Emily Baker & Lil Red interview + Tati Westbrook vs Katie Joy lawsuit

29-Yan, 2021
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Emily Baker & Lil Red interview + Tati Westbrook vs Katie Joy lawsuit

  • I love Emily’s story, she is awesome and she is really the real deal .

    Michaela IvyMichaela Ivy3 soat oldin
  • When two great super powers come together!

    JakeJake12 kun oldin
  • If Advertisement companys think they are paying for Bulldog Agents? As in LorrieAnn's declaration? Would UZworld Managers talk to KJ-WOACB If you lose your case? UZworld will De-Platformed you forever.

    David LandryDavid Landry17 kun oldin
  • Didn’t KJ get Leslie Bass original channel taken down amongst a lot of other disgusting things she did to Leslie and her family

    Vanessa CurryVanessa Curry17 kun oldin
  • @11:31 re: KJ thinking if it gets dismissed in WA they might just drop it and not file it elsewhere. That tactic worked for her when they attempted to sue her for defamation over Jillyjuice so I would guess that’s exactly what her strategy is. But Tati isn’t Jill and I think Tati’s gonna take it to the end no matter where it is.

    Miss JessMiss Jess22 kun oldin
  • Ohh snaaappp helloooo #replay

    Stay4Luv21Stay4Luv2123 kun oldin
  • I love you all so much!

    ElizabethElizabeth23 kun oldin
  • They know that they are messing with a former prosecutor lol . You are stirring a pot you don’t want to mess with 🥵 . Go Emily.

    None ya BusinessNone ya Business27 kun oldin
  • Great interview Sharrell 💜💜

    Lady LawLady Law28 kun oldin
  • Common denominator. She needs to be stopped. I hope yall get her good!

    Cee & Trucker DCee & Trucker D28 kun oldin
  • OMG! I LOVED this with my WHOLE ❤️

    Jennifer SmithJennifer Smith28 kun oldin
  • Emily is the best thing that has happened to UZworld!!

    Lola KellyLola Kelly29 kun oldin
  • Sharrell reminds me of Jackie Brown. Gorgeous, as are all of you. Beautiful, smart women.

    KariKariOy oldin
  • Watching history go down. I bet this changes how the internet is run. Why can't she say P**n?

    S SS SOy oldin
  • I just love Emily I've learned so much from her. Subscribed because you seem like a beautiful person too

    Rhode Island Reds HomesteadRhode Island Reds HomesteadOy oldin
  • Great video! We need more information and communication!

    sftraubsftraubOy oldin
  • This is exactly the information that I have been patiently waiting to hear about. I knew that people were attacked @Sharrell. Excellent interview!! @LilRedYall you seem really sweet and I am sorry you are also a target.

    Just MeJust MeOy oldin
  • Sounds like Katie is the harasser. She states that she never has done these things however all the evidence points to her being the issue. I don’t think it’s only her though, I think Todd has part in it too. Whether he’s enabling her or doing it himself it needs to stop

    Donna MDonna MOy oldin
  • Vee is the BEST!!!

    ViggycatViggycatOy oldin
  • Awesome chat.

    Marlene AndradeMarlene AndradeOy oldin
  • This is unbelievable, omg, you all are dealing with a sociopathic maniac!! Now I'm even more concerned for her little boy!! Look it up, he's left alone in his room for hours...like 10 hrs at a time, he's autistic!! Her husband said so in a live!!

    Patria RyderPatria RyderOy oldin
    • It’s so sad that sweet boy doesn’t get the time with his parents because kj n t both spend more time on social media than with their son - they are not doing any good for their son

      MyOpinionsOnlyMyOpinionsOnlyOy oldin
  • just subscribed to emily, i love the way she breaks things down. great interview

    LeeLeeLeeLeeOy oldin
  • This was the best of all the UZworld Channels that I watch!!

    Grtfulow Let's DanceGrtfulow Let's DanceOy oldin
  • I’ve just discovered @theEmilyDBaker! Thank you Sharrel, your channel is one that keeps me sane during this pandemic. Having everyone home all the time, leaves me no physical space to escape, but your videos are a nice happy break while I cook dinner ☺️ thank you!!

    olivia hammasholivia hammashOy oldin
  • I didn’t realize Sharrell was getting harassed all the time. Ugh, that’s miserable and unacceptable. Vee’s such a kind friend. Loved this stream! Sharrell, go get those guys!

