Clint Brady arrested AGAIN! John Life After Lockup did he use go fund me money for vacation update

1-Fev, 2021
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Clint Brady arrested AGAIN! John Life After Lockup did he use go fund me money for vacation update

  • John is native American he reside on reservation therefore he gets money

    magda sanonmagda sanon19 kun oldin
  • Hope for healing

    magda sanonmagda sanon19 kun oldin
  • Relapsing is a part of recovery for an addict. Only like 7% don’t relapse. Sometimes an addict won’t ‘get it’ until the 3rd time, sometimes the 25th time, so you can’t give up on an addict who’s trying bc they’ll eventually get it if they keep trying and if they actually want sobriety and recovery.

    TifStarTifStar19 kun oldin
  • I thought Clint was doing good with a new girlfriend. Was this a wife or ex wife that passed away? I am lost here. 🤔

    Pamala SmithPamala Smith19 kun oldin
  • he's used this as an excuse, clint

    L BL B21 kun oldin
  • Drug addiction is very REAL.. no different than any other disease.. mental struggles are one of the worst.. there has been a stigma attached to it for years.. and suicide is torture for those left behind.. and the guilt each of us carry.. the mental anguish screams so loud inside your head.. you'll do anything to quite it .. the pain cuts so deep, and tears uou inside out, so anything to kill or just DULL it..feels like a blessing.. ( its not)... so yes its all very real.. however if a person can come to the point of wanting help.. its possible to overcome it.. but never fool yourself into believing you have BEAT IT.. thats the addiction lying to you.. ( you lying to yourself) I have to wake up each day, and make a choice to stay clean.. the battle is real, and often a long road, scattered with relapses.. Life is good today, I have been clean for 7 years... it would be 9 and a half, but had a short lived relapse when I lost my mom, I feel she gifted me with that relapse, I actually seen thru sober eyes temporarily.. and can remember thinking.. WTH was I thinking? These people aren't my friends.. I saw what she seen.. Anyway.. thats my story ish.. and MY opinion...

    Angela CAngela C24 kun oldin
  • You puppy wants in on the family action .. lol.. Too cute!! ❤🐕 he passed by.. then came right back in to the shot.. 😊

    Angela CAngela C24 kun oldin
  • No one says “I want to be an addict!” Yes, only the addict can change their situation! However, addiction is very powerful, especially if you don’t have a good support system.

    Teresa ThompsonTeresa Thompson24 kun oldin
  • Appreciate how you are a trustworthy reporter Sharell! We like the tea but prefer the truth and realize these people are humans with addictions and must tread lightly.

    jenikens321jenikens32125 kun oldin
  • Thank you for being so compassionate regarding addiction 🙏

    Gina GalvanGina Galvan25 kun oldin
  • He needs therapy outside of the U.S. His addiction is beyond terrible. Having easy access to his dealers won’t help him. He needs that rehab facility in the middle of the dessert.

    Lee-Han HartLee-Han Hart26 kun oldin
  • I feel real bad for John. Just don't no what to say about the GoFundMe yet😎

    Paula ButtsPaula Butts26 kun oldin
  • I know where you are coming from. People have judged me because I am a recovering addict. They look at me like I am dirt

    Michael JacksonMichael Jackson26 kun oldin
  • Clint wasn't in jail his wife was

    judy casamassajudy casamassa26 kun oldin
  • I do think they scammed them, I also think there story line is a lie to..... cooked up between both sisters

    jenny 4realsjenny 4reals26 kun oldin
  • How did John pay back the money to go fund me if he needed that much money. Clint has a very difficult situation since he is. Suffering post traumatic stress from his wife’s death. He needs long term therapy.

