Attorney Ronald Richards discuss details on Tom Girardi to be evicted + Erika RHOBH role in the scam

3-Fev, 2021
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Attorney Ronald Richards discuss details on Tom Girardi to be evicted + Erika RHOBH role in the scam
Ronald Richards twitter:

  • ERICA what do you think of LVP Reply ERICA I think she is a SNIPER from the side, ERICA you are a disgrace to woman I think orange will look good on you

    dottie bracewelldottie bracewell6 kun oldin
  • If he really is impaired, I find it awful that she dumped him right when the going got tough. I hope I'm wrong about her.

    sand bachsand bach15 kun oldin
  • “Short term memory loss” could result from many medical issues and emotional problems....Erika will get a new sugar daddy!

    B.B.19 kun oldin
  • Hi Sharrell from Indiana

    molly lenyomolly lenyo19 kun oldin
  • There is a difference in dementia and alßźimer. You die from alszimer

    Dayle HudsonDayle Hudson19 kun oldin
  • Great job to everybody!

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  • I think it's a set up from both of them.

    Inge PoynerInge Poyner20 kun oldin
  • Where is Ronald Richards?

    Inge PoynerInge Poyner20 kun oldin
  • I can't believe they would steal money from burned victims to spend on their lavish lifestyle Don't they feel any kind of guilt. Waxed Cold . Unbelievable. Shame on them both.

    Sherry WaltersSherry Walters20 kun oldin
  • Fabulous interviews x

    Rosie DayRosie Day21 kun oldin
  • Amazing

    Dolly BerlingerDolly Berlinger23 kun oldin
  • They should both be convicted like they say. They stoled those peoples money that died in that crash. Erica played a good role and shamed herself by going on housewives . She needs to go to jail right with him

    Dolly BerlingerDolly Berlinger23 kun oldin
  • I KUDOS MR. RON slow clapping 👏🏼 and Freddie too.

    None ya BusinessNone ya Business23 kun oldin
  • Making money from tragedy was the ‘A’ game. There never was any compassion or care for the victims he represented. Tragedy was an opportunity to make money - the bigger the tragedy the bigger the profits. The ugly side of Capitalism “never give a sucker an even break”. The clients received a fraction of the settlements 20% out of which legal fees were probably also deducted. Tom’s firm received 80% and then kept his client’s 20% - he must have felt he deserved it all. Crooked!

    Robert WirthRobert Wirth23 kun oldin
  • What about the interest on the 23 million Erika has?

    Mauvi BauerMauvi Bauer23 kun oldin
  • Erika said she was a smart cookie

    Charyl TurnerCharyl Turner24 kun oldin
  • He had stated he had been in the home 30 or more years!! It should have been paid for by now!

    Angela HartleyAngela Hartley24 kun oldin
  • ...”the CRUX of this case.....”, I think is correct.....(not crust)....which I’ve just always and loosely determined was and defined as: the meat of it...the center - the main point.....I love to still learn at my old age .... especially the subtle nuances and meanings and even defining their placement in a sentence.....I’m not really a nerd, I think, but I did so actually Enjoy diagraming sentences in 7the grade, was blessed with many a good teacher (and several memorable quite stinky ones..) but this much-hated year-long lesson, as we underlined and labeled each word’s role and definition and reason for even being there.....we inadvertently learned much about sentence structure and a word’s actual function in it ! To me, the Fun part was putting all the required pieces together, and in correct order, to make a proper sentence,. It just felt good and satisfying and correct and yes, fun - maybe even wanting to achieve a correct sentence structure was just such an inherently good and very useful Life tool to have and keep sharp ! I enjoy your videos very much, Sharrell, and your thoughtful but never mean-spirited, but humorous and clever summary of events of the people we remain interested in ! And your giggle as you keep things light and not too heavy or serious.....Thank You for Being You - and sharing that entertaining and informative “word” thru your attractive personality..... ☺️👏🏼👍🏼👌🏼

    Nicki AbbottNicki Abbott24 kun oldin
  • THE BEST!!!!!!!

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  • Erica knew what was going on

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  • Wow I’ve been with you since 1k congratulations

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  • Wow really great video! Thanks for all the info 👏👏

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  • Hugz&💋

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  • GREAT INTERVIEW!!! Very informative!! 🇺🇸

    The Rose ReporterThe Rose Reporter25 kun oldin
  • Great interview !!! Very informative!!! 🇺🇸

    The Rose ReporterThe Rose Reporter25 kun oldin
  • That was AMAZING! I followed him on Twitter. Can’t wait until he’s on your show again. My 🙏 respect to him!!

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  • God bless Ron Richard's 🙌

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  • Great interview Sharell and Freddie!! Very informative and professional.

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  • A real life Schitt's Creek. I'd watch that!

