90 Day Fiance Stephanie & Ryan secrets coming out! Natalie plays victim + Paul & Karine recap review

22-Fev, 2021
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90 Day Fiance Stephanie & Ryan secrets coming out! Natalie plays victim + Paul & Karine recap review
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  • Stephenie is hilarious

    karen81986karen819862 kun oldin
  • Stephanie is mad at Ryan because he didn't use the condoms after he acted like he put one on and that's what she is calling it sexually assaulted because of that reason.

    Sandra ArmstrongSandra Armstrong4 kun oldin
  • Paul and Karine will never cease to make me sick.

    Jukebox JaimeJukebox Jaime5 kun oldin
  • Stephanie is a definite over indluger of alcohol and smoke. She seems to be high on one or the other. Maybe she could check in and have more value to herself.🤍

    Michele WrightMichele Wright5 kun oldin
  • Love you dear lady, rest up very soon🤍

    Michele WrightMichele Wright5 kun oldin
  • Stephanie invited Ryan cousin to come over after she had a argument with . Let’s hope it’s not him.

    Lucy LakerLucy Laker5 kun oldin
  • Karine is so spoiled and ungrateful.

    Catherine PowellCatherine Powell6 kun oldin
  • Sherrell I pray that you will feel better and God bless you and Perry. Perry you did an awesome job.

    Catherine PowellCatherine Powell6 kun oldin
  • They are too conservative to be swingers! I don’t believe that at all!

    Tammy SpeedTammy Speed6 kun oldin
  • Ryan left that ole az ed hardy 2008 shid dere lol!

    M ColeM Cole7 kun oldin
  • Hazel was very jealous of Thai women because Tarik had a Thai girlfriend before he met her.

    CarolbethCarolbeth7 kun oldin
  • Is his (Pual) Ass leaking 😮😮😮😂😂😂

    uniqueib76uniqueib767 kun oldin
  • Let me get ready to laugh...... Not toilet paper stuck in the bum.. 😆😆

    Karen JaynesKaren Jaynes7 kun oldin
  • Iny

    Sharonlee GibsonSharonlee Gibson7 kun oldin
  • I'm so glad Sharrell is doing better. I will continue to pray for her and her family to have a full recovery. God Bless; love you guys

    Pamela ValteauPamela Valteau7 kun oldin
  • Love 💘 shes healing up prayers are still for her recovery and for your son and lord guard perry 🙏 too.

    Aurora CornejoAurora Cornejo7 kun oldin
  • I have no desire to even see or listen to anything she might have to say. She's nuts!!! Just bcuz she has money she thinks she can buy people. Also she's very bragadocious. She needs to check herself

    Christin SitzesChristin Sitzes7 kun oldin
  • That what I say.. Who gives a damn

    Molly GMolly G7 kun oldin
  • Sending Speedy Complete Healing Prayers Up For Sharrell..❤❤🙏

    Gia HyattGia Hyatt8 kun oldin
  • Geo, are you doing your homework? You don't seem to have a clue about the stories. I agree that Stephanie is on something. She always looks super high. She acts like a teen girl who has never had relationships. She is pretty outside but like Natalie very ugly on the inside. No wonder they have to go across the world to find someone.

    Cay MannCay Mann8 kun oldin
  • I wonder if the psychic friend has seen the video the cousin did where he talked about Stephanie & why he "went" with her -it was so gross.

    Maggie MorganMaggie Morgan8 kun oldin
  • She had selective hearing when it came to the Psychic, she only heard what she wanted . Personally I think she should have called a psychiatrist rather than a psychic .

    Anita Funita - Indulging DesiresAnita Funita - Indulging Desires8 kun oldin
  • Lol, yes Harris was like a side dude on speed dial , that woman disgusts me 🤢.

    Anita Funita - Indulging DesiresAnita Funita - Indulging Desires8 kun oldin
  • OMG.. TP ?? Ugh

    Debbie BiancoDebbie Bianco8 kun oldin
  • Paul not all together in the head is an understatement.. LOL

    Debbie BiancoDebbie Bianco8 kun oldin
  • Paul is pimping out his wife doing sex videos, she wasnt even healed from having the baby. He tried to make out the onlyfans stuff is all her doing & what she wants to do. But I dont believe, he's got no way to make a honest living so is pimping his wife.

    Maggie MorganMaggie Morgan8 kun oldin
  • No Ryan left her ass.

    Freddie fitchFreddie fitch8 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Freddie fitchFreddie fitch8 kun oldin
  • Stephanie is just NASTY,period.