    Suze QSuze Q27 kun oldin
  • Which wife took their life? I think Clint parents are nice

    Nikki LayNikki Lay27 kun oldin
  • I think it’s sad that so many people that get out of jail end up back in jail after a short time. If the problem is drugs it’s really tough because one can really get into drug addition and can’t seem to break the addiction . It must e horrible to be in that cition

    Suze QSuze Q27 kun oldin
  • Even the dog had to stop and scratch on the John story 🤣😂

    Cynthia BurtonCynthia Burton27 kun oldin
  • I’m glad to hear that you’re being so sympathetic, Sharrell, towards Clint. Your kindness is why I watch 😊

    Blue EyesBlue Eyes27 kun oldin
  • Her Dog took the spotlight 😂😂I think he has food allergies. Since, he keeps scratching.

    True CriticTrue Critic27 kun oldin
  • No one WANTS to be an addict. No one likes being homeless from addiction, no family, nothing. No one WANTS that for themselves. I agree addiction is a disease

    Crazy Deals and StealsCrazy Deals and Steals28 kun oldin
  • If he didn't have $ to get to a funeral, how'd he refund people if he supposedly used the $ for the funeral? And how long of a layover did he have?

    Easy Breezy Lemon SkeezeyEasy Breezy Lemon Skeezey28 kun oldin
  • Moccasin John...why start Crowd funding account if he had $ all along??

    Lisa CocolanLisa Cocolan28 kun oldin
  • 𝙊𝙠𝙖𝙮 I must of missed the info on 2nd wife of Clint? As in, prior to Tracey??

    Lisa CocolanLisa Cocolan28 kun oldin
  • 3 day rehab 😂🤣. That's a joke, and he needs atleast a year.I feel about him loosing his wife.

    Idele DawsonIdele Dawson28 kun oldin
  • Hi Sharrelle🧡🤗

    Carolyn PayneCarolyn Payne29 kun oldin
  • I feel bad for Clint. No one when they are a kid thinks I can't wait to grow up and be a drug addict, slowly lol myself and hurt everyone that loves me. That's just not how it works. It's hard to kick until the person is ready no one can do it for you. Until he gets his things sorted out he will probably continue to go back to using until he heals and fixes himself.

    Strollin TrollinStrollin Trollin29 kun oldin
  • Thank you for this!

    UPiNSMoKEUPiNSMoKE29 kun oldin
  • Moccasin John I don't trust I don't know because if you're a native American wouldn't they help you pay for a funeral but he's something shady about him

    Donna JohnsonDonna Johnson29 kun oldin
    • I don't believe he's a native American

      becky davisbecky davis28 kun oldin
  • Can't judge anyone I am not god but my heart goes out to the person and the family

    Donna JohnsonDonna Johnson29 kun oldin
  • Sharrell where's perry he makes me laugh

    Donna JohnsonDonna Johnson29 kun oldin
  • Isn't this about the third wife?

    Sandra AlbertSandra Albert29 kun oldin
  • I am an addict/alcoholic. I spent years trying to get clean and failed continuously. I had to get away from the playmates and play pens as NA says. I have PTSD from experiences I never wanted to have. After years of making people around me miserable I knew it was life or death; I was becoming physically ill was definitely mentally messed up. For me it took losing everything to realize that I had to get better or I would die. I now have almost 21 years clean and sober, I wouldn't know how to get drugs if I wanted to. Not saying I don't have to be vigilant. But I am happier, have a great relationship with almost everyone in the family, and my self-esteem and happiness are much better as well.

    Deborah SmithDeborah Smith29 kun oldin
  • Who was his second wife? The lady that worked at the hotel or Tracy? Or someone different?

    WendyWendy29 kun oldin
    • @Surfergrl72Roxy Me too 🤔

      WendyWendy26 kun oldin
    • The lady who worked at the hotel was his first wife. So I'm thinking or wondering if it was Tracei since they were only married a short time..? I'm confused as to who it is...

      Surfergrl72RoxySurfergrl72Roxy26 kun oldin
  • I was in active addiction for 14yrs and no-one can judge an addict more than we do ourselves. If people want someone to get clean they need love and compassion not being judged and treated like dirt, that just compounds the problem. Addiction is a living hell and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. For someone to keep relapsing to me means at least they are willing to try, try as many times as you can because one time it will work. I lost count of how many times I stopped and started and in and out of rehab. 💜🇬🇧

    Lucy GLucy G29 kun oldin
  • Well done for covering this the right way sharrell

    Rehab YouTube friendsRehab YouTube friendsOy oldin
  • Neither one of these people are interesting. Waste of time and air.

