90 Day Fiance Stephanie Davidson gets new Only Fans & new boyfriend after being sexually assaulted!

28-Yan, 2021
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90 Day Fiance Stephanie Davidson gets new Only Fans & new boyfriend after being sexually assaulted!

  • Hi hula hoop girl!

    Adria SorensenAdria Sorensen8 kun oldin
  • No thanks

    Joe MommaJoe Momma15 kun oldin
  • Some survivors of sexual assault can engage in more sexual behaviors. I do find her allegations a bit odd though.

    Suzy BSuzy B25 kun oldin
  • She is bizarre for sure. The guys she chooses yuck. 😎

    B ReaganB Reagan28 kun oldin
  • Stephanie you need to grow up .Ryan will get what he wants from you and leave your old soul .

    Sylvia HernandezSylvia Hernandez28 kun oldin
  • She needs to fix her smeared lipstick.

    Rebecca CannonRebecca Cannon28 kun oldin
  • She’s off like really off is she on something or just stupid?

    Anna OsheaAnna Oshea28 kun oldin
  • Found you Through Emily Baker ! I am 90 Day obsessed and so excited for your videos 🤩

    Jen GerardJen Gerard29 kun oldin
  • She’s a desperate hot mess. Pathetic really.

    Ray WihakRay Wihak29 kun oldin
  • Stephanie just wants to make herself look good and she is not doing it she's a liar a liar a liar where do you buy watches that does not come in a case on a street corner maybe a pawn shop sleazy ass liar

    Deborah QuickDeborah QuickOy oldin
  • Welp we all knew their relattionship wasnt gonna work. She needs therapy. She is just weird and needs to build self esteem.

    Rambling MillennialRambling MillennialOy oldin
  • Is that how she’s so rich by suing people one has to wonder 🤔

    Barbie PriestleyBarbie PriestleyOy oldin
  • She is very dangerous! Especially for a black man. She’s the kind that got black men killed or in jail for life. Ps who would throw a $3000 watch in a suitcase in protected? She’s a liar and bad news

    Kamili DennisKamili DennisOy oldin
  • Wacko!!!

    Sharon KociolekSharon KociolekOy oldin
  • A person that would sleep with her boyfriends cousin needs help. Lying about how much a watch cost that too is a cry for help. Maybe it was all scripted.

    Diane JohnsonDiane JohnsonOy oldin
  • Stephanie is just like Larissa ..... full of drama and none sense ....... I’m over 90 fiancé 😆😆

    Lucy SeidnerLucy SeidnerOy oldin
  • Maybe she wanted to make it like she is spending more on him (and that she is more rich).

    Celia WaldCelia WaldOy oldin
  • This one is Krazy!!

    Karen SandoreKaren SandoreOy oldin
  • Stephanie is a nut job

    Linda ScholtenLinda ScholtenOy oldin
  • She wants to turn back time to her youthful moments. She needs professional help.

    Zulu ShangeZulu ShangeOy oldin
  • She's full of it....cannot stand the way she talks....phony

    Mary Rose BoehlerMary Rose BoehlerOy oldin
  • No sound.

    Jj PpJj PpOy oldin
  • Regardless of what the truth is, I dont feel there is a 'way' to act after being sexually assaulted.

    Mimi T.Mimi T.Oy oldin
  • 3000 or 200 it's too much to spend on that leach.I bet mama Is mad they.broke up it cut off the gravy train they were riding on.

    Marvina BigbyMarvina BigbyOy oldin
  • I am sorry but I believe Stephanie has a drug problem.

    Deborah SuarezDeborah SuarezOy oldin
  • She makes no senses at all a woman just went to trauma like that I believe she won’t be able to be taking sexy pictures & videos for long time

    Joanne PereiraJoanne PereiraOy oldin

  • Stephanie. Cannot be trusted when she talks about Ryan and her relationship. She talks about how much money she spends too much. Just take what she says with a grain of salt.

    Suze QSuze QOy oldin
  • Lol

    Deksan HDeksan HOy oldin
  • Stephanie wants attention -whether it's negative or positive. She's a flake..... and she's suing TLC ..... because Ryan had a criminal background. How is that TLC's fault..... she's unstable..... seriously. Grow up Stephanie - not a good look .