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  • Great 👍 show Sharrell ‼️. What a fantastic guest so much more have I learned not only about law about life

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  • excellent information from ronald richards:). thx for

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  • Yes Sharrell keep strong I enjoy you and Perry shows you guys keep me going love your shows. I dont want to know what happened all I care about you guys keep doing you ❤ you guys ❤💙♥💗

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  • Hes going to call for miss trial

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  • Ronald Richards is THE MAN! Ive been following him for weeks now!

    toni stoni s27 kun oldin
  • Great interview but if Erika offers sympathy or money, isnt that some kind of admission? By no means am I defending her actions but pretty sure ignoring anything to do with THIS plays in to the "I dont know what my husband does."

    stoots007stoots00727 kun oldin
  • She’s a grifter , married him for his money and entered into his criminal schemes to maintain her lifestyle. She’s as guilty as him ... put them both away . Despicable behaviour 😡

    Echos BunnywomanEchos Bunnywoman27 kun oldin
    • I love Erika

      La Verne FreemanLa Verne Freeman18 kun oldin
  • This case couldn’t come at a better time, it takes the conversation away from COVID 19

    Yvonne BrownYvonne Brown27 kun oldin
  • Is it possible that the Judge on Tom’s trial is one the Tom appointed , because it states Tom had a lot of clout and has put these judges and lawyers in powerful positions

    Yvonne BrownYvonne Brown27 kun oldin
  • Erika need to go rent a room at LVP’s mansion if she still wants to live the high life.

    Yvonne BrownYvonne Brown27 kun oldin
  • This case is going to involve a lot of people in a wider net of conspiring to commit fraud securities fraud , banking fraud , wire fraud , bribery, public corruption lawyers experts , and possibly judges . This extensive pyramid scheme took years to build . The amount of money is is the hundreds of millions. I see people asking why so hard on Erika a character or why is this lawyer involved and my feelings are if you have little to no interest in the victims then understand this is a systematic abuse and you should because it is a landmark case. TG expertise was settlements , not the trials . Negotiating the financials which could favor criminally negligent parties . A judgement could be deemed 1 mill or 30 mil. Depending on who TG advocates for and his pattern has shown that he advocates for himself financially that is what his victims are saying publicly.

    Dani HDani H28 kun oldin
    • Self dealing and bribes . This case needs to be public . There needs to be accountability and jail time for people who perpetrate and enable public fraud . This is our judicial system. It should matter to anyone who has compassion and a sense of justice . For those who want to live in a country of equal justice for all. This is more common and endemic than people are willing to acknowledge and that is simply naive when it comes to a justice system of the have and have nots . These victims were deprived of their rights in ways that are completely unconscionable . Victims lost their ability to work, their property , their family members. It sickens me how anyone is just being a fan . It concerns me when I look at Erika Janes Twitter and all I read is hundreds of I❤️EJ . In a time of influencers and marketing teams that can spin and excuse any criminal behavior that this is the norm , not the exception. Millions are sitting in off shore accounts and there is NO Law that can retrieve those monies. All EJ has to hold in her possession is a certificate of the account on one slip of paper and it all belongs to her . That paper doesn’t even require her name on it to belong to her . Possession is ownership. That’s how easy it is to steal and hide millions . That is our system. The fact that hundreds of milkweed are missing does imply guilt because either she has possession or he does . Also we may learn that he was rerouting “ fees” he claimed ( outright theft of entire settlements ) to co-conspirators . People were calling for their money ( some over 4 years ) and the office was picking up the phone and hanging it up when it rang according to public reviews of the firm. A firm that claims it employs ( 50 to 100) people . Nothing about this is funny or trivial . It is absolutely criminal and horrendous. IMO , they must both be malignant narcissist’s . She actually never read a public review ? And what lawyer is going to sue the Bar? Zero . Yet people were victimized for years . I don’t give the CA Bar the benefit of the doubt. All those contributions are IMO criminal networking.

      Dani HDani H28 kun oldin
  • This was an excellent interview! Whew

    Mmjlou JohnsonMmjlou Johnson28 kun oldin
  • I enjoyed the questioning and Ronald's answers, a very informative interview. He put in into simple terms and his passion for outing crooked lawyers is just remarkable. Some of these "real" housewives need to be put on blast, especially Erika! Looking forward to the next time Ronald is on.

    thacker41thacker4128 kun oldin
  • @RonaldRichards will you be starting a UZworld channel?

    Sanday SundaySanday Sunday28 kun oldin
  • great to have him on. I found his channel and subbed. I like all the lawyers takes on this case.

    Heather McdonaldHeather Mcdonald28 kun oldin
  • Great job all. Already following RR

    Diksha EdytheDiksha Edythe28 kun oldin
  • Alot of people in hollywood are going through this because they think they abide to a different law than we do. These people actually think they are entitled to the money.