    Sarah PhasesSarah PhasesOy oldin
  • QUESTION: If KJ is doing this to more than one creator, can she be charged for cyber bullying or other crimes and be banned from all social media channels? I see more than one creator going through the same thing not just Emily or others in the case. So what are the legal ramifications? I've watched uncivillaw and though I enjoy watching his take on the law, I was offended by his lack of empathy in this area and his take on this (cyber bullying of his fellow UZworld creators especially). It didn't seem like he either understood Emily and her family were being harassed with violence or that he gave it much thought witnesses were in his live which rubbed me me wrong way. He brushed past the content. However, opinions and different perspectives are always welcome. I just wish everyone would come together and have done a live like this for the breakdown to get it all-out and support Emily and the witness and even KJ if she was a victim in the bullying. But it sounds like after hearing she was up to doing it to Sharrell and LiRed she may not be. .....just food for thought

    Erin SchneiderErin SchneiderOy oldin
    • @joe mama I would love to know what the legalities are for what she's doing to others. On the other stuff, I'm sure uncivil said something offline and all is right with the world. :) he is an awesome creator and definitely no shade was meant.

      Erin SchneiderErin Schneider27 kun oldin
    • @joe mama true. I can see it that way. :)

      Erin SchneiderErin SchneiderOy oldin
  • I hope Sheryl sues KJ. Her and Leslie Bass both.

    Kathryn WatsonKathryn WatsonOy oldin
  • Wow this clearly is severe harrassment, I am so sorry for all you had to go through. They need to make an example and set a precedent to stop this sort of behaviour immediately!!!

    Misty WayeMisty WayeOy oldin
  • Thank you for talking about this. I had my information given out and it was a very dangerous situation. The police made me feel like shit and was crazy but I stayed and made a report anyways to have it on file. It was fucking insane

    abbyanarchy313abbyanarchy313Oy oldin
  • How can one woman have such an impact on the lives of others? Even if she’s not directly behind the threats, or intentionally behind them, she seems to have a massive wooden spoon that stirs people to unbelievable lengths. UZworld needs to investigate by interviewing other creators and realise how many incidents there have been.

    Sophie JonesSophie JonesOy oldin
  • Great interview Sharrell. I'm sorry you are being attacked, and unjustly at that. I believe justice will come knocking on you know who's door so in the meantime, keep on truckin'.

    jmickeydeejmickeydeeOy oldin
  • It’s like the internet version of munchausen by proxy

    Sheryl MooreSheryl MooreOy oldin

    Ma LoMa LoOy oldin
  • 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️👏👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Me And You Foreve SherrellMe And You Foreve SherrellOy oldin
  • Thanks for having you and your lovely guests on your show. I listened to the playback.

    Lizzie StardustLizzie StardustOy oldin
  • Outstanding interview, she makes things so clear.

    Happi THappi TOy oldin
  • So can all you guys file a joint harassment suit against KJ?

    KarBen 2020KarBen 2020Oy oldin
  • I just cannot say enough how KJ needs kicked off UZworld. She’s disgusting

    Michele AndersonMichele AndersonOy oldin
  • My worlds collide!

    nolita505nolita505Oy oldin
  • I am beyond disgusted with this lady! Her channel should be shut down. UZworld needs to do something

    Michele AndersonMichele AndersonOy oldin
  • 👀Emily Baker is being cyber bullied too. Yes that was super nice that she came on and discuss what to do if this happens to any UZworldr.

    Dolsie MercadoDolsie MercadoOy oldin
  • Yes thank you LilRed for being on the panel and sharing. LilRed didn’t seem she was ready to be part of this interview. She sure was distracting ( like she was anxious) to watch in my opinion. Maybe she is overwhelmed in dealing with what she alleged that KJ did in my opinion.

    Dolsie MercadoDolsie MercadoOy oldin
  • Wow, Sharrell this literally was a lot bigger than what you made it out to be. I do mean universe with an extra wide load big.

    Dolsie MercadoDolsie MercadoOy oldin
  • Hello everyone. Wow, who would of thought how ugly and dangerous this case is turning out to be. It seems in my opinion that Tati Westbrook taking KJ to trial is proving a lot of negative things about her. It is mind blowing how in my opinion grown adults( hopefully not teenagers)are knowingly committing crimes for FREE and saying KJ asked them to.