    Ila ijamesIla ijamesOy oldin
  • Clint isnt the only one who has a problem

    UPiNSMoKEUPiNSMoKEOy oldin
  • Clint doesn't know what a wonderful family he's got. I hope that therapy helps him out. I lost a son to cancer and I choose to be well for his memory. I was offered to try alcohol and mariguana to help me out with my loss. But I choose to get professional help instead. It's been a long and hard road to healing. After almost 2 years I can't get it together yet. I'm sure that Clint's experience is worse than mine. I pray that he gets well soon and become a successful man.

    Margarita AVILAMargarita AVILAOy oldin
  • Please he’s not self medicating

    NorcalNorcalOy oldin
  • Thank you for addressing addiction. I work in the field of drugs and alcohol.

    Beth BrandtBeth BrandtOy oldin
  • Was it Tracy fr love after lockup ?

    Lena FiresLena FiresOy oldin
  • Who took her on Life? Witch wife?

    Lena FiresLena FiresOy oldin
  • Agree.. with you He looks like a meth addict

    Lena FiresLena FiresOy oldin
  • Empathy is a great quality in you also the purple lipstick looked very nice on you just saying

    Jeanette RamosJeanette RamosOy oldin
    • Beautiful inside and out!

      Samantha RichardsSamantha Richards29 kun oldin
  • When did Clint get remarried?

    Keysha HodnettKeysha HodnettOy oldin
    • @Keysha Hodnett no she’s still alive and crazy as ever

      Stitch Upon A StarrStitch Upon A StarrOy oldin
    • @Stitch Upon A Starr i remember gen, is she that 1 who lost her life?

      Keysha HodnettKeysha HodnettOy oldin
    • He’s still married to Tracie but has had a mistress by the name of Gen who is an evil woman

      Stitch Upon A StarrStitch Upon A StarrOy oldin
  • I didn’t know Clint lost a wife, so sad!

    F. JonesF. JonesOy oldin
  • If John can afford to refund most of the money, why did he need a gofundme to begin with?

    Amanda CharleboisAmanda CharleboisOy oldin
    • John seems crummy..just something about him..can't pin point it...YET!!

      Jess SanJess San28 kun oldin
  • Yesss girl. Drug addiction is definitely a disease. It’s called substance use disorder and is both genetic and environmental. Relapsing is part of getting clean. Sometimes it takes years for it to take.

    Amanda CharleboisAmanda CharleboisOy oldin
  • I missed the live Sharrell but I enjoyed the replay.

    Dot WilliDot WilliOy oldin
  • I don't know what John really did. I do think he could prove he is telling the truth right. I mean he can definitely provide some document about the funeral. Also I also think someone would know if their was a layover. I don't know if the airport gives you anything showing that, or not. Hey maybe someone from his flight can shed light on it, or can you call the airport to ask of there was a delay. I have no clue how it all works, but I think if john wanted he could provide some proof.

    Tiny GirlTiny GirlOy oldin
    • Yeah that’s true! He could easily show proof.

      kkOy oldin
  • It's not a good look John! I hope you didn't scam innocent honest people!

    Grandma KrisGrandma KrisOy oldin
  • John stole from the native community which is why he was locked up. Why wouldn't he scam strangers if he did that.

    No NameNo NameOy oldin
  • Is it the younger brother that was on the show that passed!?!?

    Luna BLuna BOy oldin
  • I’m a sucker for a sad story, and often donate but John...... I wouldn’t give him one dime. It’s sad his brother passed away but I have very little sympathy for ppl on these reality shows. They need to take advantage of being on national TV. Sell some T-shirts or something.

    Bliss BlissfulBliss BlissfulOy oldin
    • Absolutely!!! Take advantage of being on national tv to make more money or start a charity event to help people in need.