    Freddie fitchFreddie fitch8 kun oldin
  • I really don't understand why people would entertain Paul no one cares about Paul and Karine sickening.

    Freddie fitchFreddie fitch8 kun oldin
  • Glad to hear Sharrell is doing much better.

    Freddie fitchFreddie fitch8 kun oldin

    Araia SunshineAraia Sunshine8 kun oldin

    Araia SunshineAraia Sunshine8 kun oldin
  • Real talk and maybe y’all don’t get it bc y’all are men. I agree with you both, she is an alcoholic and a typical white savior complex. Regardless, I don’t blame her for asking him to wear a condom after not seeing each other in a year. For him to take the condom off without telling her is a major violation

    Mama Ray WrightMama Ray Wright8 kun oldin
  • Why can’t Geo follow what Perry is saying?

    PampPamp8 kun oldin
  • Oh my , you both are so halerious, I hope you guys can fill in a time or 2..

    Stephania DenningStephania Denning8 kun oldin
  • If you put anything on internet there is no private

    Karen armstrongKaren armstrong8 kun oldin
  • He is not right anyway

    Karen armstrongKaren armstrong8 kun oldin
  • How about how she immediately accused him of STEALING, and then when she realized he did not take anything that wasn’t his, she thanked him for not stealing. I think she treats Ryan as badly as Ed treated Rose. Different, but equally bad.

    AnneAnne8 kun oldin
  • Geo: somebody get this man a Sharpie! 😂😂😂

    Miss DottieMiss Dottie8 kun oldin
  • Re: Stephanie’s claimed sexual assault was Ryan’s failure to wear a condom! Simply that. After she had been practically begging him for sex the day before. Since when does no condom = sexual assault?

    Miss DottieMiss Dottie8 kun oldin
    • It's actually illegal. It's called stealthing.

      Nia888Nia8887 kun oldin
  • Hello Geo, good to see you. Greetings from London England.

    Kehiinde OkuleyeKehiinde Okuleye8 kun oldin
  • Great job guys👏👏👏😁

    Melissa BonischMelissa Bonisch9 kun oldin
  • Goos job Perry & Geo. Thinking of you Sharrell.

    Lora HosfordLora Hosford9 kun oldin
  • Hazel got jealous of minty not because of tyrek its because minty not wanting her more she dont care of Tyrek

    Theresa RTheresa R9 kun oldin
  • Ryan said it's not the first time they didn't use a condom It doesn't take a psychic to tell you they are using you Pay me Stephanie I will say the same thing I trust Perry card reading and Geo before her friend

    Theresa RTheresa R9 kun oldin
  • Stephanie piss me off when she just accused Ryan of being a theif She said let me look around and make sure he did take anything he left his own shit there 😒

    Theresa RTheresa R9 kun oldin
    • No shit... That what i thinking. It's very insulting & racist

      Molly GMolly G7 kun oldin
  • Glad to hear about Sharrell how is your son You and Geo is doing a good Sharrell would be proud 👏

    Theresa RTheresa R9 kun oldin
  • Hazel is a straight Lesbian, she is using Tyrese for a green card, she can be herself over here she couldn’t do it when she was in the Philippines, it was unexceptionable with her parents, let Hazel go she’s using you!!

    Lee HuntLee Hunt9 kun oldin
  • Perry Sanders...you got ur name on ur tshirt....hahaha

    M ZM Z9 kun oldin
  • Everything on reality tv it's not real. Scripted storylines. Thank goodness! It's a hot mess all over tlc.

    Itsjusta HellcatItsjusta Hellcat9 kun oldin
  • Geo seem so 👆 he can touch the sky ☁️🌌

    Chris CrossChris Cross9 kun oldin
  • I think Stephanie is being played by Ryan and Harris and I think they are in on it together, all she's good for is her money. Her physic friend is getting a cut also.

    Vanessa HerronVanessa Herron9 kun oldin
  • Hey Perry,, I know it's a woman's body and prerogative who is she sleeps with but if you are so traumatized but you go out and call Harrison. Then you go by out and get an account on Only Fans??? She killed me the way she was drilling Ryan please....Ryan was right she thinks that money she's spending is controlling him and his family. Get real everyone doesn't jump or kiss your behind Stephanie!!!!

    A Angie SA Angie S9 kun oldin
  • With Paul there is something definitely wrong upstairs, I'm thinking he forgot to pay the light bill so they cut the power off...