    Dolsie MercadoDolsie MercadoOy oldin
  • So sorry to Sharrell, had no idea you were dealing with this level of harassment, keep your head up lady!

    KKOy oldin
  • I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with all of this. Is she crazy ! Like death threats wow !

    Lynn MLynn MOy oldin
  • Maybe she’s related to Trump , Twitter cousins. Lol

    Lynn MLynn MOy oldin
  • I just recently found out about all of this. I hope she gets charged big time...people shouldn’t be able to get away with this.

    Lynn MLynn MOy oldin
  • Here from Emily's channel!! Now subscribed to the other ladies!!

    Linda CollingsLinda CollingsOy oldin
    • Lawnerds2021💪🏼😁

      Jillian ReyesJillian ReyesOy oldin
  • Sharell you need to take a breath you seems to get flustered and repeat the same thing over and over again. Just take a breath and think about what about what you're going to say before you say it.

    Miss MaynardMiss MaynardOy oldin
  • Watching again - love an Emily Baker recap - legal stuff explained so we can all understand it, still fun and engaging but by a qualified legal person. Love it !

    Lara LivingstoneLara LivingstoneOy oldin
    • Lara Livingstone glad you caught the reply. Miss ya in the lives🤗

      Cairn Terrier MomCairn Terrier MomOy oldin
  • Great show ladies!

    Laurie CofieldLaurie CofieldOy oldin
  • Great job ladies, great to see different sizes channels working together ❣️

    AnniinaAnniinaOy oldin
  • Oh my god ... the hypocrisy coming from Sharelle & LilRed is jaw dropping I don’t condone any of the behaviour that has occurred & has come to light through the latest declaration was abhorrent & whomever is behind this needs to held accountable But You lot did nothing for months being minions for McCrae to make accusations of things she was doing to her child, what she was failing to do as a mother, encouraging people to release private details as well as saying in a live that she had called you derogatory names. The fact you sit back acting like you are innocent victims is insulting to thousands of people who know the background & history that went on with the NDA between McCrae & KJP To say you didn’t know lilred til now is untrue bc you’d been in her chats just along with McCrae & the rest of his minions You already are clearly saying KJP is responsible for the vile behaviours that took place & said “I know she hacked me too’.... there’s no proof at this stage to who is responsible but the lawyers involved have got the federal agencies involved to find who is responsible for these things But it’s already been shown that McCrae & his minions like TinaIllCutYou had released direct private information of KJP along with others in your lil group.... so don’t sit there acting like you are completely innocent The double standards are absolutely farcical!

    Sherree MillerSherree MillerOy oldin
    • @Virilian .. your joking right? Ummm just one to start with a picture of her home with the words ‘the stupid bitch thinks she’s safe’ written underneath it

      Sherree MillerSherree MillerOy oldin
    • @Sherree Miller you mean releasing private information about creepshow that KJ released right? What other private information was released on KJ? Her email address that KJ puts in her description?

      VirilianVirilianOy oldin
  • Sharrell wears some awesome clothes

    Jinnie LoweryJinnie LoweryOy oldin
  • I have been saying this...anyone who is a fan of KJ is mentally deranged and sick! You can’t be a fan of hers unless you are a terrible terrible person!!!! Honestly, it sounds like it’s her and her husband behind it

    Erin EvansErin EvansOy oldin
  • Sharrell snd Emily I really enjoy both your channels!!!

    Debbie Smith McconnellDebbie Smith McconnellOy oldin
  • Just this week did a video I came across saying Emily doesn’t realize she’s possibly going to be named in a lawsuit over her involvement on her channell.

    Debbie Smith McconnellDebbie Smith McconnellOy oldin
  • I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. What an interview!

    Ohyeah ItsmeOhyeah ItsmeOy oldin
  • I would find a way to reach out to creators that have gone through the same thing with kj bind together all pitch in for a lawyer and have him write a letter up with all evidence between all you guys and have it be sent to UZworld like look this is what's going on this is what happened it's affecting all of our channels and this needs to be stopped!