    Carol BakerCarol Baker28 kun oldin
  • Bravo shouldn’t be giving a platform to someone who has been the recipient of stolen money. There’s no way she hasn’t been at this point, we know that much. I’m shocked they are keeping her on.

    April-TuiApril-Tui28 kun oldin
  • Don't any of the women from rhobh object to working with that snake? Aka Erica gerradi aka Erica Jayne aka ! Aka ! Snake will do her nicely!

    Lynne SlawsonLynne Slawson28 kun oldin
  • Why are you putting URSELF in this case that does NOT even belong to you!

    Desiree HoneycuttDesiree Honeycutt28 kun oldin
  • Oh so all he does is say I'm an attorney who sits in court and takes notes about it so he can tweet and raise his voice,he is acting like a paralegal. I'm dying here I used to be a paralegal!

    Desiree HoneycuttDesiree Honeycutt28 kun oldin
  • Ok folks believe this or not BUT cases take a year or longer! This man did NOT answer correctly. It's NOT McDonald's FFS.

    Desiree HoneycuttDesiree Honeycutt28 kun oldin
  • Where can one find good old Freddie?

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  • Totally loved this interview, definitely your finest.

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  • Wow! Just wow. Facts. Thank you! I always felt Erica was cold. Now we know how heartless she really is.

    Emma SimmonsEmma Simmons28 kun oldin
  • Omg Sharrell you are hosting an increasing awesome show; interesting, informative, going beyond basic tea; Freddie is a true asset! Freddie your intelligent, informed research and questions add a new dimension! We all know "tea" and gossip forums are titillating sugary pop fun but with your deep thinking and research oriented young brain I hope you advance into a more intellectual sphere in your future career, even the attorney recognizes that your input is greatly appreciated and intelligent beyond the stupid scope of reality TV. Keep up the great work!!! Great attorney guys! Love him!!!

    Linda & Bud, Mountain Home, NCLinda & Bud, Mountain Home, NC28 kun oldin
  • Oh he just nosey lmao

    Desiree HoneycuttDesiree Honeycutt28 kun oldin
  • Ask him is he involved in case

    Desiree HoneycuttDesiree Honeycutt28 kun oldin
  • Great interview! Thanks to Ronald for his thorough breakdown of the cases against Tom and Erika. Hopefully justice will be served for the plaintiffs.

    Vickster 23Vickster 2328 kun oldin
  • Ronald Richards sounds like a bad ass guy doing the right thing. Absolutely loved it. Thanks 😄😄

    Kathy GeorgiouKathy Georgiou28 kun oldin
  • Omg. ..Ronald Richard's is my idol!

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  • Bravo protecting this thief Erica like 👍 they did Teresa Guidice DISGUSTING 🤮

    diane longdiane long28 kun oldin
  • People should BOYCOTT THAT SHOW!! Erica is trashhhhh she should have been fired Period

    diane longdiane long28 kun oldin
  • I was just watching a nearly hour long "docu" with Girardi uploaded a year ago. He seems like an elderly man yes, but with his marbles fully intact. Are they gonna claim that he kept having some sort of EPISODES of short term memory loss every time when he defrauded his clients and others? Lol..that's would be totally loony tunes indeed. Wow. WHERE IS all that money?? Where is it GONE? Did he worship Erika THAT much that he was willing to steal EVERYTHING for her? Or, has the money been simply funneled out somehow, somewhere abroad, in a tax haven with tight lips? This is HUGE!

    HS KHS K28 kun oldin
  • Erika bled Tom dry and stashed that blood money now she is just leaving him high n dry. Cold heartless theif.

    Cheryll HamiltonCheryll Hamilton28 kun oldin
    • He was also giving money to a judge that he was dating

      Lala LolaLala Lola28 kun oldin
  • Just grievous // Erika was a favorite of mine on RHOBH, she was reasonable, steady, confident, and level headed...I loved her poise and demeanor, how she handled drama, esp when Dorit gave her those panties because of her commando moment ///so all of this is truly tragic. It will be interesting to watch how RHOBH navigates the unfortunate situation... #patthepuss

    Amy AnselAmy Ansel28 kun oldin
    • Ron Richards you are so on point! Had an educational moment with this episode//thanks Sharrell you’re absolutely brilliant with your commentary and content.

      Amy AnselAmy Ansel28 kun oldin
  • I find it disturbing that the clients have left it too long to bring a lawsuit, but fellow lawyers ie Ed Masey estate can still bring lawsuits for non payment.