      Margarita AVILAMargarita AVILAOy oldin
  • I’m happy that Clint is no longer on the show being exploited.

    Bliss BlissfulBliss BlissfulOy oldin
  • Wow was Clint's second wife someone from the show

    Dauhlleen CooperDauhlleen CooperOy oldin
    • No

      Jennifer DiazJennifer DiazOy oldin
  • Wait, Lindsey got locked up again? How did I miss that? I'm not surprised but surprised I missed the news.

    Breeze UnderhillBreeze UnderhillOy oldin
  • Thank you for being so compassionate and trying to understand

    Kim wrightKim wrightOy oldin
  • Suicide is something that is really hard to get past because they made that choice. I have had my nephew die by suicide at only 13 yrs old and one of my friends who had 4 kids. It’s super sad.

    Deedee TurnerDeedee TurnerOy oldin
    • I agree!!! And I thought my life was miserable when I lost my young son to cancer. I wanted to die as well but in a suicide case I'm sure that I've would commit suicide too. Clint my prayers for you 🙏.

      Margarita AVILAMargarita AVILAOy oldin
  • He could have had a layover but then why did he refund back the money seems like he feels guilty for something

    Maria CMaria COy oldin
  • I love your dog!!

    TeanneyTeanneyOy oldin
  • Thank you for your compassion on the subject of drug addiction!

    samantha portersamantha porterOy oldin
  • I think you’re reposted it the right way!!! My son just went to jail in fla 45 years. Pick up for spice. Officer Pick them up at a gas station and searched him he went once because he suffers from mental health and addiction went in the jail had spies in his jacket now they’re trying to charge him with or they did charge him with that taken into facility that’s minimum five years in Florida so I’m pretty heartbroken he has a good heart and the soul my son thanks for handling it the right way some of these you tubers are really making fun really making a joke out of it it’s not funny

    Michele MardisMichele MardisOy oldin
  • Your dog 🤣🤣

    Louise !Louise !Oy oldin
    • 🐾so cute!🌝

      Jillian ReyesJillian ReyesOy oldin
  • Drug addiction is a, disease but a lot of people think it is from a person having no willpower or “making their own bed”” and having to sleep in it.. Both of these reasons are either from a person never knowing someone addicted or from being ignorant in as much as they can in order to make it ‘not their problem”.Even our government doesn’t want to view addiction as a disease because then when they have to cut their budgets the departments of mental health, prison.reform and the pandemic of addiction are the first ones to go. I’m speaking with sorrow as my son lived over half of his life with a heroin addiction. He lived his life in hell and so did our family. At 42 he died of an heroine overdose. He had to die to live. We need education, reforms and understanding

    Sharol KellySharol KellyOy oldin
    • Thank you for sharing your point of view & advocating for more education. I’m dumb on it but I have compassion for others. Sending you prayers for comfort Dear.

      Jillian ReyesJillian ReyesOy oldin
  • Thank you Jerita someone removed the comment book from your look great and it looks like you did well in your recovery 👍

    Vee j ParksVee j ParksOy oldin
  • Who is Clinton's second wife? I don't remember he talked about his second wife. I thought Traci was the second wife. Is Clint in jail in Ohio? I thought John would steal money from a vacation.

    Michelle BallMichelle BallOy oldin
  • Always professional! Love your channel.

    Marie Roy - CumminesMarie Roy - CumminesOy oldin
  • Great video . As and addict myself it is a process

    Jerita StreaterJerita StreaterOy oldin
  • Hello. You have kinds words for all the cast members that might of in my opinion “went left “. Look I wish them all well. They have to make the intent to do right thing for themselves.

    Dolsie MercadoDolsie MercadoOy oldin
  • Marijuana is legal, remember.

    Faye NguyenFaye NguyenOy oldin
    • It’s legal here! (LV)

      Kristi TassoneKristi Tassone27 kun oldin
    • Not in every state but it should be at this point.