    Felicia SnookFelicia SnookOy oldin
  • It took a documentary by Discovery+ to finally deplatform Onision off YT. I hope the same thing doesn't need to happen to make KJ stop.

    Lavender Rose MoonLavender Rose MoonOy oldin
    • @Ni'Chelle Chanel Onision: In Real Life

      Lavender Rose MoonLavender Rose MoonOy oldin
    • What was the documentary?

      Ni'Chelle ChanelNi'Chelle ChanelOy oldin
  • One thing I'm kinda surprised not being addressed at all, which i get because a sick psycho supposed hacker said it but saying "Jessie Bear can track IP addresses back to anyone". Only reason truly bothers me is because when KJ went on her fake 😆 apology vids (later SS proved it was to expose trolls was purpose so please remember that) she wanted creators or anyone with issues with her to EMAIL her. Not DM. Her on any platform. Email only. Then when KJ did her illegal lottery people had to email her to participate. KJ was collecting emails for a reason imo. People speculated it was she was so broke maybe selling for advertising to 3rd parties or whatever but was very suspicious. But now that her subs and detractors are getting spam emails, attempted hacks etc. KJ wanting emails is more sus. Lilred didn't even address how she hired an online atty for $50 to deal with strike b/c believed KJ was using strike to get her real address and info required to fight strike so atty was buffer. At least that was what lilred said at that time.

    Lori CarterLori CarterOy oldin
  • Three minutes ago, KJ posted on Twitter; "I feel hopeless." I will bet you do, girl. I'll bet you do.

    Stacy WestlyStacy WestlyOy oldin
  • Would love to see KJ face 😡 watching (and we all know she will watch snd deny) all her perceived "enemies" streaming together. She will 🤯 seeing her VICTIMS telling their truth. 💕💕💕 it.

    Lori CarterLori CarterOy oldin
    • I have a feeling we have a new meltdown coming from KJ due to this video. Hope some of her supporters come on over a view this for themselves & possibly see the truth vs lies KJ spins. She victimized these lady’s & more but has the nerve to play victim herself.

      Kimberly WilsonKimberly WilsonOy oldin
  • I generally do not like videos with "guests" or where you do interviews or collabs. However, Emily is relatable and so smart! No one should be harassed like so many of you have!

    Millie ChitwoodMillie ChitwoodOy oldin
  • This defamation case has become a circus because one of the parties is a total nutcase, allegedly.. 😜

    eli klerkseli klerksOy oldin
    • Rotten icky left in the rain nuts!

      Patria RyderPatria RyderOy oldin
    • Absolutely a nut case.

      Lori CarterLori CarterOy oldin
  • Thanks for bringing Emily on Sharrell. Great interview and great advice for those who are struggling and confused about what to do about these bullies!

    Marjorie C83Marjorie C83Oy oldin
  • This was awesome. Like it’s been said before, love women supporting women!!

    Kathleen CarneyKathleen CarneyOy oldin
  • So glad you had Emily D. Baker on your channel! I love you both!

    Rebecca HazenRebecca HazenOy oldin
  • My favourite creators all in one place...... heaven. :) xxx

    Alexandra CapraAlexandra CapraOy oldin
  • If you want Emily on your channel you can hire her. She is willing to consult anyone in need. Sharrell did an excellent job. It's her channel so I would not expect any less. She was kind to share her time and space with the guests. It was very nice of her to invite them. Sadly, so many people are here to downgrade another creator. Respect this woman's channel. I'm sure a lot of people are not friends. I wish people would politely, move on. It was a nice stream! Leave it right there.

    • I instantly thought while watching her she would be great to talk about various procedures & requirments DA's need and take before they fill murder charges in CA. It's about a case just across the LA County line in Kern, two little toddler boys "missing" six weeks now under very suspicious circumstances with the adoptive parents. But it's just smaller channels covering it, many who need every penny for gas and expenses to go out searching and literally staking out the parents who've never searched and in fact just got caught on camera at a sex shop. The main channel I'm thinking of is: AV Watchmen. AV stands for Antelope Valley...that's where it all happened. Do you know her? If she could look at it, maybe she'd be interested in donating her services or something to that effect. She would probably have tips in research + searching as far as stake outs etc. Maybe she even has had cases where the person was killed in her jurisdiction, but buried out in the desert, happens a lot. Thanks!!