    L A SL A SOy oldin
  • Oh the watches ...lol buy those downtown LA one for each outfit 40 each ...like one for Perry???lmao

    Brigitte 007Brigitte 007Oy oldin
  • Its called B.S. no life ...trying to fine things to make her 15 min of fame last longer abd something not right about her .. For real...lol

    Brigitte 007Brigitte 007Oy oldin
  • It's horrible if it's true that she was sexually assaulted. And no one predict how a victim should or would act and their behave does NOT invalidate what they are saying. But did she report the assault to the police? I don't understand what assistance she was expecting from TLC? The people who were with her should have been supportive such as emotional support, accompanying her to the police and to hospital if needed, and to the embassy. But it's a police matter surely?

    bette salmonbette salmonOy oldin
  • Everybody processes r*pe differently.

    VbbymcrVbbymcrOy oldin
  • Sharrell....what is it with all these 90 day cast members joining the "only fans porn page"...lol....how do you go from finding immigrant love to porn....i don't get it...i know it pays them....but so does prostitution....are they sex/porn workers first...just pretending to find immigrant love to make money???? im so confused...lol

    Latonya AkridgeLatonya AkridgeOy oldin
  • H

    Kate MorganKate MorganOy oldin
  • Remember she also gave him a ring for him to propose to with that her dad use to propose to her mom. That may be a ring she brought from amazon also

    KimberlyKimberlyOy oldin
  • I think she has been a scam from day one and she found her match in Ryan. Why would she go on 90 days fiancé in the first place. It is usually people with low income that come to the show... I wonder if her business is really doing that great. I think she was after that law suit since day one and she was never into Ryan but used him... Now of course Ryan is also a scam, he knew all the time about his cousin and used it to make her buy him even more things. Somebody please tell me if she's really that rich because her clothes and actions tell me something else.

    Aline GaugerAline GaugerOy oldin
  • She's injecting a lot of drugs into her face to stay young. Maybe it's affecting her brain . I personally think she's a flake

    ceejay muellerceejay muellerOy oldin
  • Stephanie likes bad boys too much to ever have a serious relationship.

    TheStewieGriffinShowTheStewieGriffinShowOy oldin
  • Mayb she’s going to say the cousin did it🤷‍♀️

    Dee K.Dee K.Oy oldin
  • I’m with u I can’t make it make sense either!!

    Dee K.Dee K.Oy oldin
  • This woman is insane ! Let the kids alone and find a man on your age !

    Minodora DanielaMinodora DanielaOy oldin

    Amber YanezAmber YanezOy oldin
  • Dude when I saw how clunky that watch was I was like ummmmmm No lol. I was wondering when someone was going to say something. Thanks girl!!! Haha haha Honestly you wouldn’t catch me with that scrap metal on. My latest is the bussdown 😉

    Keith LambkinKeith LambkinOy oldin
  • Sherrell i am so sorry poor all the back ground shot you go through.....lu and all your people....

    Robbin FahnRobbin FahnOy oldin
  • She has some problems 😕

    Robbin FahnRobbin FahnOy oldin
  • Omg what is wrong with her 😳 💀

    Robbin FahnRobbin FahnOy oldin
  • You can look at Stephanie and tell she is 1 fry short of a happy meal, no sense in anything she does or says

    Rose WRose WOy oldin
  • Sherelle I’m surprise you aren’t saying she’s your friend. Because you know all the 90 day casts all your friends

    Dee DeeDee DeeOy oldin
  • When Stephanie got to the Belize, the was she had her hands all over and kissing Ryan was cringy. Ryan knew the moment she slep with the cousin. He’s a Caribbean man and as he said in his confessional “ I just wanna get to America”. They aren’t together, maybe he found sums younger and stupider or o,Dee stupider but less clingy🤷🏿‍♀️

    Dee DeeDee DeeOy oldin
  • Stephanie definitely has deep rooted issues. I'm sure it stemmed from her childhood. Just looking at her, she seems a little off...let alone just observing her actions 🤷

    NaarahNaarahOy oldin
  • She's crazy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Ellen EirkEllen EirkOy oldin
  • When I watched the show I said to my husband the watches are FAKE 🤣🤣 I would not pay $3000 on a watch and not have the box..bag,and authenticity included xxx

    kingsley whitlockkingsley whitlockOy oldin
  • Yes I knew straight off she was a crackpot her and Brandon should get together

    Julieanne SimmsJulieanne SimmsOy oldin
  • The fact she owns a gun collection is scary lol

    Nathanil SaenzNathanil SaenzOy oldin
  • Stephanie is insecure about aging. She needs drama And men to go on in life. Yeah I think she a liar.

    Francesca IoziaFrancesca IoziaOy oldin
  • Does sexual assault = rape? Because I consider e.g. just touching someone's a-s-s without permission a sexual assault. it doesn't take years to heal after that...it only takes one kick in his balls.

