Breaking News Bravo rumored to hire RHOP Monique replacement Mia Thornton + RHOA stripper gate

19-Fev, 2021
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Breaking News Bravo rumored to hire RHOP Monique replacement Mia Thornton + RHOA stripper gate
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  • Pple keep trying to erase the original bw! How is potomic better then atlanta? When pitomic whole season revolved around the fight with candace and monique?! Before that that show was boring!!!!! Ppl really trying to erase the original bw! Geeeeesh

    Renee HolleyRenee Holley2 kun oldin
  • Ok im trying to figure out how is potomic wayyyyy better then atlanta? That whole season with potomic revolved around the fight with monique and Candace up until the fight it was boring sooooo what r y'all talking ABOUT!!! Potomic is not better then atlanta what's really going on in potomic??? I think there seems to b ppl trying to belittle atlanta because ppl seem to want to erase the original bw!

    Renee HolleyRenee Holley2 kun oldin
  • Charise was completely edited out of all of the scenes in season 5 after the baby shower event at Ashley Darby’s house when Monique refused to acknowledge her. Monique might still “be around” but I doubt they film her. Especially not after quitting.

  • Yes Gabor Jen is full of shit! But Perry is right the show was just ok

    MizSmiley03MizSmiley032 kun oldin

    Diana McFarlandDiana McFarland7 kun oldin
  • Hello! Sending getwell wishes to the family. Love y'all!

    Charlsey HawkinsCharlsey Hawkins8 kun oldin

    Jaqua IngramJaqua Ingram8 kun oldin
  • You Did Very Amazing Job 👍 Perry Your Amazing Wife Sharrell Is Truly Bless Too Have A Wonderful Amazing Husband Like You Perry

  • Leave Wendy alone LOL She back that's all that matters

    Wema RamaWema Rama10 kun oldin
  • I want to know WHY is the keeping GIZELLE she has NO STORYLINE. I can't HER.

    kathleen fullwoodkathleen fullwood10 kun oldin

      Diana McFarlandDiana McFarland7 kun oldin
  • I Agree with you Gabor!!

    kathleen fullwoodkathleen fullwood10 kun oldin
  • Thanks Mr. Perry for letting me know how Sherrall and her is son is doing. I wish the best for you all. Take care.

    Willie BrooksWillie Brooks10 kun oldin
  • I always liked Monique and her husband, never liked Candace or her husband, fake and boring.

    Patria RyderPatria Ryder11 kun oldin
  • I think it's going to be a long season of RHOP

    refilwe sorinyanerefilwe sorinyane11 kun oldin
  • I agree with Gabor about basketball wives. Evelyn didn't do a damm thing when OG tossed her. So she picks and chooses who she feels safe to mess with!🙄

    Alysia VillasenorAlysia Villasenor11 kun oldin
  • Prayers for sherrell and her son get well as soon as possible we miss you.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Camlove HaywoodCamlove Haywood11 kun oldin
  • Perry you're doing a good job filling in for Sharell! Sharell I 'm praying that you turn the corner of whatever the illness is that you're fighting .🙏😇🕊 Please get well soon!😚😇

    Kelly SANDIFORDKelly SANDIFORD11 kun oldin
  • What i do hope is that Karen and the newbie mesh well and gang up on the old witches. I cant stand batman and robin, and the two chocolate nobodies. I like Ashley she's safe and definitely can hold her own.

    angela Sandersangela Sanders11 kun oldin
  • Not bagging on Perry cuz that is not my intention😂 But I gotta say sharrell is really good at what she does. She’s got a gift. Perry seems to be struggling a little. 🤣🤣I’m totally sure it isn’t easy

    Michelle TetreaultMichelle Tetreault11 kun oldin
  • Kandi seems a little - idk- this season. She’s more outspoken and unusual from what we’ve seen of her in the past. As if it’s not authentic kandi, like fake or something. Idk

    Michelle TetreaultMichelle Tetreault11 kun oldin
  • The show will do fine without Monique ... the show was not dependent on her. Wendy was a refreshing addition, she is actually married and well educated and informative.

    Lisa S ProvidenceLisa S Providence11 kun oldin
  • Yess I wish Mia had a boss ass twin ❤️

    Lé HunchøLé Hunchø11 kun oldin
  • How have you not done housrwives of New Jersey?You guys always think every house wives is so boring, but then finally a good one comes on and you haven’t talked about it?