      Nancy GibsonNancy GibsonOy oldin
    • It's illegal in Ohio. (Where he lives) unless medical marijuana card. His is expired. Like his driver's license. I heard?

      Cat-T 313 E.L.ECat-T 313 E.L.EOy oldin
    • Depends on which state you live.

      M MM MOy oldin
  • Last time on Love after Lock up Kristianna was still in jail. I wish we could see the new episodes.John is a weirdo. I wouldn't dought it if he did use that go fund me page to take Kristianna to Vegas.I'd kick that sister to the curb,just trying to start something between John and her is messed up. She just wants what Kristianna has. Bitch find your own man.

    Terri RichardsonTerri RichardsonOy oldin
  • Sharell you’re looking good today girlfriend!

    Bonnie Leigh LeffelBonnie Leigh LeffelOy oldin
  • I thought he was in Ohio here by me doing well w his new girl! Like I said this is a felony and also he has to report that in his taxes. For John anyway . I thought Clint and his gf had him on the straight snd narrow away from Tracy. Is it the fact he misses Tracy . So sad kind of. I was hoping he was doing good.

    Jennifer DiazJennifer DiazOy oldin
  • Why do you always encourage us to leave our thoughts in the comments, yet I’ve been a subscriber for over a year and never seen you even “like” a comment? Doesn’t appear as if you even read them. What’s up with that?

    DeblemDeblemOy oldin
    • 💸💲💰🤑

      karonvickkaronvick26 kun oldin
    • @Vee j Parks I’m not assuming anything. I’m giving my honest opinion.Sharrell always encourages subscriber interaction in the comments. After watching faithfully for a year and never seeing any type of feedback or reference to anything said in the comments, I’m less than encouraged to participate. I hope that clears things up for you.

      DeblemDeblemOy oldin
    • I can’t take needy pep

      Sandra ParkerSandra ParkerOy oldin
    • Wtf why you here for like or to voice your opinion you attention or what .go to another Chanel

      Sandra ParkerSandra ParkerOy oldin
    • Hi, I don’t work for Sharrell’s World I’m just a viewer. Vee tries to address everyone but in all honesty I don’t expect anyone to respond or “like❤️” my comments bcuz it’s not my goal! I’m just expressing myself & unlike “some” ppl that send attackers, Sharrell at least lets us have our own opinions😂😆But in all seriousness don’t take anything personal, post your POV and let it fly. It’s all good. Have a Blessed Day.🦋

      Jillian ReyesJillian ReyesOy oldin
  • Which one is Clint?

    Sharon HerriottSharon HerriottOy oldin
    • Thank you! The one that always ran to his mom?

      Sharon HerriottSharon HerriottOy oldin
    • Clint was Traci's husband on love after lockup

      Vee j ParksVee j ParksOy oldin
  • He's connected to the wrong people.

    Wendy ArneyWendy ArneyOy oldin
  • I've been waiting on the Wendy vid..

    Bee BeeBee BeeOy oldin
    • What happened?!?!?

      Anonymous AdultAnonymous AdultOy oldin
  • He did not refund money he promotes that and some on internet that still believe.He is a lier and check your facts.He did not refund.

    Linda UribeLinda UribeOy oldin
    • Sure didn't I didn't get my money back

      GinaGina23 kun oldin
  • Isn't it funny that the only black man (Quaylin) on the show is the only one that hasn't gone back to jail!?!?!?

    Victory PhoenixVictory PhoenixOy oldin
    • @KenyaKK Gang I hope he stay out this time.

      Faye NguyenFaye Nguyen28 kun oldin
    • @Faye Nguyen Lamar went back but I think he out now

      KenyaKK GangKenyaKK Gang28 kun oldin
    • @KenyaKK Gang what!!??? Say it isn’t so 🤦‍♀️

      Kalina CruzKalina Cruz28 kun oldin
    • @KenyaKK Gang Noooooooooooo, are u serious, for what?!?! I was rooting for them. Damn, I guess I have to retract the whole comment.....

