Breaking News Bravo to fire Teresa RHONJ! Porsha & Drew RHOA done with Kenya! Bolo refuse to film!

22-Fev, 2021
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Breaking News Bravo to fire Teresa RHONJ! Porsha & Drew RHOA done with Kenya! Bolo refuse to film!
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  • I love Teresa!! She is my favorite.

    Edna HuntleyEdna Huntley16 soat oldin
  • Kenya is a jealous unhappy woman

    Sheila AnnSheila Ann17 soat oldin
  • Yes the fuck he is racist

    jacqueline fortsonjacqueline fortson19 soat oldin
  • Thank you Gabor.... Perry sounds crazy as hell and Kandi and Todd did not sleep with Porsha.

    Ksha GHKsha GHKun oldin
  • Bring it Perry 😅

    Brandy WilliamsBrandy WilliamsKun oldin
  • Because of the previews I didn't watch Atlanta.

    Anita JamesAnita JamesKun oldin
  • Y’all going round and round about what Porsha said a bachelorette party! Things happen

    Kimberly WinkfieldKimberly WinkfieldKun oldin
  • Tanya’s not married she an adult being an adult at a bachelorette party

    Kimberly WinkfieldKimberly WinkfieldKun oldin
  • It sounds like Teresa’s got the hots for Jackie’s husband. She tried to mess up her marriage with false rumors. Joe was right when he called Teresa a bitch.

    Alicia JohnsonAlicia JohnsonKun oldin
  • Theresa needs to go. The violence she displayed last year with no remorse shown then or now & the petty manipulative rumours she's spreading about Jackie just shows who she really is & who I have known her to be all along a manipulative narcissistic repulsive woman. Make the show better - fire her!. Does anyone else think the work she has had done is making her like an aging DRAG QUEEN! Maybe she should go on Ru Paul's show?

    LaDancerlyLaDancerlyKun oldin
  • Clearly everybody just doesn’t like Kenya and if it was Kenya doing what porsha did y’all would have been GOING OFF!!! Sooooo STOP IT!

    Ken ButlerKen Butler2 kun oldin
  • She's boring

    Lou luLou lu2 kun oldin
  • Good

    Lou luLou lu2 kun oldin
  • Prayers for your family 🙏🏽❤️

    Lou luLou lu2 kun oldin
  • Perry..So wrong about Kenya and strippergate

    Tomie PianowskiTomie Pianowski3 kun oldin
  • Teresa needs to go. She has the same attitude as Nene, Vicki, Tamra, Mariah, Kenya, etc. from all the franchises

    colleencpc1colleencpc13 kun oldin
  • Is Gabor working as Kenya's press agent?

  • First of all Kenya knew it was a bachelorette party when she came. If she had a problem then she should have stayed home.

  • Disgusting the whole show Kenya baby up stairs

    Nancy StuttsNancy Stutts3 kun oldin
  • She needs to go she is a liar jail bird and assaults people why would any one want to watch that I’m over bravo hiring criminals

    Nancy StuttsNancy Stutts3 kun oldin
  • Just like Kenya made the show is the same as Gabor leading this show with facts lol

    S.K.IS.K.I3 kun oldin
  • They act like they're so great for being on a show ...that's one step above COPS. We love a trainwreck and the ones you don't like the most stay on the longest. We love to hate a villain.

    GoldieGoldie4 kun oldin
  • Perry your reading is totally off. You dislike Kenya so that you cannot read fair.

    LaVern CamachoLaVern Camacho4 kun oldin
  • Gabor is 100% correct about his reading

    LaVern CamachoLaVern Camacho4 kun oldin
  • Gabor is absolutely correct about Kenya. She was not interested.

    LaVern CamachoLaVern Camacho4 kun oldin
  • Perry does not make since. Kenya was not interested.

    LaVern CamachoLaVern Camacho4 kun oldin
  • Mr. Cohen says he’s not in charge of hiring and firing; the BRAVO execs are the ones that make that call

    Kimberly WinkfieldKimberly Winkfield4 kun oldin
  • If it was Kenya everyone would see it and talked about it.....bout you didn't see porsha but you saw Kenya splitting are you serious? perry seem so one sided......I love this caller( Gabor) he not picking a side clearly he was watching the show.