    Vanessa DiazVanessa Diaz12 kun oldin
  • Please do not bring on Corri Burman again because she seemed to say things to make Adam feel like he could not have a perception just b/c he is from the U.K. @SharrellsWorld

    Breezy BreeBreezy Bree12 kun oldin
  • I just checked out Mia's Instagram and I've noticed that the real housewives ig page has followed her. I remember when Wendy was rumored to be on the show they started following her. Mia is gorgeous 😍 I love to see a woman that has her own and actually is housewives status joining this show. I hope that Mia does not kiss Gizelle's ass I hope she comes in being her own woman I'm looking forward to seeing her.

    LIL MACKYLIL MACKY12 kun oldin
  • I still won't be watching. I literally lost all interest after what they did to Monique. I'll support some of the wives' businesses.

    KiKi SiggersKiKi Siggers12 kun oldin
  • Gizelle is going to be really mad at that GORGEOUS Black woman.

    Breezy BreeBreezy Bree12 kun oldin
  • The new housewife might definitely b a target 4 Gzelle...shes attractive and rich, One or two of the girls said she dosent (Giselle) dosent like new pretty girls, so she maybe her target.

    tori davistori davis12 kun oldin
  • Hi Perry! How is wife and son? continued prayers for speedy recovery

    Rochelle LewisRochelle Lewis12 kun oldin
  • perry your doing a great job in sharrell's absence and hope they are doing well praying for her and your son and started a prayer chain on my facebook

    Tina GoetzkaTina Goetzka12 kun oldin
  • I'm watching it! Gazelle gonna be hating!!

    Kherri Francis'MartinezKherri Francis'Martinez12 kun oldin
  • I’m tried of hearing about Monique,enough move on and let the dead dog lye .

    Joanna WoodberryJoanna Woodberry12 kun oldin
  • Adam from England 🇬🇧 how do you watch RHOP iam in England

    teresa washingtonteresa washington12 kun oldin
    • It’s on HayU or ITVbe...

      Andra LopezAndra Lopez10 kun oldin
    • I'm in 🇬🇧 too. I either find it on UZworld or Cinema HD (Google it and download to your device)

      Drea Loving LifeDrea Loving Life11 kun oldin
  • Good work Perry and Gabor. I would rather have Monique back though. She really brought it. She is the true a Apothem of what a real housewife is. She’s rich, she owns four homes, she has children and married. Half of these housewives don’t have a husband so I don’t know why the show is called housewives to begin with. I really wish she would’ve come back and they could’ve filmed them reconciling together. Now we will never know. I also wish Wendy was gone because she brought nothing to the table Except or 4 degrees 📜 😂

    Angeleyes DaurioAngeleyes Daurio12 kun oldin
  • I definitely am watching and the new girl is beautiful

    Kati BKati B12 kun oldin
  • Holy Spirit flow

    Kristopher TarotKristopher Tarot12 kun oldin
  • 😅😅😅 good one Perry !

    Chrisie RichardsChrisie Richards12 kun oldin
  • We’ll see if she can hold her own,, ? New

    Chrisie RichardsChrisie Richards12 kun oldin
  • This show needs a breath of fresh air ,

    Chrisie RichardsChrisie Richards12 kun oldin
  • Good Job, Perry.

    Chrisie RichardsChrisie Richards12 kun oldin
  • Hi Sharelle,, 🫖🥣. Hopping u well soon,, 😷

    Chrisie RichardsChrisie Richards12 kun oldin
  • Hey Guys, Perry Hlad to see that you're holding up the fort while Sharell's taking care of herself, I do hope that she is ok and getting better. You're both awesome and your partnership is Gold. Hope to see her back soon.

    Samantha GellizeauSamantha Gellizeau12 kun oldin
  • Prayers to your beautiful wife and son🙏🏽😘 Great Job 👍🏽

    YessQueen HallYessQueen Hall12 kun oldin
  • Perry : wishing your family a speedy recovery! Can you please start each video with a quick update on how they're doing? YOU ARE DOING A AWESOME JOB FILLING IN...A TRUE MAN.

    Anastasia IAnastasia I12 kun oldin
  • Prayers going up for a speedy recovery. Although everyone is doing a good job, it's not the same without Sharrell's bubbly personality. 😄

    Kecia BlairKecia Blair12 kun oldin
  • Perry’s world is so much more professional! Go Perry! I’m enjoying you without the obnoxious laugh. Hope your wife is doing better.

    Beef StewBeef Stew12 kun oldin
  • Monique makes her own money too

    ErinErin12 kun oldin
  • Lets see how this goes...they can never replace my Batman and Robin tho

    SiaSia12 kun oldin
  • Not so fast Gabor, you didn't have a good thing to say about Monique last year so don't twist your words now. Everything was Candiace. She could do no wrong. Just saying.