      Victory PhoenixVictory PhoenixOy oldin
    • @Faye Nguyen Lamar went back to jail too

      KenyaKK GangKenyaKK GangOy oldin
  • Sharrell, did you just say "I want to know what most of you guys think?" lollol. harsh.

    Thisis PointlessThisis PointlessOy oldin
  • Hi sharrell .,He needs to go to dr Phill

    Maryanne NgangaMaryanne NgangaOy oldin
  • Hey, been a while since your more into HW, but loving the Love After Lockup n 90 Day videos ❤️❤️❤️

    • Same! HW are lame and I will never be tempted to watch it lol

      Melodie PerezMelodie PerezOy oldin
  • I was in active addiction for 12yrs.. Was in and out of rehabs many many many times.. Was in and out of jail many many many times. But then i went to prison for 2 yrs and omg thats what it took to open my eyes. So im proud to say that march 13 ill be 8yrs sober/clean.. As of todays im 7yrs 11months 19days clean/sober.. Was it easy absolutely not still their is days i struggle to stop the voices in my head.. But we take it a day at a time minute at a time down to a second at a time.. I lost my marriage my job my home to addiction. My kids watched me in my worst state ever but now they're 16 & 20 and get to watch me grow as a strong women.. And i know they get tired of me saying don't drink don't try drugs because i 100 know it's genetic and absolutely is a disease. It will steal, destroy and kill!!! Its a never ending merry-go-round of jails, institutions and then death!! We DO recover we just have to want it and fight everyday to get it!! 😔

    kiss me under the moon light !kiss me under the moon light !Oy oldin
    • @Moira White very well said 👏

      Glenda LeonardGlenda Leonard22 kun oldin
    • @kiss me. Congratulations on your recovery. Praying you continue on. Wishing you health perseverance and an abundance of new memories to cherish with your kids. God bless you all

      Jess HigginbothamJess Higginbotham24 kun oldin
    • Congratulations Kiss Me..... you are such an inspiration God bless 🙏❤️

      RedTeddi TaylorRedTeddi Taylor26 kun oldin
    • Firstly, congratulations on your sobriety. It's really important to remember to not degrade your self with the," if I can do it anyone can" speech. One it does lessen the reality of how hard you work everyday to maintain and to thrive on top of that, wow, you're genuinely an inspiration. I know people say those things for their own reasons and I do Respect that however the next level is, no, not everyone can do it. It in no way is for the weak of mind not character. As you know you have to change EVERYTHING. You did it because you're a fuking Warrior and you worked and work and took the step necassary to transform yourself. You're an anomaly, you're most definitely not the majority. As with every gratefully inactive addicts I meet we know what it feels like to suffer in this way. We know the nights of terror, confusion, self hatred and overwhelming desire for it to just be over. It pains us to see others suffering because we know how it feels to one day realize, huh, I'm cool. I'm safe, I'm happy, I'm accountable and I'm making the people I Love proud of me again and I want that for everyone. I remember weeping as my Loved ones screamed JUST QUIT! To which I replied, " if it was that easy, I would have done it yesterday." That's why it's important to me to remind people like you your kindness is felt, seem and heard but please don't ever down play what it took you to get here by saying "anyone can do it " some people just do not have the capacity to make the necassary changes. You did though, for that you are my Hero, I'm sure any inactive addict out there would agree to that. Blessed Be Dear Soul

      Moira WhiteMoira White26 kun oldin
    • Congratulations on your sobriety! This is amazing news!

      Jennifer CabralJennifer Cabral26 kun oldin
  • Wait what. Second wife. What?!

    Thisis PointlessThisis PointlessOy oldin
    • He has actually had Tracy the other girl that was on when he first came on and the girl who committed suicide.