      Patria RyderPatria RyderOy oldin
  • Great interview! Sharell and Vee you look beautiful 🌹

    Suzann GSuzann GOy oldin
    • Yes they do. Emily gorgeous as usual as well.

      Lori CarterLori CarterOy oldin
  • Great interview!

    Tracey's OutlookTracey's OutlookOy oldin
  • so glad you all had a space to speak. Each persons story is soo important!

    Pam GoffPam GoffOy oldin
  • Anyone else smell KJs hair on fire right now...lololol😁

    WickedTessWickedTessOy oldin
    • Lmao 🤣 🤣 yep what little she has is 🔥 off.

      Lori CarterLori CarterOy oldin
  • GREAT, GREAT, interview!!

    Sherry AmbsSherry AmbsOy oldin
  • Best ever

    Pat GlenholmesPat GlenholmesOy oldin
  • Paralegals

    Ola TalabiOla TalabiOy oldin
    • What about them?

      Stacy WestlyStacy WestlyOy oldin
  • We love you Sharrell and Perry we know what your like. Xx

    bea stewartbea stewartOy oldin
  • I wish Leslie bath would’ve been added to the stream even though she was not addressed in the defamation case yet. What KJ has done to her is definitely deformation of harassment and targeting her channel as well. How can this 1 lady (KJ) tear in entire community shreds shreds in that short period of time. Absolutely shameful. She’s taken the joy out of the community.

    Kimberly WilsonKimberly WilsonOy oldin
    • She was in the chat, but I do wish she was brought into the stream though.

      Ashley R'naeAshley R'nae27 kun oldin
    • For sure she should have been on this!

      SuchafnldySuchafnldyOy oldin
    • @Kimberly Wilson its all good. We knew who you meant. Omg my phone auto corrected on Emily's vid about great beautiful family to Emy so nasty fam. I guess I've typed nasty fam somewhere alot. 😆 I was so embarrassed when I read it and it said Emily so nasty fam but corrected asap. 😆

      Lori CarterLori CarterOy oldin
    • I sent LB a message.. do the same it would be amazing. And Emily is so open and beautiful I'm sure she would be down to do it🤓

      Misha JMisha JOy oldin
    • I should’ve spell checked... Leslie Bass.

      Kimberly WilsonKimberly WilsonOy oldin
  • Gurls... I can honestly call her a liar. I told kj that she was a hypocrite. She then stated i called her a name.. I asked what name gurl??.. Show me the name!!! What a hypocrite?? 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 DO NOT.. Do NOT say something i haven't done cos i will shit shame you.

    bea stewartbea stewartOy oldin
  • Emily is the bomb!

    Diane HarlowDiane HarlowOy oldin
  • Some of my favs come together.... 😁💜💜💜

    TTTTOy oldin
  • Ohhhh my god!!!! 💌🇨🇦⛄

    Misha JMisha JOy oldin
  • I’m so surprised. I enjoyed what few videos of KJ I have seen. Absolutely shocked.

    K TK TOy oldin
    • The more you watch (I beg you not to give her a dime by watching) the more you will notice how completely off kilter KJ is. (That’s putting it very nicely).

      Straw BerryStraw BerryOy oldin
  • Subscriber of all 3 here & so happy to see the connection of dots with ppl I truly enjoy, sharing similar struggles with one common denominator. Vee was a fun bonus to the party.

    Joviesmom *Joviesmom *Oy oldin
  • I am not surprised or shocked in the least bit that these things happened. I hate that they have and I understand it’s scary and overwhelming. I’m glad that this is being exposed. There is someone very evil behind what has been happening.

    DonnaDonnaOy oldin
  • No one likes when you talk sh*t about Joy. You said that you would stop but look at you now! GRRR

    Amazing ASMRAmazing ASMROy oldin
    • 😂😂😂😂☝️☝️☝️☝️

      Lgac123 Lgac123Lgac123 Lgac123Oy oldin
    • This a PUBLIC forum where ANYONE can respond to comments. If you wish to have direct, some personal communication with someone then DM. Don't comment on a public YT channel and expect no one to reply.

      Glinda OGlinda OOy oldin
    • @Stacy Westly Was I talking to you. NOPE!