    Donna DibiasioDonna Dibiasio12 kun oldin
  • Perry you did great. You are and will always be the G.O.A.T. Glad Sharell and the family are doing better. Gabor is always the MVP. And Corri is a delight. You better leave Robin alone Adam. 👀😂

    GiveMeShelterGiveMeShelter12 kun oldin
  • Monique is gone after what they did. RHOA and Basketball Wives doing to much that's why there ratings has dropped.

    louise mckoylouise mckoy12 kun oldin
  • Love and Light to your family!! You're doing a great job Perry. Feel better soon you are in my thoughts and prayers!!

    sarahsmilefivesarahsmilefive13 kun oldin
  • Hang in there Perry ... hope your wife and son are getting better every day. I have them both in my prayers.

    Emille RobinsonEmille Robinson13 kun oldin
  • Sending positive thoughts to Sharell and her son. Speedy recovery to both of you.

    Valerie G.Valerie G.13 kun oldin
  • Gizelle is going to hate on the new girl for sure. She'll be jealous of her having the total package, just like Monique did, the husband, the kids, the money, a real housewife, which she's not. Her chihuahua Monique will follow.

    Valerie G.Valerie G.13 kun oldin
  • I picture her an karen becoming close. She reminds me if Falynn, from Atlanta HW. Younger wife older husbands.

    Juliana HolstonJuliana Holston13 kun oldin
  • Get well soon. Praying🙏

    Juliana HolstonJuliana Holston13 kun oldin
  • As people especially Blacks, we can do so much better than reality TV.

    Kelly LawsonKelly Lawson13 kun oldin
  • I am definitely not watching it. I hope the show is cancelled.

    Kelly LawsonKelly Lawson13 kun oldin
  • Noone can replace MO

    Cristina CabralCristina Cabral13 kun oldin
  • She has an actual beauty line. Giselle going to be jealous.

    Karen Hayes GreenKaren Hayes Green13 kun oldin
    • @Amy Zorah same... so true!

      Alysia VillasenorAlysia Villasenor11 kun oldin
    • Then it’s going to be a great season😂 I have a like/hate relationship with Gisellez

      Amy ZorahAmy Zorah11 kun oldin
  • Problems with her chest?

    NorcalNorcal13 kun oldin
  • Unfortunately Mia’s kids took after her husband.

    NorcalNorcal13 kun oldin
    • Shade🌴

      Michelle SmithMichelle Smith12 kun oldin
  • Gisselle cottage is not valued at a million.

    NorcalNorcal13 kun oldin
  • Remember that’s a picture you can alter it the way u want.

    NorcalNorcal13 kun oldin
  • Well Wendy obviously didn’t flop she’s still on the show.

    NorcalNorcal13 kun oldin

      Diana McFarlandDiana McFarland7 kun oldin
  • Of course it’s way better then Atlanta, Atlanta has been bad for over 5 years. It sucks!

    NorcalNorcal13 kun oldin
  • Wishing Sharrell a speedy recovery. Am a big fan

    Naledi MosakaNaledi Mosaka13 kun oldin
  • How do you know she’s rich Perry???

    NorcalNorcal13 kun oldin
  • Yeah let’s see if any of this is real.

    NorcalNorcal13 kun oldin
  • What do you mean Monique’s husband make s the money? That’s normal.

    NorcalNorcal13 kun oldin
  • Of course they are going to introduce her as new. They won’t say replacement.

    NorcalNorcal13 kun oldin
  • Uhh no Candace and Monique are over.

    NorcalNorcal13 kun oldin
  • Um Gabor ... Kandi said it clearly that she is extra sensitive about Blaze because she thought maybe they wouldn't have a connection since she was carried by someone else. That's why she's extra about Blaze being connected to her, and crying for her.

    Anita ThomasAnita Thomas13 kun oldin
  • I think Gizelle and Robyn will turn on Candiace. They didn't really care for her, but used her to get at Monique. Now Mo is gone .... hmmm.

    Anita ThomasAnita Thomas13 kun oldin
  • Hugz&💋

    Betty BooBetty Boo13 kun oldin
  • I wish people would stop blaming Kandi for telling Kenya how she made her feel. Just because Kenya is going through some hard times, doesn't mean she gets to treat people poorly. And please remember, Blaze came out of another woman's womb so I can understand why Kandi would have some bonding concerns.

    MarkMark13 kun oldin
    • I will .miss mo

      Debra AckermannDebra Ackermann10 kun oldin
  • Yesss Bmore sis read those UK blokes!!!