  • Taking off or not putting a condom on and tricking someone isn’t illegal. It’s f... up and morallly wrong and is betrayal but it’s not assault or illegal. It has happened to be before and I cut all ties because I should have never opened my legs to be put in that situation. I should have been with someone that I wouldn’t have to question.

    cc9 kun oldin
  • Perry is all the way triggered. 😂

    Your Mom Says Wash your handsYour Mom Says Wash your hands9 kun oldin
  • I can't bare to see/watch Natalie ! She's absolutely CRAZY !!!

    Janet MartinJanet Martin9 kun oldin
  • NO! Pictures of WHAT?! NO, no, no 🤣☠

    Felicia StarcherFelicia Starcher9 kun oldin
  • Ryan & Harris were already at the bar drinking spending Stephanie's money when she called Harris that night.

    Wendy PayneWendy Payne9 kun oldin
    • Harris paid for Ryan's cab

      Wendy PayneWendy Payne6 kun oldin
  • Hazell wants a girlfriend for herself only. She does not want to involve him. She couldn’t do that in her country so she got to the US via Tariq. She will put up with him but really wants a girlfriend in the side .

    Linda AndersonLinda Anderson9 kun oldin
  • Unfortunately if she requested condom use, he agreed and she was under the impression that the condom was on and it wasn’t, it’s seen as sexual assault. She was talking about Ryan. “I need a solid f...friend.” We all know she didn’t mean friend. And if the psychic lady was legit why didn’t she predict Stephanie’s future 3.5 years ago?

    GreggsGreggs9 kun oldin
  • Yes he is the master mind. He knows what he is doing nasty creep.

    Deborah VadiwalaDeborah Vadiwala9 kun oldin
  • I think Paul is the master mind behind all of this behind the pictures. He is a sleaze bag.

    Deborah VadiwalaDeborah Vadiwala9 kun oldin
  • He didn’t want his bung hole showing 😂😂😂 maybe he has roids 😂😂😂

    tamara schenktamara schenk9 kun oldin
  • We also read through the energies of others and some of us have done it for years without a cent some of us had to learn over time that we too have to pay bills and that's why we charge a reasonable fee not everyone is fake please understand that there are some of us that do have good intentions from our heart and soul

    Yvette MoreelYvette Moreel9 kun oldin
  • Spiritual readings are not all fake some of us really do have abilities and some of us do the work wholeheartedly to universal God and a lot of us have been trained and are certified in what we do it's not just all hoopla Some of us actually do help people in life through healing through card reads which is connected to the vibration of the universe and the reader someone who just called somebody on the phone for advice is not always true to who they are it takes meditation and it takes great work to do a reading for someone a psychic person is only someone who can foresee certain things in the near future and actual reader is someone who does find information through the universe for the present time I don't believe on call psychics In on call psychics within a moment it takes time it takes cleansing it takes meditation to be a good medium psychic or reader and yes there are those that will rip off others for money because they know that this person is desperate that person should be ashamed and all I can say is karma Thank you

    Yvette MoreelYvette Moreel9 kun oldin
  • Glad to hear that Sharrell is starting to get better.

    Sandi DCSandi DC9 kun oldin
  • If we had the talk of condoms need to be used I would feel violated even if I was drunk.

    Dyanne PittDyanne Pitt9 kun oldin
  • God is good thank God she is feeling better

    Sandra ParkerSandra Parker9 kun oldin
  • Thanks for the updates on Sharrell. Glad you guys are filling in.

    michele250000michele2500009 kun oldin
  • Stephanie is way to crazy for me. She seems like an attention seeker.

    Lisa RankinLisa Rankin9 kun oldin
  • Her pum pum dry

    magda sanonmagda sanon9 kun oldin
  • Hazel just want to come here to be free with her lifestyle she doesn't want no man

    magda sanonmagda sanon9 kun oldin
  • Love these two 💗

    K DK D9 kun oldin
  • Everyone to their own ,,,, hazel is bisexual and they have agreed not to put another women around the child ,,,so let them live their lives I say +++

    Lesley MaherLesley Maher9 kun oldin
  • Stephanie needs counseling not bad advice. Tarot cards are for entertainment like Uno. A true psychic doesn't need anything. Hazel really does not want to share. She wants the girl to herself and him for herself.

    babble2leezababble2leeza9 kun oldin
  • Glad to hear that Sharell is feeling better💖🙌

    Priscilla PetersenPriscilla Petersen9 kun oldin
  • Pretty sure the assault Stephanie was talking about was Ryan not wearing a condiment when she requested him to do so. That was a violation to her.

    Linda AndersonLinda Anderson9 kun oldin
  • Stephanie is crazy plus she keeps throwing it in Ryan's face about the money. Why does she keep giving them money. I think that's how she controls men.