    LettiLetti4 kun oldin
  • Gabor we know you are team Kenya weather Bolo reach for her or not she knew she couldn't do it because Marc Daly is always watching and it would affect her divorce. So yes she is jealous because of that and she's also jealous because Latonya was kissing Porsche not if she didn't get Kenya already he's mad that she chose Porsha. And why would Kenya then Latonya a picture of her naked and then at the table she start talkin about there's three women here that could have her. So that's why she's bringing everything out about Porsha this and Porsha that. She's a JEALOUS 😈

  • BOLO was trickin. Kenya wasnt paying for no peen however Porsha was

    Same OleSame Ole4 kun oldin
  • Gabor....she is jealous that these girls can do whatever they want, she can't because he brought her baby

    Nick SantoyoNick Santoyo4 kun oldin
  • Nah, it was a girls trip. She was a bad hostess. That is different from Kenya starting drama after they all agreed girls code. It was a girls trip....not a baby trip

    Nick SantoyoNick Santoyo4 kun oldin
  • I thank Nene mouth got her fired, she said was the reason Bravo and Andy were known. Nene was on rhoa from the beginning and never had anything bad to say about Bravo until she got fired

    Judy BrighamJudy Brigham4 kun oldin
  • Father God we pray that You will heal Sharrell from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet in the name of Jesus.We know by Faith that You have heard and answered this prayer. We Love You Lord and thank You in advance. Amen

    Judy BrighamJudy Brigham4 kun oldin
  • Perry you got it right! Kenya wanted some girl on girl action and she wasn’t included.

    SaltnpeppanaturalSaltnpeppanatural4 kun oldin
  • Sending Continued prayers for your beautiful smart witty wife n family.I miss seeing n hearing n her videos .I love that you kept us updated on her health n informed on her channel ! Hope she gets well soon ...We miss you Girl ❤️🙏🏻

    Dorothy DispignaDorothy Dispigna4 kun oldin
  • Praying for you Sharrell and your sweet son! Bless you lil momma!!

    Tk PhillipsTk Phillips4 kun oldin
  • Continuing to Pray for your wife and son. Teresa needs to go.

    Patricia DyerPatricia Dyer4 kun oldin
  • Kenya needs to mind her own business. These ladies are grown they do what they want when they want to. Stripper gate is not that big . What happens in the Carolinas stays in the Carolinas.

    Monique JohnsonMonique Johnson4 kun oldin
  • I’ll start watching again if they get rid of Teresa!!

    Renee BRenee B4 kun oldin
  • I will still watch even if Theresa is gone 👏 little drama is ok but not to much of it. Like when they take trips, shopping and be silly doing things.

    Cindy LeijaCindy Leija4 kun oldin
  • Theresa was wrong to spread that lie about Jackie's husband she is not my favorite person on that show but she needs theoney to take care of her kids.

    Venessa JohnsonVenessa Johnson4 kun oldin
  • I believed something happened because Tanya Lawyered Up !!! If nothing happened what is Tanya trying to Defend 🤔

    Karen WrightKaren Wright4 kun oldin
  • Honestly I think Joe Gudice is better off without Teresa. Her greed of money must've been a lot of pressure for him as the bread winner. Not an excuse but its a real pressure.......just a thought!

    Maggie ClendeninMaggie Clendenin4 kun oldin
  • BRAVO let Dorinda go over NOTHING!! they keep Teresa??? Makes no sense to me at all. ID love to see her go away!!

    Maggie ClendeninMaggie Clendenin4 kun oldin
  • What does firing Theresa have to do racism Andy and Nene. Theresa isn’t Black and she said against Black women.

    Lady CLady C4 kun oldin
  • You two are hilarious 🤣👏 great show love you guys covering ATL stripper gate. I think it was Porsha and Tanya... Porsha is just trying to protect Tanya! And as for Kenya she didn't want Bolo but she should definitely get some!🤣👍

    Alysia VillasenorAlysia Villasenor5 kun oldin
  • If it was for kenya's baby, kenya would've have gotten in on the action, but mark was watching. And would've gotten custody. She couldn't done anything with the baby in the house.

    Janice bakerJanice baker5 kun oldin
  • Yes Kenya was so jealous !!!

    Theresa RubinoTheresa Rubino5 kun oldin
  • Why is this guy sticking up for Kenya ....OMG

    Theresa RubinoTheresa Rubino5 kun oldin
  • Fire Teresa for sure. She’s reason can’t watch anymore

    karen81986karen819865 kun oldin
  • They should leave Teresa alone. She's the head housewife. They should fire Jackie for saying that Teresa's daughter Gia snorts Cocaine. That's more serious then what Teresa said.

