *entertainment purposes only

    Veggie VeggieVeggie Veggie26 kun oldin
  • U look amazing S!❤️💯💯💯

    Hollywood StylesHollywood Styles26 kun oldin
  • Oil of oregano will have you all fixed up. Amazing stuff at your local health store.

    Bree View PlaylistsBree View Playlists27 kun oldin
  • Just add insurance fraud to mix. What no home security???

    WendyWendy27 kun oldin
  • I'm also predicting that she is going to say Tom was a controlling husband and she was afraid - using the dinner with lvp where Tom told her to be quiet.

    TwinkleTwinkle27 kun oldin
  • It’s a bit of a coincidence ..the break in..and the memory factor...and Erica’s divorce is also a bit of a coincidence..maybe Erica can offer him a room in her new place... she just wipes her hands clean from Tom and all responsibility. She’s a big benefit of the stolen 💰

    jaxmariajaxmaria27 kun oldin
  • They need alot more than 1 car to mk a dent on all he owes to creditors and victims!

    nettie anettie a27 kun oldin
  • poor little man? he literally stole from plane crash victims families

    e de d27 kun oldin
  • I just seen your video about Amber in the lawsuit.... The more famous you get the more hatred and attacks will happen. Stay strong and remember as long as you’re doing things for the right reason then you will have victory at the end. Love you

    Andrea GirlAndrea Girl27 kun oldin
  • I'm laying here so sick so I understand how you feel. You're beautiful with or without makeup ❣️ Hope you feel better soon 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    Jenny FriedmanJenny Friedman27 kun oldin
  • Wendy Williams is an asshole!!

    Dana CastellanoDana Castellano27 kun oldin
  • Where is Erika's cop son living now?

    Sheila AnneSheila Anne27 kun oldin
  • What was stolen? The paintings..the major assets?

    terril douglasterril douglas27 kun oldin
  • Hope he's on the bus to prison! Her too!

    Lynne SlawsonLynne Slawson27 kun oldin
  • So is erika a suspect? She probably emptied that place out on her moving day! Omg messy as hell. Ugh!!!

    nettie anettie a27 kun oldin
  • I love how Sharrell still has the same bubbly personality when she's sick. 💜💚💛💙💚

    Dennis DDennis D27 kun oldin
  • Tom is fully aware that everyone knows he's up to no good! He just doesn't care he plays his game very well, he knows every trick in the book! Just who is going to stop him? He's a clever clever man! Burglary my backside? He'll be claiming the insurance too!!!

    Lynne SlawsonLynne Slawson27 kun oldin
  • Great show!

    Liz GardinerLiz Gardiner27 kun oldin
  • Tom is getting a Rascal Scooter and a Life Alert button.

    Kimberly CarpenterKimberly Carpenter27 kun oldin
  • They can take any luxury item they want to. Taylor Armstrong had to give up her Hermes handbags to settle a law suit because of her deceased husband being a crook. Erika can have all of her designer clothing seized, all the diamonds, shoes and handbags. Even expensive perfumes can be taken from her and auctioned if they want to really punish these people.

    Kimberly CarpenterKimberly Carpenter27 kun oldin
  • Tom is used to working in a system that is rigged for his benefit. He thinks he will actually get a judge that will rule in his favor. The judges aren't bought and paid for by the elites anymore. Both he and Erika are prison bound.

    Kimberly CarpenterKimberly Carpenter27 kun oldin
    • There are still PLENTY of PAY TO PLAY Judges out there. Don't kid yourselves. I once asked my attorney " When is it enough?".. His response was, " With these types, it's always just a bit more." Sad really. It's always about the money and what and who it can buy. The question..Why do bad things happen to good people? The question REALLY should be, why do good things happen to bad people? It's ALL about CHOICE...We ALL have FREEWILL...MY opinion...

      PollyPolly18 kun oldin
  • freddie is king

    Lola BeanLola Bean27 kun oldin
  • Sharell I like you with out makeup. You look so fresh. Sorry you’re feeling down in the weather. Get well soon.

    Bianca BeyerBianca Beyer27 kun oldin
  • They are crooks. Only thing is I’m not laughing. This is just deplorable.

    Bianca BeyerBianca Beyer27 kun oldin
  • Hey Dementia is a funny disease you are in and out of reality. he is able to call 911 or right a check but forget while on the call or righting the check what the subject is. and remember later bits and pieces of the reason they made the call or wrote that check. its a serious but very unpredictable mind F**k for the person dealing with it.

    Samantha GellizeauSamantha Gellizeau27 kun oldin
  • You look beautiful Sharrell but feel better soon doll!

    SuperDeborah01SuperDeborah0127 kun oldin
  • There was no robbery! Plain & simple!

    SuperDeborah01SuperDeborah0127 kun oldin
  • hope you feel better soon. Erika has to pay for her part in all the hurt caused by her and tom. the new season will be her weeping over having nothing !!

    Scottish LassScottish Lass27 kun oldin

    Jaqua IngramJaqua Ingram27 kun oldin
  • He will have to travel on the special OAP bus it even he could be a tour bus driver ,at least Tom will have a ride lol...and erika your disgusting...cmon bring back LVP she's get to the bottom of it 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Manjit WilliamsManjit Williams27 kun oldin
  • Get better soon sharrell

    Hayley WilliamsHayley Williams27 kun oldin
  • Freddie and perry are hillarious in this one! Lol 😆

    Eleny RiveraEleny Rivera27 kun oldin
  • Tom is trying to gain public sympathy by eluding that he is living in a house with no electricity, water, or utilities... Let’s be real, he is probably living in a separate apartment or with his executor.

    JJ CsCo95JJ CsCo9527 kun oldin
  • Was it a burglary or did they just have the movers come in and take their stuff? 😉

    K. MellorK. Mellor27 kun oldin
  • Ill bet Erica gives a f**k now !!!!! LOL! Perry is so right Erica act entitled shes one cold fish. she has a son who is a police officer. I wonder what shes telling him I think back to so many times shes brutally verbally attacked other women on the show shes a snake a corrupt individual who has no right to judge others actions. The way she attacked Eileen Davidson was horrible. Eileen loved Erica and Erica had no problem embarrassing and cussing at her. It was uncomfortable to watch. she has passed judgement on nearly every woman on the show. Horrible to Dorit wow!!

    Maria AbramsMaria Abrams27 kun oldin
  • You don't need make-up. You are blessed! Get feeling better!!

    Carolyn MurieCarolyn Murie27 kun oldin