    Justyna GrzJustyna GrzOy oldin
  • There are victims of SA and CSA that act out sexually, her starting an OF isn’t that surprising. She mentioned her dad had bipolar, I hope she’s not having a manic episode.

    Marissa StrykerMarissa StrykerOy oldin
    • So far you make the most sense

      littleredrose69littleredrose69Oy oldin
  • Sharrell I really do think your a lovely person with a kind heart x

    Crime Stories ObsessedCrime Stories ObsessedOy oldin
  • I am a survivor of a violent sexual assault. All this crap with Stephanie tells me she is lying. I could barely get to the police who took me to the hospital. I know first hand how it feels after that and I certainly would not have wanted to continue 90 day filming. Something is definitely wrong with her.

    Deborah SmithDeborah SmithOy oldin
  • Does she really own that business?? She is insane

    Kerrie TKerrie TOy oldin
  • If she’s so rich why would she do only fans? She’s phoney

    Kerrie TKerrie TOy oldin
  • I smell a fraud! Why wd a successful biz owner need a fans only page? Why wd a successful biz owner need this show at all? Anyone on this show (lets be real) has an agenda. A bunch of fraudsters, opportunists, and liars. If authorities werent involved in rape allegation might as well b false. After “me too” movement and as old as she is you wd think she wd stand in her truth and pursue Legal action. I wanna see that before i believe another wd. Its suspect and not fair to future victims if she doesn’t.

    nettie anettie aOy oldin
  • Hello. Look when it comes to how any particular woman would react after an assault is different for each lady. There has been alleged the actresses that were assaulted by Harry Weinstein worked right after with a smile ( Uma Thurman ). This is a sad and difficult situation to be in. Maybe she is not in a good state mentally maybe this and maybe that. 😞

    Dolsie MercadoDolsie MercadoOy oldin
  • This is why you do what you do & you're not a therapist. So back up Sharrel cuz each person has their own reasons & reactions to a sexual assault.

    Kim BranchKim BranchOy oldin
  • Sharrell guapa i think 🤔 you would get more truth from *mystic perry* ♣️

    Sasha MontesinosSasha MontesinosOy oldin
  • The sexual assault she's talking about is him removing the condom during sex without her permission..I didn't know you can call that rape

    Gina DodsonGina DodsonOy oldin
  • Nothing about sexual assault makes sense. Everyone deals with it differently. After I was assaulted I got very hyper sexual and acted out because I couldn't get anyone to help me get justice. I expect better from you being a woman. Instead your using platform to suggest she is lying.. I'm definitely unfollowing you and over your bs

    tiffanygrztiffanygrzOy oldin
  • Most sex workers have been sexually assaulted! Did you really ask that. You don't have to make sense of someone's rape?!! She owes no one an explanation.

    Marie-France LaportMarie-France LaportOy oldin
  • Stephanie needs to visit Puerto Rico or Argentina.

    Freya LukinFreya LukinOy oldin
  • Obviously u could find anything about her / what confusing is this video

    Stephanie BrooklynStephanie BrooklynOy oldin
  • This is on market for Stephanie. In her mind, taking ownership of her body and putting it on display on a club good ie only fans, she’s able to regain control

    GreggsGreggsOy oldin
  • I think that she is saying stuff about Ryan and the sun flies she knew it would make her look bad and she is trashy. She is supposedly suing for sun flies when she knew the dangers of being in Belize and what about the crew they would have been bitten too .

    Jennifer DiazJennifer DiazOy oldin
  • This lady is so lonely it makes her act crazy. You have to be o.k. with yourself before you put yourself out there for a healthy relationship. She could benefit by therapy- but, I imagine she is in therapy- at least I hope so.

    cynthia Hickscynthia HicksOy oldin
  • She's love starved, and can't find anyone to put up with her weirdness, she buys love

    dennis luckdennis luckOy oldin
  • She is so weird! She thinks she looks young NOT, she is narcissistic but part of her reminds me of Danielle something's missing she's not quite right! She is her biggest fan that is by far the truest statement ever said or written about this yet again thirsty woman seeking attention. You can buy watches that are retail valued at 3000.00 but you can buy for 200.00 I think that watch was one of those. She no way paid 3000.00 for it.

    lunworkslunworksOy oldin
  • Stephanie all over🤣

    Raychel DiazRaychel DiazOy oldin
  • Somethings not right with her, man

    Liv PennerLiv PennerOy oldin
  • Hello I just wanted to let you know that the past few days , I've only been able to hear you in my left ear while wearing headphones .