    Rita CommentucciRita Commentucci5 kun oldin
  • Just stopping by to send love to you and your beautiful family

    Gram 19Gram 195 kun oldin
  • Terry you just like everybody else you don’t like Kenya you just like a woman

    Deborah TymesDeborah Tymes5 kun oldin
  • I'll believe this from a more credible source

    Qronik Jonez OfficialQronik Jonez Official5 kun oldin
  • Porscha don't have a man...Kenya could never go to Las Vegas

    Ronda MillerRonda Miller5 kun oldin
  • Kenya doesn't care porsha was never her friend anyway, also her only real friends on the show is cythia and khandi and sharee the fabulous 4,period

    Erica WhiteErica White6 kun oldin
  • Y is tha weekend so long?

    Lathisa's DunstonLathisa's Dunston6 kun oldin
  • No Kenya is not jealous and I think porsha went all the way with bolo.

    Shar MShar M6 kun oldin
  • Ok if they fired Teresa who would want to be the bad guy and start all the crap. None of those girls have the shoulders to handle all the haters. She holds the show up with all the drama and let’s be honest who do you think can dish it like Teresa.

    Cynthia DavidCynthia David6 kun oldin
  • I cannot stand Kenya. I don't watch the show because of her!!! The defense if her antics and anger behind it is ridiculous

    Robin BanksRobin Banks6 kun oldin
  • Hope your wife feel better soon and your son

    Diane RussellDiane Russell6 kun oldin
  • Jackie is fullah poop💩remember she spread the same thing about Thereza’s x husband joe? She’s got a short memory I can’t stand that Jackie she acts like she’s all victim but she’s dealt the same BS she’s crying about right now, Theresa is my favourite I know she hits below the belt but I can’t help liking her she and Margaret are my two favs on the show, Jennifer and Jackie? I cannot stand them Jennifer will continue slicin & dicin her body till there’s nothing left to slice her desperation to be perfect will take her down in the end, Kenya will never learn & this is why Marc Daly don’t want her prickly ass, on camera she’s a wicked witch and at home she tries to be the ever loving wife but he knows the real demon that she is, no man wants trash like that & seeing her crying over Marc is the biggest joke ever she will continue losing men over & over till she changes that devil attitude, these are grown women they need no permission from Kenya if they did the get down with Bolo Kenya just loves degrading people with her mean girl attitude & as if she hasn’t got enough problems in her life she wants to drag up more drama? I can’t stand Kenya she’s a embarrassment to our black culture she’s such a awful cruel woman🤔🤔🤔only saying😏

    Barbie jakeBarbie jake6 kun oldin
    • You're an embarrassment to black culture. The rest of us know this is a scripted reality TV show! Where they reshoot scenes and have props! The hatred alot of you have is weird!

      JulieJulie16 soat oldin
  • Get well soon Sherelle so sorry to hear you haven’t been well, sending prayers🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾up for you sweet lady & wishing you a speedy full recovery dear🌹🌷🌼🌸🌺💐🌾🥀

    Barbie jakeBarbie jake6 kun oldin
  • So what they all grown adults period.....

    Odior101Odior1016 kun oldin
  • Your comparing opposite oranges😂😂😂😂. Perry is stuttering every time he speaking about kenya

    Chaldeen PrimusChaldeen Primus6 kun oldin
  • Perry you are to bias it's hard to watch. The dislike for Kenya is real. You could not like someone and still be fair

    Chaldeen PrimusChaldeen Primus6 kun oldin
  • Perry is so jealous of kenya😂😂😂😂 saying Kenya doing splits😂

    Chaldeen PrimusChaldeen Primus6 kun oldin
  • If they let Teresa go I will not watch the show. The others aren't that interesting 🤷‍♀️

    Elise TaylorElise Taylor6 kun oldin
  • I don’t watch RHOA.. too nasty for me. These “ladies” are thirsty and look hella desperate

    Yvette GrierYvette Grier6 kun oldin
  • Getting rid of Teresa has NOTHING to do with ANDY being racist... NENE can still prive racims court or a EEEOC hearing,, even if she is worng .. its about evidence,..

    Beard ZgorskiBeard Zgorski6 kun oldin
  • I sure hope that is true. Teresa is a TERRIBLE person.

    Kristen FreiburgerKristen Freiburger6 kun oldin
  • Teresa, isn’t going anywhere. Isn’t this why watch though. For all the drama. 🤷🏻‍♀️ she is so annoying. But Idky everyone gets so mad about this stuff. WE WATCH FOR THE DRAMA. The gossip, look at what happened to OC. They took away tamra, Vick and OC was the stupid season EVER!

    AmberAmber6 kun oldin
  • Definitely a low blow from Teresa,,I expected better from her....