      Jennifer DiazJennifer DiazOy oldin
    • 🤔

      Geena GeeGeena GeeOy oldin
    • That's what I'm wondering

      Liz Tackett-ForshawLiz Tackett-ForshawOy oldin
  • 2nd wife as in Tracey? 😳

    Cyndra TidwellCyndra TidwellOy oldin
    • 😆 obviously. Did you know the incident he was arrested for occurred almost exactly a year ago this month? I give up 🤷‍♀️

      Kristin KKristin K29 kun oldin
    • @Kristin K He just got arrested AGAIN, recently. That's what this story is all about. According to Sharrell, he tested positive for weed and CRACK! Apparently, he IS still using! 🤷🏼

      Cyndra TidwellCyndra Tidwell29 kun oldin
    • Lastly, still regularly “using” vs having a (re)lapse while in recovery are two completely different things.

      Kristin KKristin KOy oldin
    • Well, i dont know, but personally I think there’s a pretty significant difference there when you say someone IS strung out, IS homeless living in their car instead of saying he WAS briefly using/“strung out” (over a year ago btw) and that he chose to stay in his car at the rehab Tracie was in at the time. His parents wouldn’t refuse him a roof over his head. You didn’t include the fact he has had a stable job/income and doing well in recovery, seeking mental health care and seeing a therapist regularly for a while now. Also, I stated that he didn’t cheat and that the woman (they were only friends at the time) was NEVER married. Maybe since he’s still technically married, but Tracie has also had boyfriends. Saying someone is in a particular bad situation when it was quite a while ago and their current situation has been much different still makes it untrue, even if they WERE before?! I didn’t confirm everything you said at all.

      Kristin KKristin KOy oldin
    • @Kristin K In your post you confirm everything that you say I'm wrong about. You admit he still uses, at one point was homeless and living in his car and slept with a married woman! So how can you say MY info is mostly incorrect?

      Cyndra TidwellCyndra TidwellOy oldin
  • U r so great. I just luv u.

    Teresa AllisonTeresa AllisonOy oldin
  • Yes. It's a Disease....

    Martha BrownMartha BrownOy oldin
  • I believe John took the money and went to Vegas. No layover, just a trip to Vegas

    Angeleyes DaurioAngeleyes DaurioOy oldin
    • @Glenda Leonard , Same here, I have no idea what's going on. 💯

      Surfergrl72RoxySurfergrl72Roxy26 kun oldin
    • What money?? I've missed so much because of Discovery +....this just sux...

      Glenda LeonardGlenda Leonard28 kun oldin
    • Not a lay over but a hang over. Of course John is capable of scamming.

      Nurse RobinNurse Robin29 kun oldin
  • I lost my eldest son to suicide. No drugs or anything involved but its something you never get over. Poor Clint 💙

    Joan Mc NultyJoan Mc NultyOy oldin
    • @Joan. I extend my humble condolences for your loss. Hold and cherish the memories. God bless you

      Jess HigginbothamJess Higginbotham24 kun oldin
    • I can't even imagine what you went through. My prayers to you and your family. I lost my only son to cancer and it has been a rough road. I'm getting professional help to help me deal with the enormous amount of guilt and pain.

      Margarita AVILAMargarita AVILAOy oldin
    • @Grandma Kris Thank you so much. I will never get over the loss of my son and what myself and my 3 children went through. I gratefully accept your prayers. ❤

      Joan Mc NultyJoan Mc NultyOy oldin
    • My prayers go out to you and your family! It's a horrible loss to go through! I'm so very sorry!

      Grandma KrisGrandma KrisOy oldin
    • 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

      April KApril KOy oldin
  • I believe it is a disease!

    Beverly PartelloBeverly PartelloOy oldin
  • Hi sharelle. How are you today. I look forward to seeing you on UZworld. I live in armagh, northern Ireland ☘☘☘

    Joan Mc NultyJoan Mc NultyOy oldin
    • @Paul Polito border are closed

      Mrs CousinsMrs CousinsOy oldin
    • Please stay there. Don't come to the US.

      Paul PolitoPaul PolitoOy oldin
    • Montréal, Canada 🇨🇦

      Mrs CousinsMrs CousinsOy oldin
  • Hi Sharrell

    Nadia HarrisonNadia HarrisonOy oldin