    Shay JShay J13 kun oldin
    • "Go Ravens" 🏈, lol

      B J WilliamsB J Williams12 kun oldin
  • I think Mia will be great

    Kelli TeagueKelli Teague13 kun oldin
  • Monique was an alley cat but this woman appears to have class.

    d whited white13 kun oldin
  • Perry you were much more focused today and I appreciate it!!! You and Gabor did super today!! Karen ain't playing she will reign, I'm looking for Karen to drag the green eye bandits. Wendy is worthless and Candaice is a wussy.

    Melanie EwingMelanie Ewing13 kun oldin
  • I think Mia is a good addition. Wendy needs to go. I wish they would get rid of Kenya. She evil and was never loved by her mother so she takes it out on these women even if you are a friend. Bring Monique to Replace Kenya

    Irene LacourIrene Lacour13 kun oldin
  • I am surely sorry Sharell get better! Prayers are in the atmosphere on your behalf! Be Blessed!!! Go Perry!

    C.Denyce ShieldsC.Denyce Shields13 kun oldin
  • It's nothing to it! That find another lightskin girls, She's makes her on money, Those dirty birds are sickening!

    C.Denyce ShieldsC.Denyce Shields13 kun oldin
  • I would like to see a show with Kim Sheree and Phaedra

    Irene LacourIrene Lacour13 kun oldin
  • How does Robin have freinds🤔 She been too busy up in Gizelle butt😂🤣

    Idele DawsonIdele Dawson13 kun oldin
  • Perry i love you and your mystic card readings *But honestly i just want to see sharrell recoverd* SHE would not have had that houswive attacking Teresa's daughter* KIDS ARE OFF LIMITS PEOPLE

    Sasha MontesinosSasha Montesinos13 kun oldin
  • Perry you know you better order one of those "hatz"...

    Hope FunchesHope Funches13 kun oldin
  • Hey Perry, keep holding it down...thanks...tell Sharell feel better soon...🌷🌷

    Hope FunchesHope Funches13 kun oldin
  • I'm glad Sharrell is doing better.

    Benjamin BelzerBenjamin Belzer13 kun oldin
  • I totally agree with you Gabor. Leave Monique’s name out of their conversation

    Lillian SmithLillian Smith13 kun oldin
  • Monique is still rich

    Lillian SmithLillian Smith13 kun oldin
  • Monique makes her own money as well. She has her music and an Essential Oil company

    Lillian SmithLillian Smith13 kun oldin
    • @Morgan Wilson 🤣🤣🤣🙌🏽

      Chef CCChef CC4 kun oldin
    • @chef CC 😂 I guess she's still doing her homework 😂😂😂 algebra is tricky 😘😘😘

      Morgan WilsonMorgan Wilson4 kun oldin
    • @Morgan Wilson she had to go do her homework she's a child

      Chef CCChef CC4 kun oldin
    • @chef CC 😂😂😂😂 I'm still waiting for her #1 cheerleader to provide the proof. Who ever heard of Monique before housewives! If she was so hot and popping, how come her youtube channel barely has views 😂😂😂😂

      Morgan WilsonMorgan Wilson4 kun oldin
    • @Morgan Wilson right!!

      Chef CCChef CC5 kun oldin
  • People will not be watching because what they did all season and then to gas light Monique at the reunion, they unfair Monique but praise Giselle and Candice, so we the fans will t be watching.

    TheKevin421TheKevin42113 kun oldin
  • Good job Perry and Gabor! Get well soon Sharrell and son. I think Mia may be the person to take Giselle on the first time Giselle tries to throw shade. Wendy needs to go off the show and so does Candiace.

    Ruthie AndersonRuthie Anderson13 kun oldin
  • I will not be watching they did Monique really bad and now they are making it look like Black women can’t forgive and make things work. Monique cannot be replaced

    Lillian SmithLillian Smith13 kun oldin
  • Good job Perry and love Gabor!

    Bernadette StrunkBernadette Strunk13 kun oldin
  • Awesome show glad to hear everyone is feeling better

    Kathy MorganKathy Morgan13 kun oldin
  • I hope she is ready for the mean girls. If she can add. some spice. She will have the Trifeca. Rich older husband, the family , her own businesses and the looks.

    Vanessa S.Vanessa S.13 kun oldin
  • Corri Burman is ignorant AF. She loves to give out misinformation or spew blatant lies. This is the same woman who claimed Juan Dixon gets paid over a million dollars from Coppin State. Cringing! Juan only gets paid $157,000 a year.

    KiwiKiwi13 kun oldin