    EmEm9 kun oldin
  • Harris just wants one of the watches.

    Rebecca Estrella-RussellRebecca Estrella-Russell9 kun oldin
  • Oh man you two crack me uuuuup!! Love seeing ya'll fill in!! Get well soon, Sharrell!! We miss youuuuu!!

    Sunshine CantuSunshine Cantu9 kun oldin
  • Hazell like 🐟🐠🐙

    Oh Val ComedianOh Val Comedian9 kun oldin
  • So happy Sharrell is feeling better and hope your son is feeling better.🙏😇🙏

    Jennifer AlcalaJennifer Alcala9 kun oldin
  • Physic wanted to be on 90 day she got Stephanie to go on the show. I with Geo I don’t believe physic readings. Stephanie is trying to buy these boys. I am so glad Ryan left all of her gifts behind. But Stephanie had to insult Ryan one last time by saying how u leaving with whose $$. Rebecca and Stephanie talk to these boys like boys so creepy. I think it was funny Natalie had to find a therapist to back her up on somethingthat happened years ago. I cannot believe Mike married Natalie! Brandon is such a baby. Run Julia Great show guys get well Sharrell☮️❤️

    Julia PalmerJulia Palmer10 kun oldin
  • I haven’t laughed so much lol. You guys where great now on to the after show

    LeeLeeLeeLee10 kun oldin
  • Don’t mess with the other side Stephanie.

    Debby CsrenkoDebby Csrenko10 kun oldin
  • Stephanie is controlling and doesn’t love Ryan. She emasculates him every time they see each other.

    Rouvi MRouvi M10 kun oldin
    • That's why she is 60 and never had a relationship. Now she is playing with boys.

      Cay MannCay Mann8 kun oldin
    • Same thing with Yara. She mean as hell to him but everyone ignores that.

      Itsjusta HellcatItsjusta Hellcat9 kun oldin
  • Tyrik seems like a nice person.

    Bliss BlissfulBliss Blissful10 kun oldin
  • That’s all Hazel talks about , is another woman ! But I got news for him , Hazel is never going to let him be with another woman . The bottom line is she came to find her a American woman and got him to pay for her to get here to find her . Anyone can see that from a mile off !!!

    Carolyn SmartCarolyn Smart10 kun oldin
    • Absolutely!!

      AngelAngel10 kun oldin
  • You guys have me laughing 😆

    Toni CutroneToni Cutrone10 kun oldin
  • Yes, Hazel doesn’t like Minty but Tyrik does. In the long run, Hazel is going to break his heart. She only wanted him to be in America, bring her son here, and be a complete lesbian in peace.

    Bliss BlissfulBliss Blissful10 kun oldin
    • Yesss! He is a stepping stone to get to where she wants and making him pay for everything along the way.

      AngelAngel10 kun oldin
  • And Jova was being told I hate you ! And the mom was saying just look at them , I can see how much they love each other , and she’s telling Jovi on the dance floor move your hand, I hate you !

    Carolyn SmartCarolyn Smart10 kun oldin
  • Paul is a creepy person and I feel bad for his wife being extorted the way she is

    kelsey stephensonkelsey stephenson10 kun oldin
    • @Cay Mann you never know it from her side, he could be controlling her and convenience her to do things she is not innocent but Paul has a history of getting with really young girls and being a creep, she is desperate for money and vulnerable from that aspect and her took full advantage of it

      kelsey stephensonkelsey stephenson8 kun oldin
    • If she plays the game she is creepy as well. Don't make her to be innocent. She has kids and acts nasty for the world to see. She is nasty.

      Cay MannCay Mann8 kun oldin
  • Great job filling in Perry!! I hope Sharrell feels better. ♥️ I’m glad she is taking a break! Her health is more important and you and Geo are truly a delight to watch 😊

    AngelAngel10 kun oldin
  • Love to Sharrell and Perry! Hi Geo and thanks for being here too. I just hit the 👍 in support of this channel. Prayers for Sharrell and your son’s recovery 🙏🙏

    Jean HJean H10 kun oldin
  • 😲😲😲

    Lady VLady V10 kun oldin
  • Im glad to hear that your son and sharrell are doing well but it does take time to get over this virus prayers 🙏 goes out to you

    Nancy FrancillonNancy Francillon10 kun oldin
  • Perry: Is his ass leaking?!? 🤣😅😄😂💀💀💀

    SoCuteSoCute10 kun oldin
  • Paul and Karine, just gross. Wouldn’t pay a cent to see that. Stephanie is another odd ball. ✌️🇨🇦

    carlene fletchercarlene fletcher10 kun oldin