      Amazing ASMRAmazing ASMROy oldin
    • How is it talking shit when they are relaying the events, both procedural and personal?

      Stacy WestlyStacy WestlyOy oldin
  • I really enjoyed this. Y’all really are helping those little people who don’t have a platform understand that they have rights.

    Kimberly MotherOfRottsKimberly MotherOfRottsOy oldin
  • Fantastic interview. Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

    Robin LawsonRobin LawsonOy oldin
  • I recently found Ms Baker and I'm hooked. I enjoy her humourous way of breaking down legalese. And I'm a huge fan of the "cusey word's"! What a beautiful sight empowered women building each other up!🌹🌹🌹🌹

    Noreen AlbateNoreen AlbateOy oldin
  • Hmm, I am supposed to get your notifications but I only get some of them and not all of them? WHY UZworld????

    Kat SabovitchKat SabovitchOy oldin
  • So excited to watch this!

    Mya GoodnessMya GoodnessOy oldin
  • OMFG!! This will be broadcast live to the public?!?! I’m here for it!

    Channel ManagerChannel ManagerOy oldin
    • @Channel Manager I am not afraid to admit I was super bummed out when I found out. 😂

      Straw BerryStraw BerryOy oldin
    • @Straw Berry thank you!

      Channel ManagerChannel ManagerOy oldin
    • I thought it wasn’t an open broadcast but rather you need to be invited to the zoom call. Emily probably has a “ticket” since she is heavily involved. I know uncivil law was talking last night that he was going to try to reach out to the judge to ask to be included. But I honestly don’t think it’s public. Emily will have a post zoom call after party.

      Straw BerryStraw BerryOy oldin
  • Although I think a lot of things in terms of Katie, I don't think she is stupid enough to use her own public contact information to do the hacking and other stuff. I do think she is capable of hiring someone to harass and threaten someone. It feels like a lot of crazies have latched on to this whole mess on every side, some of which are very sick people. Last, always use two step authentication on your stuff so that someone can't hack into your account. It's an odd thing when you know someone is trying to hack into your accounts.

    sitavitasitavitaOy oldin
  • You guys should more collabs more often xx

    bea stewartbea stewartOy oldin
  • Love EDB! What's the point of having LilRedYall? Always watching the screen WTF

    Jazz LeeJazz LeeOy oldin
    • They were taking turns asking questions of Emily.

      Stacy WestlyStacy WestlyOy oldin
  • I never new you all were experiencing harrasment too. Thank you for sharing your experience. It helps knowing I'm not alone. Woman empowering woman - how it should be. Come from Emily's channel, she's helped me alot. Newly subbed to you all xx

    NatalieNatalieOy oldin
    • Nat sending you all the positive thoughts. Sorry you are going through all that you are right now

      Stacey WStacey W29 kun oldin
    • We stand with you Nat & support YOU!

      SuchafnldySuchafnldyOy oldin
    • Hi Nat, I hope u are keeping well after all of the shit that those people have put u through. So many people are supporting you and your family. These people harassing and threatening you are faceless cowards and I hope they get severely dealt with. Please take care of yourself and stay strong hunni xxx

      Susie McintyreSusie McintyreOy oldin
    • ✨🤍✨ Much love to you Nat! What you've been put through is horrible, and shouldn't happen to anyone!

      cherokeetrulycherokeetrulyOy oldin
    • Nat .... what you have experienced is beyond abhorrent, absolutely vile & unacceptable... my heart breaks that you’ve had to endure this & I hope you’re keeping people around you to help you keep strong & help you stay safe. In saying that don’t be too quick to think the likes of Sharelle & LilRed are innocent... they have done their fair share of manipulation, harassment & speaking poorly of KJP before this issue with Tati... just like you I had been a supporter of KJP since she was only a couple of thousand subs & have spoken directly to her to suggesting things to quiet down the nastiness that was coming from a creator she ended up getting a NDA with There’s so much mess that has gone on with this lot - so just be careful on where you place you trust I send you all the positive support & vibes that you need

      Sherree MillerSherree MillerOy oldin
  • Sorry that you and LitRed were bullied by her, please document, record screen shot and report.

    Sunny DeeSunny DeeOy oldin
  • Hi Sharrelle, Emily, Red, V and chat 💛🤗

    Carolyn PayneCarolyn PayneOy oldin