    Melissa GonzalesMelissa GonzalesOy oldin
    • SAME. Not just the past few days for me though it’s most of her videos 😫. Dislike.

      kkOy oldin
  • Not true every victim acts the way they need to act there is no right or wrong way! If you been sexually assaulted or abused!!!! MOST People that have been sexually assaulted or abused don't always speak out or tell it can take years & others tell right away. Victims without closure or counselling act out or shut in! Once sexual assault victims open up get some kind of closure & counselling they are no longer victims they are surviours. Stephanie current actions & behaviours are signs of that... I choose to believe the victim where is TLC they have not said one comment if completely false they would be saying something TLC silence in these allegations speaks volumes & louder than words! TLC is acting strange this isn't normal behaviour not to comment when serious allegations are being called out against them there show & network it's their reputation too & after the Duggar scandals TLC silence is making them look like the condone this type of activity

    Amy MAmy MOy oldin
  • shes crazy!! she paying for a man and she knows it!!! theirs reasons shes single at her age again bat - crazy!!! who TH tells their even fake bf they screw their cousin 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    Bubbletea LuvBubbletea LuvOy oldin
  • He is a sugarbaybe, in realasionship to a strang sugarmama, who gives him what he want's. To me, it seems like, she is douing this, so she can use and abuse him. This is all about control😕

    nita Fuglonita FugloOy oldin
  • Catching the replay🧡

    Carolyn PayneCarolyn PayneOy oldin
  • My goodness it's so weird to hear u say my name 😂

    Mama Bear StephanieMama Bear StephanieOy oldin
  • It is not weird behaviour Miss Sharrell, sexual assault victims react differently. Some people may become hypersexualized. Maybe this Only Fans page could be an attempt to regain control of her body and sexuality. There is no "one way" to react to sexual assault. Without knowing anything about her than what is presented on TV, I would surmise that she has had some early childhood trauma.

    itsjubilee2012itsjubilee2012Oy oldin
  • She is a strange lady. This only fans pages are getting great publicity for the saddos who star on it! I think she dodged a bullet with Ryan. He was a gold digger yet his cousin was gorgeous!

    sammugglessammugglesOy oldin
  • I believe that Stephanie is just going through menopause and she all so is attentions seeker yes she is a different kind of duck

    Debbie GuillerDebbie GuillerOy oldin
  • I knew the watch wasn't valuable because she just trow it in the suitcase

    magda sanonmagda sanonOy oldin
  • Who are you to decide what someone who is assaulted does? Sorry, but I got raped and I still enjoy my body and sexlife.

    Way Too old for thisWay Too old for thisOy oldin
  • So sexually assaulted allegedly then have an only fans page as if this is b.s.

    dallen977dallen977Oy oldin
  • The lady is on Xanax bars lol

    My LoveMy LoveOy oldin
  • I think she's bipolar. i also believe Stephanie lies about her age, i dont think she 52 😒

    kar campbellkar campbellOy oldin
  • Probably a "friend" of her bought the watch on amazon and selled it to her for 3000. And with "sexually assaulted" she meant this: she said they were having sex and he on purpose took the condom away so that she didn't see it. After that she was so angry and didn't want to have anything to do with him any more, but had to continue filming!

    Conny VugranicekConny VugranicekOy oldin
  • Perhaps she us not as wealthy as she brags... why get the spaniels ears out to make money on a fans page. Grow old gracefully

    Carol DixonCarol DixonOy oldin
  • I agree with you nothing makes sense. For a business woman she sure has no common sense. I haven’t understood her from day one.

    Deborah RamboDeborah RamboOy oldin
  • Stephanie sends mixed signals she would blow Dr. Phils mind

    Sonya SuttonSonya SuttonOy oldin
  • She is a Liar.

    Judy PetittoJudy PetittoOy oldin
  • There is something is very wrong with this woman. Nothing happened to her.

    Christina SmithChristina SmithOy oldin
    • It angers me when people say nothing happened that is why some people don't report it. As for some do the opposite after trauma like this.

      littleredrose69littleredrose69Oy oldin
    • hypersexuality is normal for people that I have been sexual assaulted look at prostitute most of them have sexual abuse history

      Just IJust IOy oldin
  • I wonder if she is bipolar or has a borderline personality disorder? I do hope she gets the help she needs so she can find it in herself to 1st. Love herself before looking for love.

    Ann ZarroAnn ZarroOy oldin
    • Her behavior definitely matches those disorders, but obviously I am only speculating. She is a pretty lady who could do so much better by picking a man closer to her age. I hope she finds happiness and gets some good therapy.

      Lynette CallichLynette Callich9 kun oldin