    Donna MelodyDonna Melody28 kun oldin
  • Sherrell and Freddy are a great team

    cherylb2008cherylb200828 kun oldin
    • Thank you 😊

      FreddieFreddie28 kun oldin
  • Stealing. Victimization of others.

    cherylb2008cherylb200828 kun oldin
  • Why are they still free? A rich con man getting leniency

    Angela PhilpottAngela Philpott29 kun oldin
  • I honestly don't believe that Ericka didn't know.... I mean come on if you husband gives you millions just like it's nothing wouldn't you ask where this money came from?? I am pretty sure even Bill Gates wife would ask him if he gave her 25 millions just to spend it and that dude is beyond rich..

    Inez GInez G29 kun oldin
  • Great show!💗💗💗💗💗

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    • 😊

      FreddieFreddie28 kun oldin
  • It would have been nice to see is face that you see on Twitter instead of his name. Why is Freddie getting all the phrase for finding Ronald Richards??? I have seen several people posting about Ronald Richards on your page Sharrell! Emily D. Baker mentioned RR to you as well.

    Lola KellyLola Kelly29 kun oldin
    • We were one of the first channels to talk about Ronald Richards information

      FreddieFreddie28 kun oldin
  • Boohoo...poor Erica Plain...😂

    Love My dogLove My dog29 kun oldin
  • Damn did this have to become political?

    Regina NottinghamRegina Nottingham29 kun oldin
  • Freddie you did so awesome in this video! Great questions and points made! Sharrell I just love you too!

    Julie TravinskyJulie Travinsky29 kun oldin
    • Thank you 😊

      FreddieFreddie28 kun oldin
  • Thanks for a very informative show. Corrupt people with power & authority are the most damaging Criminals. Let’s hope they’re made accountable. Excellent questions Freddie ✌🏻🇦🇺

    Emine InceEmine Ince29 kun oldin
    • Thank you 😊

      FreddieFreddie28 kun oldin
  • I love Freddie. He seems intelligence. Good for your blog, you should only allow people like him. No offense to the rest just my opinion. Also thanks for inviting to Mr. Ronald Richards knowleable Attorney. Good job and thanks Mr. Richard for the input regarding this crazy lawsuits with corrupt couple Erica and husband (allegedly 😉) spending people's money, a victim already then victimized again.

    Bel TBel T29 kun oldin
    • Thank you 😊

      FreddieFreddie28 kun oldin
  • Tom and Erika probably has a big stash of 💰 over 🌊 in a account like most of the rich people do.

    Keezy FoxKeezy Fox29 kun oldin
  • So basically Erikas doing the same thing leveraging her “now” money and gonna try to put it back later? Like steal from Peter to pay Paul type thing ahh ok

    SP SPSP SP29 kun oldin
  • The syringes LITERALLY to Tom and to Erika for her Botox, fillers and whatever else

    SP SPSP SP29 kun oldin
  • She doesn’t even have the balls to mention and/or semi address or acknowledge this mammoth situation because decency is not on the menu, to even give the viewers, us peasants or whatever (not to mention the victims) that much.

    SP SPSP SP29 kun oldin
  • 😴😴😴😴😴

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  • Like Bethany said, Erika can't play smart and stupid at the same time ! And Tom's just playing sick and more sick, and they're both being disgusting !

    JWF99JWF9929 kun oldin
  • I love it when Freddie is on your show

    JJJJ29 kun oldin
  • Freddie looks like Brandi

    Luxsan RajLuxsan Raj29 kun oldin
  • How can someone say all of a sudden I've got short term memory. Erika what a joke. It takes me a long time to spell as I had a stroke 11 year's ago , my short term memory is fxxxxxxxk I have to use predicted text and sometimes it doesn't recognize what I'm trying to say . So! Tom what a con man and he didn't have " short term memory before now" Erika needs to work in a supermarket or scrubbing the people they coned floors.

    Denise AonsoDenise Aonso29 kun oldin
  • Joe and Teresa went to jail The Girardi’s definitely need to serve time.

    Maria Hernandez-SanchezMaria Hernandez-Sanchez29 kun oldin
    • It’s only fair, Joe and Teresa didn’t victimize or do anything on this level. Somehow.. I have the feeling this will drag on forever and we still may never see them go to prison

      SP SPSP SP29 kun oldin
  • Good job Freddy and Sherrell

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    • Thank you 😊

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  • This was a fantastic interview, thank you!

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    • 😃

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  • Erica is an example of greed and corruption. The only talent she has, is spending 💰 💰 💰.

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  • 1am in UK but had to watch this as Freddies tea is better than Tetleys. 💕🍵🇬🇧⌚

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    • Made me laugh. Thanks 😂

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  • Lock those thieves up..ericka has been knocked off her high horse..

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  • The best interview ever he is an amazing Lawyer is he single ??? Haha

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  • WOW 😳!

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  • Thank you for bringing awareness to this... This is a very good video..

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  • Erika de or Ed him so she wouldn’t have to give any money

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  • Excellent show, Sharrell, especially for its educational aspect as Attorney Richards stated.

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