    Mark LMark L6 kun oldin
  • Kenya not jealous of any of those girls, she likes seeing everyone happy, as she herself spread her legs apart. Kenya just love a juicy story that she can hold onto for future use. Kenya did not talk on anyone they all spoke on themselves 💯with the cameras over their heads. Lol😁

    Dianne AndersonDianne Anderson6 kun oldin
  • Funny thing the bolo episode aired and everyone talks about Kenya, You have your talk show and all you talk about is Kenya. Kenya would be a millionaire if she was to collect from each person who called her name.

    Dianne AndersonDianne Anderson6 kun oldin
  • Porsha is gross.

    NorcalNorcal6 kun oldin
  • Teresa would hit the roof if they fire her and keep Melissa

    Kate MaxwellKate Maxwell6 kun oldin
  • Gabor You should replace Perry he sounds like a Kenya hater.

    LaLa6 kun oldin
  • I am so done with Atlanta-Frankly,I am sick of the porn-shows. Black women have brains. Thank you Married to Medicine and HWOP! I feel Bravo is making a fool of these black women.I guess someone needs to show they can increase ratings without Nee Nee. -But at what price!!!!!

    AWAW6 kun oldin
  • Please tell Sharrell to hang in there. I'm not sure how long you guys have been married, but I can tell that you two really love each other. Don't worry about anything others may say-they are just jealous that they don't have a loving husband. You two belong together. Don't let the haters win.

    AWAW6 kun oldin
  • I really don’t care who got down with Bolo. That whole episode is a case of “Who done it?” 🙄

    Andrea HawkinsAndrea Hawkins6 kun oldin
  • Nene had brought nothing to the show but anger for a few seasons. She had no ally, no friends on the show and she was just bitter, I don’t miss her at all. I like fun Nene and her hilarious confessionals when she’s not so nasty. Too bad.

    Andrea HawkinsAndrea Hawkins6 kun oldin
  • Teresa has to goooo. She should've been gone when she went to JAIL.

    zoraida apontezoraida aponte6 kun oldin
  • I hope that Sheryl's feeling better soon angel

    Jacqueline T UrickJacqueline T Urick6 kun oldin
  • Theresa is a big hater. Fire her Bravo.

    Francisca EsemonuFrancisca Esemonu6 kun oldin
  • I did. Not know. Y’all was. Married

    Mike TeeMike Tee6 kun oldin
  • Perry Sanders clearly doesn’t like Kenya. He doesn’t even know what he is saying

    Diya HolliDiya Holli6 kun oldin
  • Gabor is SO ANNOYING and just another toxic RHOA stan taking everything so personally. WHO CARES what happened with bolo?!!!!?? They had a fun night. Good for them. Move on to the business that pays you!!! Perry made a great point. Where is Kenya/Kandi/marlo’s iPhone footage of the “sounds” they heard??? They easily could have recorded on their phones like many other times, but didn’t. Caring about SOMEONE ELSES sexuality is such a waste of time. Find your own dingaling and mind THAT

    ablack012993ablack0129936 kun oldin
  • They fired Phaedra for the same thing in ATL! 😂

    Tia ClarkeTia Clarke6 kun oldin
  • They are not going to fire Teresa..why? Because some people like a good fight”” and Teresa brings that to the show, and the ratings go up..she is a bully, aggressive, abusive..and a liar..she has hurt her own brother, she doesn’t care about anybody but herself!

    Monica I.Monica I.6 kun oldin
  • Without Kenya the show would've been boring. We needed the investigation

    daBombshelldaBombshell6 kun oldin
  • Teresa only has herself to blame

    Beef StewBeef Stew6 kun oldin
  • Kenya didn’t want it to be her she have respect for herself and I think it was porsha and Tanya

    L BBL BB7 kun oldin
  • I think it was porsha and latoya

    sha Fsha F7 kun oldin
  • Gabor telling the truth I’m with you all the way This ain’t Vegas 😂

    L BBL BB7 kun oldin
  • Ok done Perry you are definitely coming over as though you don't like Kenya good for Gabor loved to know what your Mrs would think.😳

    Heather CookHeather Cook7 kun oldin
  • Gabor you telling the whole truth Perry just want to talk about Kenya... you right Kenya didn’t want to do the things Porsha did what Kenya got to be jealous of porsha for.... I’m with you Gabor you telling the real truth

    L BBL BB7 kun oldin
  • Gabor somebody has to be Kenya’s friend

    Cynthia ColeCynthia Cole7 kun oldin
  • Hope U & Son feel better soon Sherell🙏

    Demetra GandyDemetra Gandy7 kun oldin